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Indian weddings mean glitter and shine.  From grand decorations to rich, vibrant coloured dresses, the Indian weddings give out a celebratory vibe. And why not, after all, you only get one chance to experience the most awaited day of your life.

Be it in the reel or real life, in the case of South Indian weddings, the rich decoration isn’t the only thing that comes to our minds. Sure, the decorations are beautiful and necessary, but nothing can take away attention from the South Indian brides. 

Be it a destination wedding with near and dear ones or a grand temple wedding, the brides are the centre of attention. South Indian brides always wear elegant bridal makeup and heavy South Indian bridal jewellery.

Weddings in South India mean traditional music, vibrant sarees and heavy jewellery. The South Indian bridal jewellery sets have extensive use of gold and stones like ruby, diamond, etc. 

Also, as there are different cultures within the South Indian community and each style of the wedding has different rituals. So, the bride must keep a wide variety of South Indian bridal jewellery in her arsenal. From the gold jhumka to the kamarband, everything needs to be perfect to the tiniest detail.

We understand how special the wedding day is for every bride. After all, they have dreamt of it since childhood. If you are a would-be South Indian bride confused on what to wear on your special day, we got you covered. 

In this article, we’ll give you a brief idea of the various South Indian bridal jewellery sets. So that you can decide which one looks best with your bridal wear. After all, nothing compliments the bridal wear better than the bridal jewellery. Here are the different types of South Indian bridal jewellery to look out for your wedding: 


Diamond Bridal Jewellery

You must have heard the famous saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Whatever may be the dress, diamond jewellery compliments everything. From diamond necklaces to earring or even cocktail rings, you have a wide variety to choose from for the wedding. Diamonds are the royalty of South Indian bridal jewellery and will add a royal look to your attire.


Source: 22carat jewellery


Temple Bridal Jewellery

Temple weddings are very popular in South Indian culture. And so temple jewellery has a significant position in South Indian bridal jewellery sets. These jewellery add an exotic vibe to the look of the bride. Another speciality of this South Indian bridal jewellery is that every design is unique and there isn’t any repetition. Temple jewellery is famous for the pendants with Nakshi work. They have heavy use of pearls, diamond, polki and precious stones. If you want to go for a traditional yet one-of-its-kind look, make sure to buy these South Indian Jewellery sets. Temple jewellery includes choker, jhumkas, armbands, etc.


Source: weddin


Kasu Haram or Kasulaperu

Kasulaperu or Kasu haram (Kasu Mala) is a ‘must-have’ south Indian jewellery. It has a traditional yet timeless look. The Kasu malas consist of coins and embossed designs over them. They come in both shiny and matte antique finish. This jewellery of Kerala is famous among brides for its timeless and one of its kind design. The coins have Goddess Lakshmi etched in them


Source: Pinterest


Manga Malai

Manga Malai or mango necklace is another popular South Indian bridal jewellery. One can wear it both on weddings and other occasions and look glamorous when paired with Kanjeevaram sarees. The name comes from the design of the necklace that uses mango shapes. Because of the non-traditional design, it adds a uniqueness to the bridal look.


Source: Weddingwire

Vaddanam (Kamarbands)

Kamarbands (Waist Chains) like any other style of bridal jewellery also has a place in South Indian bridal jewellery. They are also called vaddanams or vadiyanams. It is also an ornament that enhances the beauty of the bride when paired with Kanjeevaram or Silk sarees. 

Traditional vaddanams have Goddess Lakshmi in the middle of the band. Modern vaddanams are also available. They come in various designs made from gold, silver, embellished with precious stones.


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Bajubands or Vanki

Bajubands or Vanki are the other names of the armband. South Indian brides have been wearing Vanki for a long time. 


Source: ezwed


Jada Billa

A South Indian bride’s look will be incomplete without the use of flowers in her hair and the Jada Billa.  Brides wear this South Indian bridal jewellery on braided hair with exquisite flowers. Jada Billa made in the temple jewellery design look exceptional on long braids. It is one of the most traditional ways of styling the hair in a South Indian wedding. But, don’t mistake it to be boring, Jada bill is an ornament of choice, popular both in reel and real South Indian weddings.


Source: weddingwire


Maang Tika

Maang tikas are not only popular in North Indian weddings but also in the South Indian ones. It is a bridal ornament that is common in all the different styles of South Indian bridal jewellery and comes in a variety of designs. Whether it is a Nethi chutti, Mundale, Papidibilla or Nethi bottu, maang tika is a popular South Indian bridal jewellery. Depending on your desired bridal look, you can go for any of its variety for your wedding.


Source: ezwed



Jhumki is a popular South Indian bridal jewellery that has been in use for generations. The jhumki is a dome-shaped ornament and comes in a variety of designs. From diamond or silver jhumkis to traditional temple styled gold jhumkis. Brides can choose to wear any one with their bridal wear.





Bale, gujju, valayal are some of the various names bangles have in South India. Any South Indian bridal trousseau will be incomplete without this piece of South Indian bridal jewellery. South Indian brides can go for both heavy bangles in the


Source: bookeventz

temple jewellery design or simple ones. No matter what style they choose, bangles add a richness to the look of the South Indian brides.


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Satlada Haar

A bridal ornament worn by the Nizams of Hyderabad, Satlada haar has made its part in South Indian bridal jewellery sets. It is a necklace with seven layers of golden chains and small pearls. Along with the pearls, various precious gemstones may also be present like ruby, emerald, diamond, etc. 

The Satlada Haar is an eye-catching ornament and adds a touch of royalty. Brides can pair it with a choker or wear the Satlada Haar on its own.


Source: weddingwire


South Indian Antique Jewellery Sets

South Indian bridal jewellery means heavy use of gold. And the antique jewellery sets can be the best example. From gold beaded chains to Kundan haars, antique jewellery has been the go-to choice for South Indian brides. The antique jewellery not only adds a richness but also gives a traditional yet timeless essence. It also adds certain delicateness to the bridal look.


Source: southindiajewels


Floral Jewellery

One of the recent trends in the South Indian bridal jewellery sets is the flower or floral jewellery. Perfect for occasions like Haldi, these trendy sets add a freshness to the bridal look. Nowadays, brides are more and more opting for flower jewellery sets with flower necklaces, earrings and maang tikas, etc.


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Brides-to-be wear any of the above-mentioned South Indian bridal jewellery on the wedding day for an eye-catching look. One can buy most of these South Indian bridal jewellery online or from jewellery stores.


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