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The coronavirus pandemic has caused many to cancel their weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries as the world is increasingly being told to stay inside and maintain social distancing.

But people have gotten creative.

While wedding season might currently be on hold, your time staying at home could be wisely used to shop online and plan a wedding gift.  Spend some time landing on the perfect gift for couples you love whose weddings might be postponed.  But act fast—you may still find yourself logging on to your friends’ registry, only to realize that only random dishware, appliances, serving ware, or basic bed and bath options remain for you to give the bride and groom-to-be. And that is where this list of ideas comes in.


Create a Gift Registry

One can’t over-emphasize the importance of a gift registry, especially now.  A gift registry allows couples to create their wishlist of products, gift cards, holidays, cash, and charities they like.  Guests can buy or contribute to anything on this list. 

The advantages are many.  Each gift the couple receives is one they use and love (since they chose it in the first place), saving them precious time and money otherwise needed to set up their new home.  Plus, nothing needs to be stowed away in the infamous ‘regifting cupboard’! For wedding guests, the registry is hugely convenient as it allows them to buy a memorable gift within their budget, eliminates the need to shop and carry a box to the wedding, and delivers their gifts directly to the couple.  Particularly in troubled times as with the Corona, when guests can’t physically make it to the wedding, a registry ensures they can still send the couple their love and blessings!

While shopping outside the wedding registry, Stop stressing about finding the perfect wedding gift AuGrav have rounded up ideas that will have the newlyweds in awe of your taste level, and grateful you chose something off their wishlist. 


The Latest Kindle 

So Many Books 


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We love the Kindle Paperwhite for a lot of reasons and so will your new grad.  With more storage than any other model, the Paperwhite will give them access to thousands of books, audiobooks, and podcasts right at their fingertips (which they can read anytime, anywhere thanks to its 24 levels of illumination). Even better?  It’s waterproof so it’s even more durable than past Kindles.


Netflix Subscription

A Perfect Chill -Out  For Week-End 


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Saturday nights are just perfect for Netflix and chill and how you miss the snuggles with popcorn and your favorite comforter and of course your favorite person beside you.  Saturday nights can still be fun with Netflix and chill from your own homes.  Gift each other a Netflix subscription for the month and enjoy watching your favorite shows. To make it more romantic and just in case you are missing your better half, you can enjoy it together over a video call!

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Digital Gifting

Wedding planners and experts from the online gifting industry reveal that couples are shifting from typical gifting and cash, and moving to gifts cards, charity, travel experiences, and wedding registries.  Digital gifting gets a thumbs up from wedding industry professionals.

Now, couples are taking inspiration from newly-wed stars and switching to uber-cool ideas of gifting like wedding registries, e-vouchers and travel experiences.

(a) Refreshing Way Of Gifting


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When actor Priyanka Chopra tied the knot with American singer Nick Jonas, they opted for a wedding registry of gifts ranging from home basics, travel essentials to pet accessories, making the concept popular.  And after actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh requested guests to donate to a charity they supported, it’s also an accepted form of gifting.


(b) Go For The Cashless Way


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According to wedding planners, the trend seems to have caught on, and more and more enquiries keep pouring in for such cashless gifting at weddings.  Options like Paytm and wire transfers seem to be a hot pick for many. Couples feel that this is great from an investment point of view, and the couples can utilize the lump sum amount however they wish to.


(c)  The Gift Card


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The harbinger of digital gifting, the Amazon gift card is a genie in a bottle!  You can send an Amazon gift card to your partner of whatever amount you want it to be and then they can purchase something of their choice from Amazon.  If not immediately, they can also utilise it later when the app allows the business to continue after the lockdown.  They can also use it to subscribe to their Prime Videos platform and enjoy watching the latest movies too!


Add A Golden Touch



Give meaning with the personalized gifts just to share your love and a special touch in a unique way.  Truly a one of a kind luxury gift with affordable pricing that one can gift for anniversary, wedding.  So go ahead – browse a great selection of styles, finishes, designs, shapes and sizes to find your perfect gold frame and shine at AuGrav.

If you are running short of time and the heat does not let you step out, you can prefer online shopping . Online stores provide lots of unique collections and are convenient.  You can also customize and personalize your wedding Bands according to your taste and style.

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A Popular Work Out App

Get your sweat on from home


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Gone are the days of free gym memberships.  Post-college, your new grad won’t be able to just walk across campus to work out.  So they’ll appreciate a ClassPass subscription. Not only will they be able to go to classes at studios all around their city but they’ll also get access to a whole library of online classes taught by expert instructors so they can exercise at home.

Give a ClassPass membership for free right now.


A Perfect Blend Of Affordability And Versatility

Smart speaker to make life easier


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Transitioning out of college life is hard—you barely know how to do laundry let alone do your taxes. And while the Amazon Echo can’t help with either of those, it can help your new grad with a lot of other things.  The 3rd generation model is our favorite smart speaker because it has great sound quality, a ton of applications, and far-field voice recognition (so they can talk to Alexa from any room in their apartment!).

We are more emotional about what we wish to give the couple out of love, not request. Registries and e-gifts may be a great concept for new age couples but will never go well with the older generation.


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