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We are very close to our family and friends. They are very special to us. Their company, love and support make our life more enjoyable and worth living. After a loved one has passed on, we feel a great void in our lives that might never be filled again. Perhaps, it is true that their absence will be very difficult for us to deal with. But, they live on in our memories forever, right? So, instead of feeling bad about their loss, why not focus our energy on something positive?

Why can’t we celebrate their lives and cherish the moments they spent with us? The fact that they were with us at some point, matters more than the fact that they are no more with us. We were lucky to have them around. And if they can’t be with us physically forever, they’ll always be around us in spirit.

So, let’s invite them into our lives once again, and this time forever. Here are some of the unique ways to keep your loved ones immortal.

1. Plant a Tree

This is a wonderful way to immortalize your loved ones. Some people plant a tree when a baby is born; you can do the same when you lose a special person in your life. Trees symbolize life in a very unique way, as they give us oxygen, greenery, fruits, and flowers, so we could sustain our lives.

Plant a tree as a memorial tribute to your near and dear ones who have moved on, and watch it grow year after year. If you plant a flowering tree, you can bring home flowers on their birthday or death anniversary.


2. Display a Portrait

This is perhaps the most common way of remembering our loved ones. Simply frame their best picture or get them painted and display it in your home. Decorate it with a garland and you have the perfect memory of your friend or family member which you can look at every day.

You can also take a step further and make a collage of all the best moments of their life. All you have to do is gather their best photos from special occasions, such as their wedding, birthdays and other enjoyable moments, and create a unique display of these moments on a focal wall in your home. You can also try a 3D photo frame in gold as a beautiful alternative to a traditional portrait at AuGrav.

GrandMa Statue

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3. Wear Customized Jewellery

If you want to take their memories with you wherever you go, then customized jewellery is a perfect way to do that. You can get an initial pendant or name pendant, a name ring or bracelet, a pair of earrings with the initials, even get a ring with a 3D version of their face. In fact, you can get 3D pendants and earrings as well, which are shaped as the initials or the face of your departed loved one.

Designed from gold or other precious metals, these jewellery items will stay with you for a long time and bring back fond memories of your loved ones. Their image will stay with you whenever you wear these pieces.

4. Give a Donation in Their Name

Did they love any particular social cause or work for any charity? If your deceased friend or family member was keen on supporting certain causes, NGOs or charities, such as orphanages, old age home, medical research, etc., you can also support them to continue the noble work that your loved one started.

Making a charitable donation will not only help someone who is in need, but it will also give you a sense of pride and accomplishment at doing something good for the human race. Keeping their causes and work alive is a perfect way to keep them alive in your life as well.



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5. Gold and Silver Coins with Names/Images

If you want to go beyond traditional portrait frames, try a different approach with precious items like gold coins or silver coins. You can carve their names forever in a precious metal with this unique item. Get their name, age, or other custom text engraved on the coin to remember them by. You can also opt for gold and silver photo coins.

Simply select the most special image of the loved one who is no more, and get it engraved on the coin at AuGrav. This will be a wonderful memento that you can keep with you always. It can be a family collectible that you can pass down to generations, and it will stay in your family like an heirloom.


Take inspiration from these ideas and make your own special memento of the loved one who was close to your heart. These are some simple-to-follow suggestions, and yet each one of them will ensure that the memories of your loved one stay with you at all times. Try these ideas and keep your deceased family member or friend alive with you in spirit and mind.

Losing someone we loved is one of the most difficult things, but let’s try and make this less painful for everyone by celebrating the beautiful memories of the departed!

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