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So you have finally found the man of your dreams who is crazy enough to come riding down to your doorstep and swipe you right off-your feet!  Weddings can be crazy, wild, glamorous, simple, elegant, traditional in between all the wedding planning and organizing.  But one aspect remains unchanged in every case; a nervous-to-the-bits Bride, a long hectic day ahead and the pressure to look beautiful no matter how much your new bridal heels are actually killing you.  Well girls, I have compiled a little list of pre marriage beauty tips to help you make the best out of your wedding day and to help you breeze-by the ‘most important day of your life’.

Beauty is one of the most important parts in any bride’s life, the bride has to look beautiful and refreshing on her wedding day. It is not about any date or dinner party it is about the marriage.  Just doing makeup will not do justice with your skin because without the refreshing beauty the makeup can’t give you a alive look.

No matter what, a wedding is seriously the most important day to make sure the bride looks perfect. Starting from the Mehandi Night till the Reception, each and every day is important for the bride to look her best.

For the groom, the tips are also essential but right now AuGrav focusses on our gorgeous brides so let’s know about the importance as well as the Tips.


List of Beauty Tips For Brides-To-Be


1. Planning 3 Months Before Wedding

Your overall planning should start at least three months before the wedding.  This should include your overall ‘personal’ planning.  Now, you already have family and friends to arrange for the venue, Menu, gifts, flowers or allergies to them, return-gifts.  You just have to worry about looking good.  Sketch down your personal schedule and get ‘self-obsessed’ for a while.

2. Personal Skin Care Routine

When it comes to flawless beauty, ditch the chemical products, no matter how big the brand name is, but for your big day, you only trust just two brands and that’s, your mother and grandma.  The natural home remedies always work as they are pure and herbal.. You don’t have to invest much time in preparing it.  You can keep doing your chores and office work from home while you are taking care of your skin and hair. And you can expect permanent results at a very low price.

Go All Natural


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Aloe Vera can act like your best friend when it comes to daily beauty regime plans. With itsimagical benefits like anti-inflammatory and rejuvenation properties, aloe vera gel can help you in many ways.  Massaging aloe vera gel at night helps your skin to get that glow and clear skin which we as girls always crave for.  Also applying aloe vera gel on the head makes hair look silky and shiny.  So, do use aloe vera gel at night for cleaning your skin perfectly. 

3. Watch what you eat

Heard that a zillion-times and still can’t make sense of it?  Well, it’s simple, you need to fit perfectly into the dress you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl and you simply cannot allow ugly flab to spoil the look.  Now, this does not mean a crash-diet, rather a nutrition-watch to help you build-up on strength and tone-up your body.  For all you big girls out there, it by no means refers to getting skinny in three-months, but just watching your calories and sugar intake.


Eat A  Balanced And Healthy Diet


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It is vital to have small meals throughout the day and keep up your energy levels. Skipping meals must be avoided as it lowers your energy levels and makes you look dull and depressed.  While having meals, look for the right foods that include a lot of vegetables and fruits that are full of essential minerals and vitamins. Go for salads, brown rice, whole grains, and other highly nutritious food options. If you don’t have enough knowledge about which food option is right for you, it is recommended to hire an experienced dietician who can prepare a food and diet chart for you as per your precise body requirements.  You can even consult your dietician to prepare a healthy and tasty catering menu.

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4. Drink Lots of Water

Drink at least eight glasses of water every day to flush out harmful toxins from the body. Make it a point to carry a water bottle with you when you go out for shopping and keep taking small sips to keep yourself hydrated. It will also keep you away from hunger pangs and binging on unhealthy food.


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5. Never sleep with Make-up on 

It is advised by all the make-up artists and skin-care professionals that you should never sleep with make-up on your face. The skin at night is very sensitive and it is in the procedure of repairing itself so you should never sleep while you have make-up on. 

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6. Start Practicing Yoga

It’s a well-known fact that sweating makes your skin glow and is great for bridal skin care. Yoga recommends asanas that make you perspire, tone your body and improve blood circulation.  It’s no surprise then that it’s one of the most followed beauty tips for a bride.

Meditation helps reduce stress levels and build mental strength.  Practicing a combination of Yoga and meditation during these hectic, fast-paced days will make the run-up to your wedding enjoyable and give you flawless skin.


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Pro Tip – Identify the areas in your body where you need toning and focus on the asanas that help you reduce fat around those areas.  Also, remember to massage your body with rich body butter to avoid getting stretch marks from losing fat.

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7. Get A Regular Dental Check Up

Last but not least, pay a visit to your family dentist for a checkup a few weeks before the wedding, especially if you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort, such as sensitivity to cold or hot foods.  People will certainly remember your dress and the colorful flowers and decor. But nothing says “radiance” like a smile that beams your joy and excitement to the world.  A winning smile makes a dramatic impact on your overall appearance, and can also boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

Your dentist will check for any signs of tooth distress that need to be rectified before the wedding, and can also give a thorough cleaning to augment any whitening you may have had performed.


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