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Is your left hand suddenly much heavier with that huge rock glittering on your finger? Congratulations, you’re engaged! Once you’ve booked a wedding venue, it’s time to start thinking about saving the dates. Your friends and guests can mark their calendars and begin making travel plans to attend your celebration.  Save-the-dates are typically sent out nine months before the wedding, and wedding invitations are sent out two months prior. 

A ‘save the date’ is a promise that an invitation is to come, but it does not contain all the information a wedding invitation requires so it cannot stand alone.  Because it is a promise, however, it should be taken as seriously as an invitation. 

With so many save the dates ideas out there it can be hard to know where to start, so we’ve gathered some of the most unique and unusual save the date ideas that will help you make a decision.


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In the history of wedding traditions, save dates are relatively new.  But since invitations are typically mailed just six weeks before the big day and guests need to make travel arrangements, these wedding date reminders come in handy, mailed at least six months prior.  Plus, they’re a good excuse to do something clever and fun amid the sometimes boring, often stressful wedding hubbub.  Here are some nontraditional ways to save the date.

 The save the date also lets them know there will be a formal wedding invitation on the way with all the details. Take a look at our save the date ideas below for some inspiration.


Love In The Air – Save The Date Balloons

A fun and interactive way to encourage your guests to save the date!  Balloons are fun and bring out the kid in all of us.  We suggest that you tap into your inner child for this idea. Attach a balloon to a card and then mail it out.  When your guests blow up the balloon, they will see the details for your upcoming wedding. 


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Save The Date Tea Towels

Everyone needs tea towels, therefore why not give your guests a useful save the date that they can’t miss?  Give them a tea towel with your names, wedding date and location embroidered on the fabric to transform it into a quick and easy reminder.


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Say It With A Henna

Bride’s wedding date is the closest thing to her heart.  And if she gets a chance to showcase the same though her bridal mehndi, nothing like it.  The unique idea of flashing your wedding date through your mehndi. ‘Saving the date’ mehndi comes as a breather and will surely have your smitten.  By adding the wedding date to the auspicious mehndi, you will not only showcase your creative side but also take the personalization to the whole new level.


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Save The Date Personalised Stirrers

Personalised stirrers will add an extra fun twist to your Save the Date reminders!   A set of personalised ‘save the date’ drink stirrers, perfect for letting your loved ones know about your big day! 

Why not ‘mix things up’ with these custom made ‘save the date’ drinks stirrers!  A unique way to share the details of the important date whilst allowing your friends and family to cause a stir and drink a toast to the happy couple in style with their very own swizzler!


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Set the tone for the feel – Save the Date Tattoos 

Save The Date Tattoos are fun, affordable and fabulous!   Skin-safe, quality tattoos are the perfect way to give your engagement party guests the date they need to save for the wedding!


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Imprint it upSave the Date Fingerprint Card

There’s nothing more personal than a couple could have on their save the date cards than their fingerprints and this adorable design , which entwines both your fingerprints, to make it into a heart, allows you to do just that.  It’s such a gorgeous idea and looks beautiful, too.


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Save the Date Bookmarks

Save the Date cards are becoming increasingly popular.  The idea is to let your relatives know the date of your upcoming wedding several months before the big day. 

Looking for a unique save-the-date idea? If you’re a bookworm or love the idea of a romance straight out of a novel, these bookmarks are a wonderful idea.  This way, your family and friends will be sure to be there to celebrate your love by your side.  Save the dates bookmark can be personalized with your names, last name and a wedding date. 


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Get Iconic – Save The Date Photo Ideas

This is another interesting idea for saving the date where you can tell the story of your bonding via photos, messages etc. This will also serve as a beautiful thing that your guests will love to preserve.


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Fragrance Your Love -Save The Date Tea Bags

A wonderful little creation and guaranteed to put a smile on your guests faces when they get this little gem!

Consider gifting your guests with save-the-dates that double as useful trinkets for a lovely and practical prompt.  Gift your guests these personalized save the bag tea bags to intimate them that you are waiting for your guests anxiously.


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The save-the-date options are truly endless.  In some ways, your save-the-dates are even more important than your wedding invitations: they grab your guests’ attention and set the tone for the entire event.   Whether your theme is rustic, traditional, or modern, there are plenty of creative ways to channel it through pre-invite reminders.  Turn your simple wedding into creative, fun and unique forever, these unique save the date ideas will definitely work to fulfill your wedding goals. 


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