1st Birthday Gift Ideas For Boys/Girls: 10 Cool Ideas February 19, 2015 – Posted in: Blog, Kids, Personalized Gift

“A one year old is so many things-

A tiny discoverer of a new world,

A softie who loves soft toys,

A sleepyhead who has deprived parents of their beauty sleep,

A darling who is as cute as a bug And

precious to many And someone to dream for in bright years ahead…”

So when the little darling has reached one year when they have found their feet and can stagger their way around and when cute sounds escape from their mouths and when their hand movements tug your heart, don’t you want your gift to be as special as the toddler?

We are ready to help you with some birthday gift ideas for one year old boy/girl that will definitely be cherished by the toddler in the years to come.

1. Time Capsule

It is said that “time and tide waits for none”, but imagine if you can freeze a year of memories and gift it to the toddler to open in his/ her teens. It will be a first birthday gift from parents that will be different from the traditional ones. It will be a lovely walk down memory lane and will definitely be a treasure that they will never want to part.

Get a personalized box and fill it with photos ranging from their birth and spread it over the past twelve months. You can include things like news that made headlines the past year, letters and cards from loved ones and any other treasured items of the baby like the first dress worn or so on.

If the toddler opens it when he/she is 16 or 18 years old it will definitely bring tears of joy and fond memories.



2 . Personalized 3d gold pendant

Gold is the metal of eternity; make sure you design a pendant that will sculpt the baby’s face along with the baby’s favorite toy. It will be a gift to kid that will last the test of time and will be treasured for ever as it will be unique and valuable. It will be the best 1st birthday gift that will be part of them for eternity as it is from the precious metal.


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3.Growth Chart

Who does not like to keep track of their growth spurts? Buy a cartoon filled growth chart or an animal print growth chart that the child will enjoy having in his/ her room and it will be a necessity as well as a well used gift.

It will be a birthday gift for one year baby that will help the child to keep track of his/ her growth in the coming years.



Ref: www.houzz.com


4. Personalised board book

It is the time when the toddler will be acquiring all the knowledge of linguistics in order to communicate. Present a birthday gift that will add to the knowledge and be special. Make the process of learning interesting by getting a personalized alphabet board book.

It will be great when you can relate the alphabets to relations like A for Aunt Liza or C for Cousin Ben and so on. It will be an interesting and unique birthday gift for one year old baby.



Ref: blog.shutterfly.com

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5. Personalized alphabet Collage

Make an alphabet collage of the baby’s name and make it slightly big so that it can be hung in the baby’s room. It will be a timeless personalized first birthday gift as photographs never fail to capture precious moments and a collage of them will definitely be worth the effort.



Ref: www.etsy.com

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music ring

 6.Personalized name puzzle

It is a time when the baby will be learning how to express himself and his own name. Get a personalized wooden board name puzzle as a 1st  birthday gift.

It will help the baby learn his/ her spelling in a fun way and at a later stage can be used as a décor in his/her room to mark their territory.



Ref: www.goodtoknow.co.uk

7. Personalized kiddy bean bag

Who does not love having their own spot in the house? Gift the toddler this privilege by gifting a comfortable personalized kiddy bean bag for your baby’s first birthday.

Choose one with vibrant colors so that the little one will love it and get used to sitting on it right from a young age.


Ref: www..louisvillerosesociety.org

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8. A handprint frame

If you can get hand prints of the father, mother and the baby, you can frame it and gift it with the date being mentioned. It is sure to occupy a place of pride among their collections. It will be a unique first birthday gift that the kid and parents will treasure.



9. A personalized quilt

Try getting the onesies used during the past year from the baby’s mom and combine all the onesies to make a personalized quilt. It will be a perfect first birthday gift that will not only be treasured but will also be useful over the years and all the favorite dresses and special dresses will remain with the kid forever.




10. Personalized toy box

When toddlers are around, there is bound to be clutter but you can give neatness to all that clutter by gifting a personalized toy box for their 1st birthday.

At a later stage it can be used as a storage box for books or sports accessories.



Ref: www.ebay.co.uk

The options are many, choose the best and make the apple of the eye feel even more special after all this toddler is the star that is going to shine brightly in the years to come.

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