Buy Custom Made Name Pendants in India Online : Buy it in 6 simple steps

Mystic Unity Name Gold Pendant ₹ 54,244 Whorls Of Affection Fingerprint Gold Pendant ₹ 28,872 Lucky Name Gold Pendant ₹ 33,036 Sri Ram Gold Name Pendant ₹ 39,989 Initial Reflections Gold Pendant ₹ 26,717 Ambigram Magic Gold Name Pendant ₹ 26,717 Pure Love Enchantments Gold Name Pendant ₹ 28,678 Infinity Grace Gold Name Pendant ₹ 52,473 Shashi And Suma Gold Crown Pendant ₹ 68,886 Loving Impression Silver Fingerprint Pendant ₹ 3,999 Forever Etched Fingerprint Gold Bar Pendant ₹ 65,744 Whispering Hearts Gold Initial Pendant ₹ 52,606 Personalized… Continue reading

Your Voice Wave Form Ring – Why You Should Get One For Your Wedding

Your wedding should be the most beautiful and memorable day of your lives as a couple. If you have finally popped the question, and she said yes, then you must already be in the process of making preparations for your upcoming celebration. From huge factors to consider such as the venue and the wedding dress to the tiniest details including the return gifts, centerpieces for each reception table, flowers and even the napkins placed on… Continue reading

Buy Lord Of The Rings Replica – The World Famous “The One Ring To Rule Them All”

  Are you a big time Lord Of The Rings fan? We’re pretty sure you know the One Ring is an artifact that remains central to the Lord Of the Rings(LOTR) story. They say it the magic ring of invisibility, but their powers are even greater. It’s the ring of power, it’s the, One ring to rule them all One ring to find them One ring to bring them all And in the darkness to bind… Continue reading

Difference Between 14k, 18k, 22k And 24k Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is considered to be auspicious, beautiful and a sign of wealth or luxury. In India, gold is often the most preferred choice for wedding jewellery and gift giving. Given its popularity and importance, we as customers should be aware of this precious metal and its different types and forms that are available. If you are new to buying gold jewellery or want to know more about this metal, then read on. KARAT: WHAT… Continue reading

How can you design your own Wedding Rings?

We think you already know that your wedding ring, which is the most valuable and precious jewelry you’ll ever wear, needs to be something truly special and spectacular. That’s why you’re on this page reading this post, right? It’s the most special gift you’ll buy for your spouse, something which they’ll wear the whole time all their life. But, how can any ring that you pick up from a random jewelry shop deserve to be… Continue reading

Planning To Buy New Jewel? Expert Advice On How To Strike Best Deal

When it comes to buying jewellery, gold is undoubtedly the most preferred metal in India. It is durable and lasts indefinitely if taken good care. For Indians, this yellow metal symbolises purity, prosperity, happiness and wealth and is therefore an indispensable part of our tradition and rich cultural heritage. This rich metal is not just a fashion accessory but also a protective shield against inflation and sinking markets. Another benefit of buying gold is that… Continue reading

All You Need To Know About The Stackables!

Gone are those days when jewellery was used to merely elevate your style quotient, today it’s a part of a much bigger picture. Today, jewellery is considered essential in distinguishing your personality; you can opt for items that resonate with your aesthetic tastes and of course, with who you are as a person. The resurrection of stackable rings is helping young women with just that. From Emma Watson to Rihanna, from Jennifer Lopez to well,… Continue reading

How to Rock Every Hairstyle with the Right Pair of Earrings!

When you want to look stylish, do you reach out for your jewellery box, but are not sure what to choose? Do you find it difficult to find the pair of earrings that go well with the hairstyles you love the most? We know, you love to wear statement jewellery, especially earrings, but sometimes it gets confusing to pick the right one that matches your hairstyle. And with so many pairs to choose from, it… Continue reading

How to Design a Professional Looking Wedding Card (DIY)?

Everything related to weddings in India is elaborate – be it the dresses, functions, rituals, or the invitation cards. The amount of energy, time, and money involved in an Indian wedding is nothing to be talked about, as rarely there’s anyone in the country void of the details. With time a lot of things have evolved/changed and so are weddings. Couples and parents (consent is essential) are free to try new and modern themes for… Continue reading

Hurt Your Girlfriend? Try These 13 Unique Ideas To Get Your Love Back On Track!

So, did you screw up in your relationship? Said or did something that hurt your girlfriend real bad? And now you want to say you’re sorry! Well, let’s tell you it happens to everyone. Plus, these hiccups give you a chance to prove to each other how strong your relationship is to surpass such obstacles. Sure, you might have hurt her and it must make you feel miserable, but there’s nothing that a heartfelt “I’m… Continue reading

Gifts are Passé, here are some cool things to do instead on this Father’s Day!

