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When a friend or family member moves into a new house, they always invite us to celebrate the joyous moment. This is a big and important event in their lives, and they want us to be present with them to share their happiness. For such special occasions, we often wonder what we should gift as a token of our care towards our loved ones. The gift should be meaningful and auspicious, and at the same time it should be something that will stay with them forever. In such cases, coins made out of precious metals are the perfect choice.

Silver is a beautiful precious metal that will capture the attention of anyone who sets their eyes on it. Coins designed from this lovely precious metal are therefore, ideal for any special occasion or celebration. Similarly, gold is considered very auspicious and said to bring good luck to the wearer. Hence a lot of people prefer giving gold jewellery or other gold items as gifts to their friends and family. Gold coins also make a fantastic choice as a housewarming gift.

There a wide range of coins that you can opt for. Gone are the days when we would gift simple or plain gold and silver coins. Now you can choose from a variety of different designs and styles to get the best gift. Here are a few types of gold and silver coins that you can choose as housewarming gifts.

Coins with Images of Deities:

Since giving precious coins is considered auspicious, adding the face or body of deities to the coins make them even more blessed for the recipient. The most common deities engraved on precious coins are Lord Ganesha who brings good fortune, and Goddess Laxmi who brings wealth. These coins symbolize good luck and prosperity. In the same way, you can also find coins that have mantras engraved on them. Such items are said to keep the owner of the coin protected from evil and harm.

The coins can be carried in a purse or wallet by the one who receives it, to ensure that the person will never face shortage of wealth. They can also be placed in the temple or puja ghar. Additionally, you can purchase these coins along with a frame, so it becomes easy to hang them or even use as a display piece.

Coins with Images of Deities

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Name Engraved Coins:

Don’t want to opt for a plain coin? Then you can go for engraving the name of the gift recipient on one side of the coin. Name coins will add a unique personalized touch to your gift. Adding the name of the recipient will make him/her feel extra special as you got it customised for them.


You can also add initials or even nick names to make the name coins very unique and interesting. Keeping one side plain, you can get the engraving done on the other side. Instead of names, you can also consider adding a short ‘best wishes” message or other similar sentiments to the coin. The person can also use this as a pendant that can be hung on a chain and worn as an accessory.



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Photo Engraved Coins:

This is another step ahead of a name engraved coin. If you want to make the coin really one of a kind, then you can consider engraving the person’s photo onto the surface of the coin. A photo coin is a really unique and beautiful gift which could be the best gift that the person will have received that day. It makes a wonderful gift for a newly married couple who have moved into their new house together. You can get the couple’s photo engraved on the coin and gift it to them at their housewarming party. They can also be purchased as lovely coin pendants that can be hung from a chain to wear and flaunt wherever the person goes.


Giving gifts designed from pure precious metals is not only auspicious, but it also implies that the recipient of the gift is very precious to us. Our love for our family members, colleagues and friends leads us to wish them luck and happiness on every special occasion of their life. So make this moment even more special with these charming gold
and silver coins. At AuGrav, you will find a wide range of coins crafted from precious metals that can be customized to suit your occasion and requirement. Simply choose your coin size, add text or photos, and you have a beautiful personalized gift that you can present to your host at a housewarming party, or at any other special occasion.

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