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Charles Morgan said, “There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.” The surprise becomes a moment to be treasured for life if it is a proposal with the ultimate question being popped and a ring on the finger. You can’t simply buy your proposal ring by guessing your partner’s  ring size. If your guessed it wrong then the surprise can become an embarrassment if the all important ring does not fit your partner.

Fret not as we are here to dole out some tips that will help you to get your partner’s ring size without them knowing and make your moment perfect with perfect ring for your partner.

1. Play a game

Once you have decided to pop the question you can fiddle with a tissue over a cup of coffee and start by making random things like bracelet out of tissues, chain, etc. In the process make a ring and try it on the left hand ring finger and pocket it safely later on and use it as a measurement and make perfect ring for your proposal.

2. Make a friend or family member your ally

It is great to have a secret ally who will have access to your partner’s ring. Your partner might have said their ring measurement to them or you can ask the friend to casually find out about the ring size or they can take her shopping and find out the ring size and this will not make her suspect anything even remotely. Make sure that your ally does this casually and does not stress on the ring size too much.

3. Drawing

Playfully take things like tumbler or coasters and draw circles in a piece of paper and then ask for her ring to draw smaller circles. Do make sure that you draw circles with your ring too so that she does not have any suspicion.

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4. Mark on your finger

Play with the ring that she usually wears by wearing it on your fingers and make a mark where it reaches on your ring finger so that it will be easy for you to slip on the ring and find the right size.

5. Resize

It is acceptable if the ring is rather one size bigger than you struggling to squeeze it into her fingers. It wouldn’t be a pleasant sight to see her squealing in pain and destroy the perfectly planned moment. If you have no way of getting her ring size then go ahead and buy a ring that looks big as most rings can be re-sized. Just make sure that the rings when you go for bigger size do not have too many stones as then re-sizing would be difficult.

6. Sleeping Beauty

If your partner is a sound sleeper then you can slip in when she is in her dream world and measure her finger with a string and make her dream proposal a reality. Do not wake her up in the process as it will be a complete spoiler.

So go ahead use these tips and start planning that beautiful moment.

If your partner is staying in different country or if you are planning to shop from international seller then you may want to convert into other country standards. You can use this International Ring Size Converter guide from Wikipedia as your guide.

We hope that the perfectly planned moment will be a moment etched for ever with the right size ring. Once you found ring size successfully, we can help you to  buy get a unique rings for your proposal which spells your love.

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