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The term Mangalsutra is a combination of two words mangal and sutra. The word mangal means auspicious and sutra means thread – together mangalsutra means an auspicious thread uniting the souls.  The groom ties the auspicious thread around the bride’s neck on the day of their holy nuptial as significant that their relationship would be as auspicious as the thread.

The beauty of the ritual cannot be defined in words so we have come up with this amazing blog to show you the magic moments of mangalsutra ceremony

The origin of Mangalsutra as a sign of a married woman dates back to the 6th Century AD. A single yellow thread was tied around the bride before it came into existence.  The sole purpose of this yellow thread was to keep the evil eye away from the couple. 

Significance Of MangalSutra

The auspicious thread is prepared using turmeric paste which is yellow in hue, the same paste used during the Bride’s Haldi ceremony.  While he recites Vedic mantras, the Groom ties three knots as he is placing the necklace around his Bride’s neck.  It may vary depending on the Bride’s preference however it is traditional that the pendant be strung on this turmeric thread versus a gold and black beaded chain.

The groom ties the auspicious thread around the bride’s neck on the day of their holy nuptial as significant that their relationship would be as auspicious as the thread.  It symbolises that they will be mates for life until death separates them.  A mangalsutra is a symbol of marriage and the wife is meant to wear it all her life indicating the love and commitment the husband and wife have towards each other.  South Indians believe that the mangalsutra needs to be tied in 3 knots with each knot carrying a significance – loyalty towards the husband, dedication to the family, and devotion to the lord.


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Brides may choose to re-string the pendant on a beaded chain in the months following the marriage. According to tradition, there are strong beliefs of superstition surrounding the Mangalsutra.  The destruction or loss of the necklace is considered ominous and therefore holds great value not only as a symbolic representation of the marriage between the two, but a sacred protective token from the Gods.

Influence over the Years

There is a vast difference in the Mangalsutra between the regions of North and South. The Mangalsutra in the southern parts is a yellow thread with a gold pendant which is influenced by the historical yellow thread called kankanabandhana.  Over several years, black beads with two bowl-shaped gold bearings have become a popular culture of Mangalsutra in the northern parts.

Symbolic of love and holy matrimony, mangalsutras have been an essential piece of jewellery for every bride and married women alike.  Although it’s practicality and relevance has reduced with time, many modern women still consider it auspicious.  With time, the design of your mangalsutra has also changed.

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Mangalsutra – a style quotient

From the mandatory and traditional ornament that the Mangalsutra used to be, it has now become more of a proud fashion statement.  So, flaunt the tradition and grab attention wearing the new in-style Mangalsutra bracelet.  A stunning way to let the world know you are happy and fashionably married.


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Temple Jewellery Mangalsutra

Graced with perfectly etched Lakshmi motifs, this sacred mangalsutra set has been inspired by temple jewelry.  This mangalsutra set with matching earrings inspired by temple jewellery design is a must-have for the woman who loves traditional statement jewellery. 


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Modern Age Mangalsutra

Liked it, loved it so why not wear it! You can wear this geometric-patterned mangalsutra daily with any outfit, be it Indian or western. This modern age mangalsutra will be quite a style symbol for sure


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Knot And Beads Managalsutra

You can try these knot-and bead style mangalsutras for a different look.  However, they cannot be worn everyday unless you like to wear heavy jewellery on a daily basis.

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Delicate And Floral Mangalsutra

For a modern woman whose sense of style is versatile, this delicate floral mangalsutra will suit your aesthetic.


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Modern Mangalsutra With Diamonds

A modern take on delicate neck pieces, this mangalsutra is equal parts tradition and modernity.  A gold chain with a line of diamonds is given a mangalsutra feel by adding 2 black beads on both sides of the diamond line.  This design is similar to actress Priyanka Choapra’s mangalsutra design where minimal black beads are used.


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Mangalsutra As A Bracelet

Women in India love to display their marital bliss by flaunting their pristine mangalsutras. Not merely as a portrayal of happiness, but a mangalsutra serves as a symbol of unity between the pair. Brace yourselves! Bracelet Mangalsutra is a new trend in jewellery fashion.  It gives it a charm bracelet kind of appeal, making it suitable for all kinds of attires, including office wear.


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Mangalsutra chains hold their fundamental structure even in the midst of the quick evolving patterns. That doesn’t imply that our mangalsutra chain gathering needs structure advancement.  A standout amongst the most widely recognized variations you can discover is the single strand chain.


The significance of Mangalsutras with regards to Indians and critically the Hindu ladies is very huge. Not due to what is referenced in the old Hindu sacred texts about them, yet doubtlessly due to the significance laid on it by individuals who put stock in it.  They are worn by Hindus in North India, however by ladies of numerous different states.  Truth be told, the custom related with Mangalsutra is accepted to have headed out from South India to North India.


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