Father’s Day – the one day dedicated to dads. For the things they’ve done for you, for being your guide, your mentor, your caretaker, your friend and sometimes your partner-in-crime when you want to eat ice-cream in the middle of the night or when you want to party and your mother refuses to let you. Well, dads are cool, right? But, it’s not fair sometimes for them. Despite all that they do for us –… Continue reading

6 Best Ways To Celebrate Your First Valentine’s Day After Marriage

Married life is an exciting journey; full of surprises, good times, and of course loads of love! While each day feels equally incredible when you are just married, we do have a very special day exclusively dedicated to celebrate love. What’s that? The Valentine’s Day, of course! And it’s approaching pretty fast… As a newly married couple, you probably want to plan something very special for your first Valentine's Day together . Don’t you? So… Continue reading

Best 5 Ideas to Keep Your Departed Loved Ones Immortal!

We are very close to our family and friends. They are very special to us. Their company, love and support make our life more enjoyable and worth living. After a loved one has passed on, we feel a great void in our lives that might never be filled again. Perhaps, it is true that their absence will be very difficult for us to deal with. But, they live on in our memories forever, right? So,… Continue reading

The Best Housewarming Gift Options For Loved Ones – Gold and Silver Coins

When a friend or family member moves into a new house, they always invite us to celebrate the joyous moment. This is a big and important event in their lives, and they want us to be present with them to share their happiness. For such special occasions, we often wonder what we should gift as a token of our care towards our loved ones. The gift should be meaningful and auspicious, and at the same… Continue reading


We are sure that you remember your child’s first drawing very well. Though it was just a scribble, the drawing would definitely have taken your breath away. Where was it drawn? Was it on a wall? Or was it the sofa? Or was it drawn on one of the bedsheets? Wherever it was drawn, we know that it is still close to your heart. Why wouldn’t it be! But did you ever wish that what… Continue reading


They mark a host of important events like anniversaries, wedding, and engagements. They are the number one go to accessories when it comes to adding flair and style to your wardrobe. They are the first love of every woman’s life. Yes, you have guessed it right. We are indeed talking about rings. There is no doubt that rings are special. But having said that, no one likes a ring that is not sized properly. If… Continue reading

Do Check Out These Diamond Settings Before Buying A Diamond Ring

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend! Be it your engagement or a wedding anniversary, a diamond accented accessory is the fastest way to a woman’s heart. And you know what, we haven’t yet found a better accessory than a ravishing ring that features a beautiful diamond. However, buying a diamond ring could be as tricky as hell. You might know all about the metal and stones used. But with a host of different ring settings… Continue reading

How To Buy Cartouche Pendants In India

A unique and interesting type of jewellery is Cartouche jewellery. One of the lesser known designs, Cartouche is gaining rapid popularity amongst young and old buyers alike. If you want to know more about this fascinating jewellery design and where you can find it, then read on. What Are Cartouche Pendants? A Cartouche is an oval-shaped frame that encloses the Egyptian hieroglyphs that represent the name of an Egyptian God or a royal person. Typically,… Continue reading

Buying Wedding Rings? This Is What Exactly You Need To Know

The D-day is fast approaching. You are planning to gift the best wedding ring to your significant other. Well, that’s definitely a good news. Now it is time for you to go and do some shopping for wedding rings, and you are quite naive in this field. So what would do you do? Here are a few suggestions which will help you select that dream wedding ring. Let's get started! BUDGET When planning your overall… Continue reading

Buy Initial/Letter Pendants & Necklaces in India In 5 Simple Steps

In order to reach the top you need to stand apart from the crowd! You have to be your own brand and also ensure that your brand is unique. You need to have a confident personality and a unique style to impress the people that matter. However, in this commercialized world it is very difficult to have a unique style. No matter which accessory you choose, you can be sure that there is another identical… Continue reading

How To Get Name Engraved Rings For Your Wedding/Engagement? – A Perfect Guide

Truth be told, Your “NAME” is the most sweetest sound in any language. Everyone likes their names ( well there are exceptions, of course). The same is the reason people name their “homes” after their own name, the shops’ after their own names, and if not the streets and cities as well based on the popular person in that location. When you’re naming a new hospital, there is always a debate to name it with… Continue reading

How To Get Customized Ring In India – Why You Should Get One

While looking for the right wedding ring, you might find that the rings that jewelry stores are selling seem to look exactly the same. If you are looking for something unique that represents the love you and your partner have for each other. If you don’t want to settle for a generic one, then you should consider custom designed diamond rings also know as personalized rings.  There will be lots of discussion with your family,friends and your… Continue reading

How To Find Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Them Knowing – 6 Simple Methods

  Charles Morgan said, “There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.” The surprise becomes a moment to be treasured for life if it is a proposal with the ultimate question being popped and a ring on the finger. You can't simply buy your proposal ring by guessing your partner's  ring size. If your guessed it wrong then the surprise can become an embarrassment if the all important ring does not… Continue reading

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