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Platinum Couple Bands

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Au - The Chemical Symbol of Gold, Grav - To make, to etch;

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Engagement Rings in Gold

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In The Olden Days, Kings and Queens had a Personalized Jeweler, who understood ‘emotions’ and 'persona' of the Royals to craft beautiful jewelry?

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Platinum Couple Rings, Gold Wedding Bands

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Your Name Is the Sweetest Sound In Any Language?

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AuGrav strives to be a location independent, modern day, affordable ‘Personal Jeweler’. AuGrav leverages both modern-technologies and centuries-old skills of the local artisans to make Beautiful and Meaningful jewelry.

As gold is regarded as a very auspicious element as per Indian traditions, it holds a great sentimental and traditional value. That’s the reason why on certain festivals and religious occasions, people generally make gold ornaments for themselves or their family. And when it comes to customised jewellery crafted from any precious material, AuGrav is at the forefront. At AuGrav, you have the option of buying engraved jewellery online and customising it according to your taste and preferences!

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