Interesting Ways To Customize Platinum Rings!

Customized jewellery is the new trend. It makes your jewellery unique and most importantly, personal. Online jewellery stores such as AuGrav, are constantly working on improving your experience of buying jewellery online. And customized jewellery is one of the many ways to achieve that goal. With the penetration of technology in almost every industrial sector, including jewellery, customizations in jewellery are now possible in ways one could never have thought before. In this post, we… Continue reading

Personalized Jewellery Ideas for Your Precious Little One!

Babies bring happiness and love into our lives, and touch our hearts in the way nothing else can. Be it a boy or a girl, their mere presence gives more meaning to a marriage, and their birth brings pure joy to the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbours, and everyone else related to them. Their innocence, playfulness and love transform each day and make it more beautiful! On the wonderful occasion of a child’s birth, there… Continue reading

Best 5 Ideas to Keep Your Departed Loved Ones Immortal!

We are very close to our family and friends. They are very special to us. Their company, love and support make our life more enjoyable and worth living. After a loved one has passed on, we feel a great void in our lives that might never be filled again. Perhaps, it is true that their absence will be very difficult for us to deal with. But, they live on in our memories forever, right? So,… Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Super Dad

Dads are special! They give it their sweat and blood for their family. While moms strive towards inculcating discipline into the kids, dads help them have fun without any limits. But that is not it. They also make sure that they take the kids to the task whenever needed. Also, fathers are like Superman. After having spent a tiring day at work, they are always game to have some fun with the kids at the… Continue reading

3D Printed Gold Accessories That Will Complete your Wedding Outfits

3D printing technology is shaping the future of jewellery designing and fast becoming a mainstream in the jewellery industry. If one thought about this a few years back, it would seem like something from a science fiction movie.  However, today, with the help of 3D printers, designers can create unique and stunning pieces of jewellery. Customers have been hugely benefitted as 3D printing offers a great level of customization. Personalised 3D printed jewellery is a… Continue reading

10 Best Blogs to Follow About 3D Printing

Imagine you are at home and have a strong urge to snack late at night. All the delicious food in your refrigerator has already been consumed and the nearby restaurants are closed as well. Your stomach growls. What would you do? You would probably sleep hungry OR you could create a three-dimensional model of your favorite food on your PC, connect it to a 3D printer, press print and then sit back and relax –… Continue reading

15 Ways To Look Like A Celebrity With 3D Printed Jewellery

The technology of 3D printing has opened doors in the jewellery industry and has given an all new dimension in the world of jewellery designing. It has made even exquisite designs wearable and it has also made jewellery making easier and unique to each customer. We thought of giving you a list of top 15 pieces of 3D jewellery that are unique and are here to mark a difference. 1. 3D Printed Crystal Ring It… Continue reading


3D Printing is quite possible the future of mass production but for all the industrial uses that it may have, there are a lot of funny, quirky and downright unique uses for it as well. Here’s a list of some of the many such applications that is possible through this technology. 10. Key Chains This is one of the more tame uses for 3D printing. In fact, it was one of the uses that 3D… Continue reading

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