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The idea of cutting cakes at weddings is as ancient as the Roman Empire itself. At weddings, the groom usually breaks a loaf of bread over the bride’s head as a sign of ensuring fertility. A new idea that took birth during the medieval times was the bride’s pie. The bride was supposed to hide her ring inside a pie, slice it and distribute it to her female guests. And the female who got the ring was believed to be the next in line to get married.

Today, these ideas and traditions have been replaced by the practice of cutting a beautifully designed cake on the wedding day.

One of the most awaited events during wedding reception ceremonies is the cutting of the wedding cake by the newlyweds. Everyone at the ceremony would watch in anticipation as you cut the cake with your better half, and share that first slice with each other as a sign of your love.

Some couples even smash their faces with the cake. We are sure that brought a smile to your face! And why wouldn’t it? It’s you special day coming up!

However, just like every other aspect of your wedding day, even buying the wedding cake has to be planned properly. If you have a themed wedding, then the best option would be to match the cake with the theme. You can even go with the safe option of the traditional tiered cake which is a regular attraction at wedding day celebrations. You can also hire a wedding cake designer to design it as per your requirements.

However, if you are on a budget and can’t afford one, then don’t get disheartened. There are plenty of cake shops that offer the finest wedding cakes while also offering options for customized cakes. And if you are from Chennai and looking for a shop to buy your wedding cake, then you should surely take a look at our list of best wedding cake shops in Chennai. Here is the mouthwatering list:


With more than a lake likes on Facebook, coupled with a promise of delivery all over the city, this shop could be the one that you are looking for. You can order the cake online through their website and even WhatsApp them your designs. Another noteworthy feature is that the shop is open on all weekends and holidays.

Cake square chennai


This shop claims to be amongst the most crowded cake shops in Chennai, owing to its quality and excellence. They serve for various occasions ranging from simple parties to extravagant celebrations. The proprietors of this shop have been professionally trained on the skill of baking and cake art from Germany, and use this knowledge to successfully undertake the business. ‘Berry Blast’ is one of the famous wedding cakes available at this location.

Cake waves chennai


With a promise of 100% vegetarian cakes, this shop is a good option if you are around the Royappetah area in Chennai. Their vision is to bake everlasting memories and with their host of wedding cake designs, they surely have the potential to make your cake cutting ceremony a memorable one.

Just a Dream cake shop chennai


With a funky brand name and equally creative cakes, this brand is here to stay. They are experts in personalizing and customizing cakes. So if you already have an idea for your marriage day cake, then this is the shop for you.
Bakeman Begins

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Founded in October 2013, they claim to be the best online platform to buy cakes. And the 8000 odd likes on Facebook do provide testimony to their claim.
My Dear Cakes

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With her unique cake designs, Sabeetha is a well-known cake artist from Chennai. Her responses to customer queries are quick and her cakes come with a creative touch.

Sabeetha's Cakes chennai


Known for its timely deliveries and quality cakes, the shop delivers across 63 locations in Chennai. If you have a cake model in mind they can customize it for you with the flavor and shape of your choice. They make egg less cakes also.

Dona Cakes World


With 15 branches all over Chennai and Bangalore, Cake Park is one of the leading bakers and cake design studios. They began in Chennai with the vision to provide the people with an alternative to supermarket cakes and their journey has been successful so far.
Cake park chennai

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With a vision to work closely with clients and customers for the best possible service, this shop has been making giant strides in the cake scene around Chennai. This shop is a good option if you are located near the Nungambakkam area in Chennai.

Berry n Blossom in chennai


With flavors ranging from Blackforest to Butterscotch, Jeanne Ferrer provides quality service at the best rates. They also offer customized cakes from Rs. 1500 on wards.

JF Cake House Chennai


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