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Love is the meat on the bones of our marriage vows.  Love is what prompted us to believe that this impossible, maddening, exhilarating sacrament of intimacy could work.  Love inspires all those songs: all you need, makes the world go ’round, a many-splendored thing, a battlefield, made for you and me, etc.  But romantic love is only the beginning. 

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted life for millions of people around the world, and weddings have been among the many casualties of lockdowns, self-isolation and official bans on large public gatherings.

It doesn’t mean your marriage is in trouble.  It just means you’re human. 


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If your wedding banquet must go on, there are practical changes you can make to reduce the risk of infection among your guests.

This is a bad time for any event organiser,  but while many events are non-essential and can be postponed, weddings are a trickier affair.


Creative Ideas For Future Wedding

Since the Coronavirus situation evolved and escalated quickly, it is important that we all follow the Government’s directive, stay indoors, maintain proper hygiene and practice social distancing. Therefore, hosting any kind of gathering or event, a celebration is out of the question. 

The good news is that technology can help couples plan weddings that are smart, waste-free and meaningful in the times ahead. Here’s how:


Limit The Crowd density or Plan The Wedding Through VideoStreaming Platform

Instead of hundreds of guests descending on a resort for a multi-day revelry with cocktail parties and elaborate feasts, the couples can get married over the video conferencing app Zoom. 


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As the hashtag suggests, Zoom — the enterprise video streaming platform that was used in pre-coronavirus days mostly for business meetings — has become the venue of choice for couples hosting digital weddings.  It’s relatively easy to use, even for the less technically savvy, and it allows people to mute and unmute guests to moderate their participation.



Go digital with your invites

Paper invites have been struggling to justify their existence for a while now, with digital invites becoming a convenient and cost-friendly alternative.  Now, more than ever, it’s time to go digital with your wedding invitations — from e-cards to wedding websites and apps.  There are a range of budget-friendly options to replace printed cards.  They can be sent to unlimited guests electronically making wedding planning very easy. 


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Get your wedding Ring Design Elements Sorted Online

Online shopping is on a high.  It helps people sit in the comfort of their homes and compare ideas, patterns, colours, prices and finalise what they want.  When we do this for all our appliances and clothing why should it be any different when it comes to wedding shopping.

Today’s bride is quite hard pressed for time as she is involved in planning every aspect of her wedding so online shopping is a great option.

Use an online website that is affordable and offers these elements.  Get your design elements designed At AuGrav.  Enjoy the beautiful end results, and have a wedding your guests will remember.



Create An Gift Wish List

Do you want to be stuck with 10 mixers and 20 lamps at your wedding? No one does.  So get on the website and create a wishlist of all the things you need.  Guests are going to ask you what you need.  Just do yourself a favour and don’t say ‘anything is okay’. Send them the wedding gift registry instead.  Use this time to imagine the kind of life you will be living and all the stuff you will need for that.


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Wondering what gifts one can add to their registry when most stores and websites are not delivering? Here are some ideas….

a. Gift cards for delivery stores

From Big Basket to Amazon Pantry, right now it’s all about ordering your essentials online.  And wouldn’t these gift cards make fabulous wedding gifts?  They’ll definitely be appreciated by the couple and their families. 

b. E-books 

Finding constructive ways to spend time in the lockdown has become an art form, and e-books are definitely a foolproof idea.  Add books that you and your partner would like to read to make your time at home most productive.

c. Charities

Blessed to have everything you need? Well, the world around us is not, so if you don’t want gifts, add a cause like the Relief Fund to your registry and use your gifts to make a difference for someone adversely affected. 

d. Cash

Not sure what you want? Create a cash registry and have your guests contribute to it.  With the economy set to see tough times ahead, a little nest egg is never a bad idea.

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Get Ready For A Virtual Wedding Shopping

Picking out a wedding dress is a crucial part of the planning process, but lately, production has been slowed down due to the coronavirus impacting local brides.

Unlike traditional retail, shopping for a wedding dress is still an in-person, collaborative experience: It often takes multiple appointments just to find “the dress,” followed by several fittings in a designer’s studio over the course of several months.  In our time of social distancing, that just isn’t possible, and since showrooms and boutiques are temporarily closed

Designers and bridal shops are devastated too—everyone in the wedding industry looks forward to this special in-person experience in an already digitally dominated world.  But rest assured, your dream designers are still here, doing all they can to help you confidently find the right gown… Even if you can’t give it a twirl right away. 


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If you gotta shop for your wedding dress online, you gotta do it right.  Just like every part of your planning experience, you want to make the most of it.  Just remember, there are plenty of brides who choose to shop online.  There are actually even more resources now that Coronavirus has taken over. 

In the matter of a few weeks, our world has changed.  Simple everyday acts we took for granted—going to work, coffee with friends, movie at the theatre, now seem like distant dreams. The hope is that the post-Corona world will be one where everyone consciously lives more responsibly and less wastefully and will hopefully also adapt to the new world order.


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