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Valentine’s week or the love week has started. If you are among those who haven’t done anything for your better half in the whole week starting from Rose Day, and going on with Chocolate Day, Propose Day, Promise Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day and Kiss Day, then you must do something this Valentine’s Day 2020 for the love of your life.

The last day of the love week or the eighth day is the most special as it is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. Therefore, give your best and propose to your loved ones with a unique gift and make your proposal creative. Someone has rightly said that love has no age, and this is the reason why people celebrate Valentine’s Day with love and affection every year.

There is no doubt that February 14th is a magical day for every couple. Lovers dedicate to candlelight dinners and romantic trips. The sweet boyfriends give their sweethearts flowers, chocolates and some beautiful jewelry to seal their devotion

But why should you choose to propose on Valentine’s Day?


If you propose on Valentine’s Day, it will be easier to remember the day of your engagement and everyone’s feast will become exclusively yours.  It won’t be difficult to organize a romantic dinner or a trip for two, which could become your habit to celebrate all future Valentine’s Day together, perhaps as a husband and wife. 

Among forgetful men and busy women, choosing a renowned date is a great help to never forget your important anniversary and above all to organize something special.


Don’t worry about the atmosphere, because between hearts and romantic music everywhere, you won’t have to worry too much about the perfect setting. It could be a candlelight dinner at the restaurant or a surprising walk while waiting to give her the ring you hid in the bouquet of red roses.

The magic of Valentine’s Day is preparing calmly, among the advertisements, the shop windows, and the expectations of every lover. It grows slowly until it fills your heart. The engagement ring and especially the proposal will only be the beginning of a great dream to live together.


Why wouldn’t you want to start your marriage on the internationally celebrated day of romance? Not only is it an incredibly romantic gesture, but it’s symbolic as well. It will show your future bride that you are attentive to details by choosing Valentine’s Day to pop the question.

Sometimes, you also need to be very innovative, to win a girl’s heart.  Here is one such idea, to propose to her in 24 different Indian languages. 

This elegant pendant necklace is the perfect and unique surprise present for someone special you wish to say I LOVE YOU, on any occasion.

Why Should You Buy This Product?

In case you’ve been frantically googling, “what to get your girlfriend [or wife] for Valentine’s Day,” we have got you covered. 

This elegant pendant will be a timeless, classic symbol of your love that will last forever, You can also be bold and do something different and unique, and it also reflects the style of the person who will be wearing it.

Regardless of your decision, the budget is something that you should set prior to shopping.  However, every individual, couple and family are bound within their own financial capabilities. There are couples who have a tight budget while there are others who prefer purchasing something more than just a fancy engagement ring.

This Timeless Piece will help you in ruling things out and help you easily narrow down your search to one that falls within your budget.

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Who Should Buy This Product?

Today making a statement with your jewellery is perhaps as important as it is practical to wear.  The pendant should be beautiful and should symbolize the love you share.

This pendant represents the love that has endured countless generations and it is only rightful to invest in a little more for something that is bound to stand over time.

This I Love You Pendant will enhance your look besides decorate your beautiful mood and attract great.  This will make a perfect anniversary gift idea for her, so treat your wife on your first year, fifth, tenth or 50th wedding anniversary, delight mom on Mother’s Day, your girlfriend for Valentine’s day, your daughter for Christmas or best friend on her birthday.

What Is Unique About This Product?

Looking for a special way to express your love?  Saying “I love you” to someone is something beyond compare but also something pretty easy to do when you feel and have the right time. However, we’ve always been looking for new and unique ways to show off our love to someone and we all know that it’s not that easy to come up with something completely stunning.  But how about saying the wonderful and most unique phrase “I love you” in 24 Languages at a time?



This simple, but elegant necklace features a truly unique and fun, secret  way to tell someone, “I love you.” The Hidden Message is set right into the middle of the pendant is a tiny projector. To see the hidden message, simply turn on your cell phone flashlight and shine it through the projector. Instantly, you’ll see the phrase, “I love you” in 24 different languages projected onto the wall!  You will need to do this in the dark.



The most fascinating part is when the stone of the pendant gets illuminated by light.   All of the words are engraved through the amazing art of nano-micro carving. Shining a light through the glass will also project the hidden message onto a wall.

The “ I Love You Pendant “ can be worn in 2 different styles and it comes in Silver with a Platinum Polish and Rose Gold Polish.  If you are looking for something unique and creative, we believe that nothing can be more special and beautiful than this.

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Why To Buy At AuGrav?

When it comes to jewellery, while there are many luxury brand names.  AuGrav will make your life event an all-time memorable one.  

Augrav (Au – Gold and Grav – engrave) as the name defines, it is a place where you will spot unique customized jewellery that will hold a special place in your loved one’s life. At Augrav, we are keen to make each of you special and unique in your own way. Your search for special gifts to your dear ones will end here as it is the best of the best that we offer when it comes to personalization.

It’s our mission to help our customers to receive the immense pleasure of owning jewellery which is as unique as they themselves are.

All of our products are shipped with a BIS Hallmark Certificate or a Diamond Certificate.


Click here to buy this product

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