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Weddings are a once in a lifetime deal, well at least that’s the plan for the most.  The special moments must be captured and framed so that when you cannot visualise the beautiful memories anymore.  The most important part of any wedding is obviously the bride and the groom. Wedding photographs will help you capture the essence of your wedding day.

Do you think all wedding photos are boring or too official?  Not at all. Some will make you roll on the floor laughing, while others will make you shocked. 

Even the most experienced and qualified wedding planner cannot foresee those small disasters that happen on this important day.  Any wedding celebration is accompanied by nerves, additional pressure, and other similar things that necessarily lead to some level of chaos. 



Photo Credits: Pinterest


Before moving on here are some prerequisites:

  • Relaxed and Confident Bride and Groom:  The disposition of the subjects is the most crucial thing. You cannot fake happiness.  Even if the couple is happy generally, the wedding day adds pressure. The couple should be stress-free.
  • Makeup: Of course the bride and groom will look their best on their wedding day, but a makeup artist should be present for touch-ups before every photograph.
  • Professional Photographer:  A professional camera is essential. You can hire a reputed photographer or assign the task to a skilled friend or relative whom you can rely on.
  • The List of Poses:  You should have the list of the idea of poses ready so that the photographer can catch you at the right time for each pose throughout your wedding day.

We all love a romantic photo of the newlyweds, but when the photographer calls for a silly shot, what will you do? Stick your tongue out or fetch your props?  There are a ton of funny wedding poses you can do anywhere with a few if any props. It sounds a little hard, but AuGrav has found some creative and interesting ways to have fun with their wedding Couple Photo Poses. 

Dreams of a bride and groom! Lol

When love’s in the air, and everyone’s running around crazy for your wedding preps, just sneak up and unleash your inner feelings for this ‘Can’t-Wait’ shot! Just break the monotony of those cliched shots and have some fun all the way with the funny Indian wedding poses.



Photo Credits: Shopterz


Go The Filmy Way

If yours is a Sunny wedding, this is a must-do shot! You, him, and ooh la la… Go full-on filmy and think classic ‘Pyar Hua, ikraar hua..’ with this evergreen shot.  A relaxed hug and a lift is a perfectly cute couple wedding pic pose as it shows your connection and chemistry.


shades photography

Photo Credits: shades photography


Hidden Help Message

Don’t worry he doesn’t want to be saved from his beautiful bride, just from the church service wedding she planned.  If he has to stand up and get back on his knees one more time! 



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Fun and playful pictures

Be very playful around the camera.  Do not shy away from making fun poses.  Just have fun in front of the camera because Badri Ki Dulhaniya has given us real goals with the scene on the truck!


Nitin Arora Photography

Photo Credits: Nitin Arora Photography


The Chase

Weddings are action-packed, try a less formal pose by capturing the action of the big day! Groom leads and the bride takes a quick peek back to the photographer.  Similar to walking, but the dynamism of this action has the potential to create some really fun photos that simply walking just can’t bring out.

Photo Credits:


The Lift And Laugh

We’re not going to lie, this one is tricky and it should be practised surely while the wedding dress is on!  What a fun capture of the day, just make sure the bride is comfortable and don’t hold it for too long.



Photo Credits : Pinterest


The classic combination of Rains and Umbrellas

 It’s beautiful to watch the streets starting to get a vibe.  Adding a prop like an umbrella can really add charm to an image umbrella are pulled into the air even at the slightest trace of the rain. This could probably be the best time to include some Umbrella Shots in your couple shoot too!  


Vipin Photography

Photo Credits : Vipin Photography

Photo Frame

Get your love captured and framed with the funny couple poses.  Another great prop is a photo frame.  Have the couple hold the frame together, and capture multiple shots from different angles.  You can also use windows or other structures in the vicinity as a frame for the photo.


Mystic studios and Ashok Arsh

Photo Credits: Mystic studios and Ashok Arsh

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The First Look

This perhaps is the most single important pose that has come along this decade.  It’s a semi-pose because it’s set up, but there should be no interference by the photographer. There are a million different ways to pull off the first look, the main thing is to have a photographer capture the bride and groom’s initial reaction.  Couples often opt for a first look to capture the emotion and joy that only comes once in a marriage.  Plus, a first look away from the guests means fewer jitters and butterflies when walking down the aisle!

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This is such a useful tip for evoking emotions and natural interactions.  While the couple is cuddling, ask one to whisper something into the other’s ear. This is perfect because since it’s a whisper and they know no one can hear, they’re going to whisper something from the heart. Facing each other, in their sexiest voice, the couples take it in turns to whisper the names of all their pets into their partner’s ear.  Whether that’s a declaration of love followed by a sweet facial expression, you’re sure to get some great emotion.


Creative wedding photography

Photo Credits: Creative wedding photography

Finally, The Kiss

The kiss is a quintessential part of the human relationship.  It’s a way a couple naturally interacts with each other. But it’s not easy to catch that moment beautifully.  Once the couple is feeling at ease, allow them to kiss. Get them to laugh if you want this shot to be on a lighter note. For a unique twist to the typical kissing pose, do it under a veil!  Not only is it creative, it gives a hint of romance and intimacy to your photo too.



Photo Credits: 84mmstudios


So get over the same old ‘smile please’ type couple poses and add some spice to your wedding album. Take little leaves out of your life and add their personal flavour to your wedding pictures with these trending ideas and couple poses… after all, this ones for keeps! Which one are you going to get clicked in? 

Say cheese and get ready to go a little crazy for the camera using our pick of totally fun wedding couple photoshoot ideas for your wedding party!  Your special day is one of the few times that you’ll be dressed in your finest, looking all spiffy alongside not only your partner but also your nearest and dearest too. So add some fun couple photoshoot ideas and snap a few super cute and slightly silly pics with your loved ones to make sure that you have even more special memories to add to your photo wall after the big day.

These beautiful Indian wedding couple photography ideas must make your wedding album a beautiful treasure.  Happy wedding and Happy Memories.


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