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While looking for the right wedding ring, you might find that the rings that jewelry stores are selling seem to look exactly the same. If you are looking for something unique that represents the love you and your partner have for each other. If you don’t want to settle for a generic one, then you should consider custom designed diamond rings also know as personalized rings. 

There will be lots of discussion with your family,friends and your fiance about your wedding ring which is going to spell your love for your partner.

When it comes to customized marriage/engagement ring, its relatively new idea in India and its getting popular among people. You might be having lots of questions in your mind about buying a gold ring for you and your partner. Like,

Which one to buy? Diamond ring or customized ring

If it is customized ring, what kind of customization to be made? Where to buy it? and Who is selling customized rings in online?.

In this blog We have tried to answer all the questions that will popup on your mind when you think about customized ring .

Read on.


Why You Should Consider Customized Rings For Your Wedding/Engagement?


1. Shows How Committed You Are to the Relationship

When you choose to customize a wedding ring, it shows how committed you are to your partner. By having a custom-made ring, you are directly involved in the process of making it. You are able to express your ideas and turn them into a reality. This will ensure that the ring is something that is worth keeping.

It will be truly the ring that she has been dreaming about. This will show how devoted you are to your loved one, and something that she will appreciate more than words can express.

2. High Quality

Unique custom wedding rings are also known to be crafted from higher quality materials. The designer will also put meticulous attention to detail. When you buy custom design wedding bands, you can rest assured that it was created by an expert with specialized skills and experience.

This level of quality is not found in store-bought rings, most of which are made in assembly lines. There will be no compromises, from the stone cut to the metal type and everything in between. The resulting custom designed diamond rings will truly match what you had in mind.

3. One-of-a-Kind Custom Design Wedding Rings

When you get a ring from a traditional jewelry store, you will be giving your lifetime partner something that thousands of women already own.

Rings from major jewelry chains are often mass-produced and sold all over the world. On the other hand, you can guarantee your wife that she has a one-of-a-kind item when you opt to design a custom ring.


Types of Personalization to Custom Design Wedding Bands


When you choose to have custom designed wedding bands, you will be able to choose from a wide range of personalization. Some of the most popular ones include,

AuGrav can transform anything into your custom made diamond rings. Your imagination is the only limit.

We are just a click away. Call us on +91 98940 35834 and tell us what kind of customization you need for your wedding/engagement ring, we will give you estimate. or mail your requirement to [email protected]

HOW TO GET YOUR Customized Ring In Online?


You can get inspiration for the design of your wedding rings by browsing our AuGrav website. They have more than a hundred design concepts to choose from. It is recommended that you come up with your list of possible designs and then show it to your bride to be. That way both of you can decide on the design that suits both your preferences.

Once you have selected a design, make another list. This time around it should be a list of suggestion on how to improve the design that you have chosen. This will make your custom made gold rings more personalized. And you can truly say that your wedding rings have been made specifically for you.

The last step is to contact AuGrav, which is the top provider of custom engraved rings in India. They will be able to bring your design concept into reality.

How to get customized rings in india- process



 Finalize the Design


We give you an estimated price and  shall pay 50% of the estimated price as advance


We will start the design process


We take 2-3 days to design and will show you the 3D rendered view


You can choose to suggest changes to the design until you are 100% convinced.


After this we take 5-7 days to manufacture the final product


You shall pay the remaining 50% and the product will ship


Get your unique custom ring in max of 48 hours after shipment


You can contact us for any questions and placing order

Or You can reach out to us here.


Custom made diamond rings - designed for men and women-couple

Customized gold rings for engagementwedding

Decided to buy custom made rings  for your wedding and don’t know where to buy one?. We can make any customization in gold ring for your wedding like name engraving, bar code engraving, fingerprint engraving etc.

You can reach out to us at [email protected] or call us at +91 9894035834. Usually these ring’s weight ranges from 6 to 8 grams and varies based on the size of the ring. Custom made ring starts from rs. 12,500 and it depends on the design and customization you choose.


Still you got doubt about customized rings? Comment your questions below, we are glad to clarify.

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