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Name pendants are never in vogue, never out of fashion, and never becomes old.

From time immemorial people have been wearing them.  Because it obviously contains an element of personalization.   As we have already mentioned in our previous blog, the sound of your name is the most beautiful sound for you. You can rarely find name pendants in jewellery showroom but you can get your name as pendants in online stores with a variety of options.

Not only that, every person in this world is unique.  You are your own brand, and you represent it by wearing a custom made pendant with your name and your style on it.  The name not only symbolizes you but also your attitude and your style.  You might be wondering how it could relate to style and attitude!  It does!  The font you choose to wear your name pendant will absolutely define you.  You could choose a royal font or a funny font.  And, it will have an impact on your looks and how others interpret you.


Name Pendants for your Loved Ones

If you wear a personalized gold pendant that says your loved one’s name, it not only shows the love and affection that you have for her/him but also a commitment to the relationship!

Think about the old ways of guys’ impressing girls by tattooing their loved ones names in the chest!   This has never gone out of fashion.

Your partner’s names are very important if you want to attract him/her!  Combining both your names to make something unique is also a very desirable gift.

You could go for Platinum Pendants with name or love message etched in them. Since platinum is one of the pure and rare materials available, it gives you a more dazzling look.

Name Pendants for Kids

The other important use of name pendants are for kids! Planning on a 1st birthday gift for your daughter or son? Or your close friends’ kids? Gold pendants with your children’s name convey the love and affection. Platinum name pendants, on the other hand, are known for strength and durability which gives an attractive look in kids.

Not only would your kids look nice to wear a name pendant, but also you could avoid telling everyone, your kids name; as it would be visible on their necks! Guests visiting might see the pendant and keep uttering the name of the kids, the baby would start understanding that “it” is her name!

Customized Pendant Designs With Name

Follow These Simple Steps to Get Them Delivered at Home!

Steps Involved in Buying a Name Pendant


Step 1

Select Your Name or Your Loved ones’ name. You can also think of nicknames that you use as well. However, we recommend you go for the actual name, as most people will be watching them wearing the jewellery.

Step 2

Select the font.  Just Google for font, and see which font looks great for your style and personality.  You could also ask us for suggestions, team AuGrav is always ready to help!

Step 3

Once you finalize on the design, we give you an approximate estimate.  You are required to pay 50% of that as an advance.

Step 4

After which, we will design the pendant with your name in 3D and show it to you!  The 3D model will be very closely similar to the final product; but wait, the real jewel has the actual lustre and shine.

Step 5

Once you finalize on the design and the font, you are almost done.  Sit and relax for the next 5-7 days, and then you will be having the more awaited name pendant delivered to home!

Design Process Of Custom Name Pendant

How to buy Customized name gold pendants india


What Type Of Metal Can I Choose?

Currently, you can buy name pendants in all kind of gold such as 22K Gold or 18K Gold and Platinum as well. Rose Gold And White Gold variations are also available. You can also add a single diamond or multiple diamonds to the name pendant design you choose. You need to consider 4C’s of diamond(Color, Carat, Clarity and Cut) when you decided to include Diamond with pendant design. Diamonds are available in VVS, SI with colours varying from E, F, G, H and I.

We also launched the same products in Rose Gold and Platinum!  Get in touch with the team to check the availability of Rose Gold and Platinum.


You can get Silver Name Pendants if you cant afford to get one in gold.

You can also customize all your Jewellery’s like Platinum Couple Rings, Gold Couple Rings, Earrings, Gold Coins, Silver Coins at AuGrav

Getting Name pendant for you/your love one is easy

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