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For jewelry makers, the packaging is often as notable as the contents. This can be a challenge for self-employed designers and creatives, for whom jewelry making is often a labor of love. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of creative solutions for budget-bound makers and designers. Here are some unique jewelry packaging considerations for those with a small budget


Branded Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags are often overlooked as a fantastic jewelry packaging option. The soft fabric of the bag will protect the contents from dust and scratched both during transport, and once it’s received. Customers will love that they have a small, travel-friendly storage option for their piece.

Even when customized, drawstring bags are an affordable option. Deep King Labels has an assortment of custom drawstring bag options that even a small, home-based business would be able to work into the budget. The branded bag adds a touch of unexpected class and elegance that your customers will love.


Bold Custom Envelope

Rather than worrying about packaging that’s going to be stuck in an unattractive mailing envelope or box, create bold, custom envelopes to package your creations. Taking this approach will give you a bit more room in your budget by reducing your packaging and shipping expenses.

Get bright and creative, so that the recipient knows what to expect the moment they see your envelope in their mailbox. The colors and design should fit the mood and artistry of your jewelry, whether that’s classy and elegant or fun and colorful.


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Origami Envelope

For a creative twist on the mailing envelope, choose a 3D origami envelope. There are a few folding techniques that create packets that are capable of holding jewelry. 

You could invest in simple, branded paper and learn to fold them yourself for an extra personal touch. Alternatively, use the paper to write a personal thank you note to each customer who supports your business.


Photo Credits: Pixabay.com


Recycled Seed Paper Pod

Eco-friendly jewelry makers are often in search of affordable, “green” packaging options. Seed paper is the solution to this challenge. Seed paper is made with recycled paper materials, such as old cardboard boxes, blended with water until it creates a paste. Once the products have been broken down, seeds are added, and the paper or pods are formed using a mold or a flat tray.

When your customer is done with the packaging, they can toss it in the garden and watch the seeds grow. This is an entirely environmentally-friendly option that can be procured or handled as a DIY side project.


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Round Cardboard Box

When it comes to packaging and storing jewelry, you can’t go wrong with a box. However, to set yourself apart, consider using a round cardboard box rather than the traditional square. Think of this packaging as your take on the iconic Tiffany Blue box.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to something round. Sharp angles and geometric shapes are popular in interior design and wedding fashion right now, making these boxes more accessible to the masses at an affordable rate. 


Printed Tissue Paper

If your budget and shipping options limit you to simple bags and boxes, you can still add a personal touch to your packaging with printed tissue paper. Custom tissue paper is the most affordable option on the list and adds a subtle pop of branding that makes an impact.

You could pair this with a customized ziplock bag for an unexpected packaging option that will cost you less than $0.25 per piece altogether. 

Packaging and branding don’t have to break the bank when selling custom jewelry. Keep it simple and creative to make an impact when your customers open their special surprise. 


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