Is it “Sa” or “re” or “ga” or “ma”?..  No. You’re mistaken.  The most important sound in any language is your name.   Yes, you read it correct.  It’s your name.   Try to spell it 2 times, and see how sweet it is.

Remember the happy moment you had, when you realized that your teacher remembers your name, than that of your friends?

Everyone likes the sound of our “name”.  Take for example, “Indira Gandhi International Airport”.  Won’t you be happy to have an airport named after you?  How about “Rockefeller Plaza”, one of the skyscrapers in the city of New York.   For that matter, think about all the local shops and SME businesses, it’s all named after… someone’s “name” .

The famous Search engine “Google” came up with something called “Page Rank” to rank webpages. The “Page” in the PageRank denotes a webpage? No, you’re wrong.  It’s “Larry Page”. One of its inventors.

Here is a small story to explain its importance.  It’s an excerpt from the book “How to win friends and influence people”.  Andrew Carnegie, the founder of “Carnegie Mellon University” amongst many others learnt the importance of a “name” during his childhood.

Andrew had a pet mother rabbit, and one fine day it had all the little ones.   Andrew, not able to feed the little ones, made a deal with his friends.  He offered his friends to name the little rabbit as their name, if they could bring some food for the rabbit.  And, it worked wonders.   

The importance of your name is not just in it’s history but is also in it’s future. Your name,  your signature, your fingerprint and your face is your identity. It is who you are and how you want the world to see you.

We at Augrav.com, take this point seriously.  Serious enough to complement your identity.  We make beautiful products based on everything “you”.   Augrav.com

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