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How many times have you seen a girl in a beautiful ensemble and said: “Wow, she looks wonderful, but something is missing?” Or you all decked up for the late night party and suddenly your friends comment and say: “Well, the outfit is great but something feels out of place”. Yes, you have guessed it right – We are talking about the most overlooked yet the most important part of any outfit: Jewellery

The right piece of jewellery can elevate your look and transform even the most ordinary outfit into a stunning one in an instant!

Whether you love bold and colourful jewellery or prefer simple and elegant pieces, a trendy piece of jewellery can add that special touch to your outfit and make you the centre of attraction wherever you go.

Selecting the perfect jewellery can be a challenging task. There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect piece of jewellery.  A professional and skilled jewellery designer can come up with great jewellery design ideas and help you select the jewellery of your dreams!  To make your job easier, we have come up with a list of the 10 best and the most popular jewellery designers in India. Browse the list and purchase your dream piece of jewellery!

1. Farah Khan Ali (Farah Khan Fine Jewellery)

Farah Khan Ali is one of the most successful and popular jewellery designers in India. She has won numerous awards and accolades and has designed for famous Bollywood stars as well as International celebrities.

Known for her flamboyant, ornate and adventurous jewellery designs, Farah Khan Ali always uses the best materials and does not compromise on the finish. Each & every piece from Farah’s signature jewellery line is created using the highest quality standards. Most of her jewellery items are limited pieces & are rarely repeated. This renowned jewellery designer has over 4,10,000 followers on Twitter with whom she interacts on a regular basis!

Farah Khan Fine Jewellery Designer


2. Suhani Pittie

Recognised by the World Gold Council as “One of the 10 most inventive and ingenious jewellery designers in the world”, Suhani Pittie established her own training institute at the tender age of twenty. This graduate from the Gemological Institute of America is a recipient of many prestigious awards.

The Femina magazine declared Suhani Pittie as one of the “35 most powerful women in India, under 35”. Vogue Italia acknowledged Suhani Pittie as “one of the 5 designers to watch out for from India”. Known for her path-breaking interpretation of contemporary jewellery, Suhani Pittie has designed for most Bollywood stars and she was the first Indian jewellery designer to showcase her designs at the Miami Fashion Week.

Suhani Pittie Jewellery designer


3. Asha Kamal Modi (Art Karat)

One of the most recognized jewellery designers in India, Asha Kamal Modi of Art Karat Group has designed jewellery for more than 10 Bollywood blockbusters including ‘Devdas’, Monsoon Wedding’ and ‘Kamasutra’. Honored with the “Best Designer” award by Gem & Jewelry Export Promotion Council, Asha Kamal Modi draws her inspiration from rich Indian heritage such as the temples of Khajuraho, the kingdoms of Rajasthan, the Mughals and the everlasting era of Indian cinema.

Art Karat Group has grown rapidly over the last 20 years with its operations spread across India, UK, Middle East and the USA.

Asha Kamal Modi Jewellery designer


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4. Varuna D Jani

Recognised as the “Best Jewellery Designer” by The Indian Bullion and Jewellers Association, Varuna D Jani is known for giving personal attention to each and every customer. She started her signature jewellery label ‘Varuna D Jani’ in 2006 and launched her first flagship store in 2008.

Known for her innovation and excellent craftsmanship, Varuna D Jani can transform even the most ordinary piece of jewellery into a timeless work of art. This skilled jewellery designer has won many prestigious awards like “Woman Super Achiever” by the Asia Retail Congress 2009, “The Brand Leadership Award” and “The Best Wedding Jewellery of the Year“.

VDJ - Varuna D Jani Jewelry Designer


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5. Mira Gulhati

Mira Gulati is the founder and lead designer of Mirari’s. She was trained in the US as a gemmologist and jewellery designer. Mirari brand was created to satisfy India’s growing demand for luxury jewellery with a contemporary edge, as well as the international market’s craving for aesthetic, incredible Indian treasures.

Her international experience and exposure have given her pioneer status in an exciting design revolution.Her unique style has been brought to the attention of an elite clientele within India as well as from other designers and patrons elsewhere in the world. In September 2010, she was awarded “Jewellery Designer of the Year” for the gorgeous peacock earrings with blue sapphire briolettes and diamonds.




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6. Nitya Arora (Valliyan by Nitya)

Nitya Arora founded the jewellery and accessories label “Valliyan by Nitya” at the young age of 21. Her jewels and accessories are entirely handcrafted. Nitya Arora has designed for several Bollywood personalities and her innovative designs were even showcased at the Lakme India Fashion Week.

This young jewellery designer has also received numerous awards and accolades such as “Best Jewellery Designer 2013” by Elle Magazine and “Young Designers Award for Best Accessories Designer 2012” by Grazia magazine.

Valliyan by Nitya


7. Moni Agrawal

If you need a fresh, bold and artistic piece of jewellery, then you should check out Moni Agrawal’s stunning jewellery collections. This young jewellery designer from Hyderabad is recognized for her modern yet traditional jewellery designs. Her jewellery is worn by many Tollywood and Bollywood celebrities.

Moni Agarwal


8. Poonam Soni

A Gold medalist from the Delhi University and the founder of the brand Poonam Soni Signature Line Private Limited, Poonam Soni is known for her bold, unconventional and colorful jewellery designs.

Poonam Soni popularized the concept of ‘bespoke’ jewellery in India in 1989. The Poonam Soni brand has three jewellery stores in Mumbai & offices in New York & Paris. Some of Poonam Soni’s popular collections are the Greek and Egyptian, Glass on gold, The Mughal Collection, Monochromes and Gaudi Revived.

Poonam Soni


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 9. Preeti Jain (Jewels by Preeti)

Starting out her career by designing jewellery for close friends and family to now creating jewellery for famous Bollywood icons, Preeti Jain has come a long way. Her brand “Jewels by Preeti” is synonymous with high quality, innovation and excellent craftsmanship.

Preeti Jain’s desire is to make each woman feel like a princess which is reflected in her exquisite jewellery collection!

Jewels by Preeti


10. Pallavi Foley (Pallavi Foley Boutique Jewels)

Pallavi Foley has won numerous Indian and International design awards and has over 14 years of experience in designing jewellery. Her design studio “Pallavi Foley Boutique Jewels” is famous for creating precious and semi-precious jewellery and hand-crafted sculptural jewels.

Pallavi Foley also works as a design consultant to many Indian and International jewellery brands.

Pallavi Foley Boutique Jewels


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