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Every birthday is special as it is a reminder of who you are and is a day when you are thankful for the past and look forward to the future. Click here to learn more about finding a great solution to give as a gift.

The very first birthday of your husband or wife after marriage becomes even more special as you have started a new chapter in your life with your better half and that person is going to share the rest of life’s travel with you.

Everyone strives to make this first birthday special as hard as your parents would have made your first birthday in this world special.

So when you want to mark the occasion gifts play a major role so we thought that we will pop some unique gift ideas for him and her so that your job is made easier and this can break barriers and help you think out of the box.


Gift Ideas For your wife

1. Jewellery

Every girl melts at the sight of a piece of jewellery and goes over the moon when that is unique and is even more elated if it is personalised. You can choose from an array of unique personalised jewellery that can be used on a regular basis but will still remain special and unique. Especially the Personalized Pendants, Platinum Couple Bands, Gold Couple BandsPhoto Engraved Gold Coins, etc will steal her heart.


2. Surprises

A girl loves it when she knows you have put in a lot of effort into the planning and the price of the gifts really doesn’t matter. Plan a kind of treasure hunt around the house or a rally starting from the place where you had your first date. End each clue with a small gift. This will make it exciting, fun and memorable.

If you are running out of ideas to surprise your wife, you can contact surprise  planners like The6, they will take care of giving surprises in their unique way by understanding your wife’s interest.

surprise gift to wife


3. Spa day

If your wife loves to be pampered plan a day for her at the best spa and let her be pampered from head to toe and end the day with a romantic candlelight dinner by the seashore or rooftop. This will help her to relax and unwind from the routine and she will truly feel special. You can check out best spas around your area in web sites like vyomo or groupon.



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4. A party

Plan a surprise birthday party for her and invite her close friends and family who mean a lot to her. Remember it is her special day so make sure the guest list is well thought about and do not include people whom she is not comfortable with even if they mean a lot to you. Decorate the house and let it seem to her that you have forgotten her birthday in the morning and make an excuse so that she has to come home early and spring the surprise. She will definitely love it.

Make sure you click her expressions on arrival. Add a ring as a gift and go on your knees. It will bring tears of joy to her eyes.

Birthday surprise celebration

5. Personalised jewellery box

As jewellery is important a woman takes great pride in displaying them too. What can be a better way than a personalised jewellery box with a unique message engraved on it?. It will be unique as well as useful and will last a lifetime.



Gift Ideas For your Husband

1. Jewellery

A man’s heart might not melt at the sight of jewellery but when it is special and when it has your fingerprint embedded in it, we are sure that he will love wearing that piece of jewellery. In a site called, you can engrave your fingerprints in rings, pendants, etc. It will be a different gift and something special.

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2. Personalised bottle of wine

A bottle of wine is usually a symbol of sophistication and pride. If your husband takes pride in his collection of liquor this bottle of personalised red wine will definitely hold the top slot and you can be assured that will be a talking point for your husband with his friends for many months to come. You will get the best wine at madhuloka in online.
Personalized wine bottle


3. A newspaper with memories

Slip in a personalised newspaper along with the morning paper and keep it ready for him to read it as usual. Fill the paper with incidents right from his childhood till now and include all his achievements and his embarrassing stories. It will be a great way to go down memory lane and a gift to treasure.


Personalized Newspaer Gift


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4. A day with friends

Boys will always be boys. Take your husband by surprise by planning a boy’s day out for him and get his close buddies to join him. Do not let your messages interrupt the day and let him go wild for a day. Choose a wild destination and let him just unwind. Trust me you will not regret this as he will be eternally grateful to you for gifting such a day.


5. Gadgets

Men will always be gizmo freaks. They will melt looking at gadgets as a woman would at jewellery. If your husband loves movies buy him the latest home theatre and set it up or buy him the latest phone with the features that would be useful for him. You can also buy him a PlayStation or if he is a fitness freak get him a gadget related to it. It will make him smile wider than ever.




So plan the special birthday for your beloved and make it an experience of their lifetime.

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