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Asking for your partner’s hand in marriage is one of the biggest moments of your life.  The life-changing moment can bring with it a lot of pressure, especially since you’ll want your proposal to feel like it was designed just for the two of you.

A great place to start formulating your ideas is by finding inspiration. That’s why AuGrav has compiled some of the best proposal ideas around. From breathtakingly iconic to simple and sweet to select a style you prefer.



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Make It Memorable 

Memorable’ can be subjective. For something to be memorable, it doesn’t have to be big or lavish.  Low-key and funny wedding proposals can be memorable too!  Whatever you do, try and make it a moment to remember.

When the time comes to ask one of the most important questions of your life, you should be confident about what the answer will be.

The best way to propose is the way that will be most meaningful and memorable for your sweetheart.  So, dig deep! Think of all the memories you have built together. How can you incorporate those memories or the things that define your relationship into an amazing proposal idea?  The best way to propose is one that feels special and unique to your relationship.  If family and friends are a huge part of your love, add them to your marriage proposal ideas somehow!

Still, it’s natural to be nervous about proposing.  So for anyone who wants to make sure things go smoothly (or is looking for some inspiration), AuGrav has rounded up some of the most creative proposal ideas that are sure to get a “yes.”

From unique gifts to the perfect atmosphere, here are some genius ways to propose to your partner.

Caricature Artist 

Have a caricature artist waiting for you at a predetermined location.  They can hand draw the proposal or another romantic scene from your relationship.  They can even draw the very place you are standing the moment you propose. 



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Smartphone Proposal

If you know your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s passcode to enter their smartphone, use it for your proposal!  This might be breaking a few trust barriers but hopefully, they will forgive you. Whilst they are out of the room, quickly log on to their smartphone and change their lock screen to a photo of you with a ring or a personalized proposal message.  Next time they use their phone they will be in shock.



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Funny or Playful  Proposal

Try putting your own spin on the romantic and creative proposal ideas.  Whether you want to pop the question in a cute but simple way or you’re ready to organize a super unique surprise, there’s something here for you.  Whatever the case, remember that the best proposal ideas are those that truly capture the couple’s relationship.

Really want to go the extra mile to make the moment even more memorable?  Throwback to your childhood with a proposal written in sidewalk chalk on your street or driveway.



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Flash Mob Proposal

Flash mobs are great for proposals as they can turn the everyday routine of traveling to work or walking to get a coffee suddenly turn into a sea of dancers and your favorite music! It is a great way to completely surprise your loved one and take every day and turn it into a once in a lifetime experience!



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Proposal In Different Languages

Sometimes, you need to be very innovative, to win a girl’s heart.  Here is one such idea, to propose her in 24 different Indian languages. I Love You in 24 Indian Languages Silver Pendant is exclusively made for love proposal, anniversary proposal, and whenever you want to remind how much you love her!  The Pendant conveys the message I Love You in 24 different Indian languages.




Proposal With The Irresistible Cuties

Who can resist cute things?  With the help of babies or animals, you can pop the big question and expect her to squeal over their cuteness.  Either a pet or family relative, asking for her hand with their help will add a sense of sincerity and innocence to the proposal.  You could tie it around the leash or surprise your partner with a new puppy or kitten. How could anyone say “no” to that?



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Jigsaw Puzzle Proposal

Put your question on a customized jigsaw for an added sense of fun. Imagine how intrigued she will be to finish up the whole puzzle!



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Creative Art Proposal

Couples are taking it to the next level.  Some opt for a bunch of roses and a box of chocolates, but the more creative romantics have taken to the streets, painting, and graffiti writing marriage proposals for everyone to see. 



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Proposal With A Special mug

Give your partner their usual tea or coffee in a mug made just for them.  Use this brilliant idea and write “Marry Me?” on the bottom so they’ll have a surprise waiting when they finish.



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Hidden Proposal Pendant

Falling in love is always magical. Whether it is the sight of her gorgeous smile, the sound of her voice, or just the thought of being with her filling you with joy and happiness, you know she is the one you have fallen in love with. 

The most wonderful time of your life is — proposal season! Turn your proposal into a treasure hunt with the Hidden Proposal Gold Pendant and get promoted as a SuperHero.



Beach Proposal

If you find yourself at a loss for words, spell out “will you marry me?” in the sand, making sure it’s safely set away from the tide.  Once your sand lettering is complete, casually stroll by with your love and let your words speak for themselves. Surprise your love with an oceanside dinner and a beautiful table set for two.  When the moment is just right, get down on bended knee and enjoy what’s sure to be the most romantic meal ever.



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Hot Air Balloon Proposal

Hot air balloons have been long associated with adventure as well as romance.   A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to pop the question to your loved one.  Take your sweetheart on the private hot air balloon flight and experience an exhilarating, fantastic airborne journey.  Proposing marriage on a hot air balloon is a BOLD move. For such an important life moment though, bold is certainly the way to go.

A hot air balloon ride is one of those truly ideal wedding proposal concepts.  This is because being up in the air gives you and your loved one a literally heightened sense of excitement and adventure.  Popping the question aboard a hot air balloon, flying up in the sky, will truly be a touching, unforgettable experience.



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Foodie Proposal

Food and drink proposals, in general, are wonderful – slip the ring into the bottom of a glass of champagne or rest it on top of a home-cooked dessert. 

Ask a restaurant to write out the question around the rim of your dessert or give you the “specials” menu which will actually be a love letter you’ve written your partner. 



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Candle Light proposal

If you want to shower her with warmth and golden light, plan a romantic, candlelit dinner. Fill the room with small candles and calming scents like lavender, teakwood, and rose. Candles can help you create a warm and romantic ambiance that’s perfect for your marriage proposal.

The wheels are turning! You are skimming through these marriage proposal ideas and getting sparks of inspiration.  Great! If you are trying to create the most romantic marriage proposal, focus on the details. What little additions would make this moment even more special or meaningful?  The words you say, the gifts you give, and the people who are there could all be key elements.



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A grand gesture including hundreds of people and months of planning may not be a good fit for your relationship. Some couples prefer a smaller, more intimate feel. Simple marriage proposal ideas can be just as meaningful, with half the stress! What really matters is the relationship between the two of you. If you are able to make your sweetheart feel surprised and special, then you have succeeded!

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