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Men’s earrings have been a part of many civilization’s histories. However, men’s earrings were not as popular as what they have become now. Thanks to the changing taste in men’s jewelry, earrings are now more acceptable for men. Different cultures around the world wear earrings to signify a man’s view and personality. Since men’s earrings were not as popular before, there were very little options when it comes to its design and style.

Around the 90s, boys and men starting piercing one ear and wearing a single Diamond Stud.  Now, men pierce both ears, or have several piercings in their ears and/or throughout their body. They still wear diamond studs, but these diamonds may now be bigger, given the fact that in today’s world, everything is just bigger. Some men might wear more dangly earrings, such as hoops, which also may be studded with small diamonds. Diamond drop earrings are considered elegant and masculine.

Today, with its continuous popularity, more and more variations and styles for men’s earrings are coming out from the minds of creative jewelry makers. It can be hard for a man to shop for jewellery so here is a simple guide on how to get the best men’s earrings for you.

While clothes make the man, it is how he accessories himself that sets him apart from fellow men. Men’s jewellery has become very fashionable lately. It embodies a man’s character, personality and how he wants himself to be perceived by others. While females have been tagged more with fashion, fashion is important for the men as well. It reflects an individual’s style, belief and creativity. Fashion has no barriers. It is an open statement. However, no one wants to be doing a fashion blunder for lack of basic fashion sense. Let’s look at what rules are there for men’s jewelry.


Cross-Shaped Hoop Platinum Earrings for Men


Image Ref: www.stylesoflife.com

                Image Ref: www.stylesoflife.com


Men are very particular about their appearance and wear those things which suit their persona. Platinum Earrings are the ones which make them look dashing. On this earring, a small cross shape is embossed thus giving an exclusive look to this hoop earring.

Diamond Earrings For Men

It used to be that men didn’t really wear earrings because they were seen as “too feminine.” But that mindset has since changed, and the trend is growing in popularity with help from many celebrities Though there are many options in buying Diamond Earrings for men, it can be difficult to know what to look for when making your purchase.


                    Image Ref:www.augrav.com


This rule is often overlooked, and yet it is so important. Don’t just buy an earring set because the diamond is of great quality. There is more to it than that. The shape of the diamond does matter. You need to consider the man’s face shape before making a purchase.

For instance, a man with a round face should wear earrings that have vertical length, like emerald shaped diamonds, to make his face appear longer and balance out the roundness.  Conversely, a man with a long face would look best with round earrings such as circle cut diamond solitaires.


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Gemstone Earrings


               Image Ref: www.diamondheaven.com


Who says that only women should be allowed to look elegant? 

Stud earrings with gemstones are not only popular among women but with men as well. There are a lot of designs to choose from. Do not feel constricted about buying these earrings just because most women wear them. Men also have every right to wear a pair of earrings with gemstones in it. The most popular gemstone designed stud earrings for men are those with diamonds. It looks very fancy when worn. 

If you’re buying a pair of men’s diamond earrings for someone who already has diamond solitaires, then you should consider mixing it up and buying them a pair of Gemstone Earrings and adding a little bit of colour!  Don’t forget to check out our range of black diamond earrings or yellow diamond earrings. Find out which diamond earrings suit your face shape.


Black Diamond Earrings


                                                Image Ref: www.pinterest.com


For those who like an edgier look, these Black Diamond Earrings for men are perfect. Pavé-set with round black diamonds, set in a ball of black rhodium-plated white gold, they are an affordable alternative to larger men’s diamond studs.


Single Oven Love Knot Silver Studs

      Image Ref:www.blingjewelry.com


These single love knot studs and Cufflinks set is the perfect gift for your groomsmen. Made entirely of solid 925 sterling silver, these hinged back style will make a great gift that any man will love. 


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Character Finger Earrings


Image Ref: www.menjewell.com


Want to be a little bit crazy? Having a lot of fun. Ok, these earrings for you. Character Finger Studs For Men are practical joke earrings with Punk gesture style. Extremely cute and adorable.Perfect for men and women who want something a little off.


Symbol Based Earrings


                                                           Image Ref:www.pinterest.com


Stud earrings designed with symbols are also very popular among men. This kind of stud earring design features various pictures or shapes of different things which symbolizes something. Examples of these are those pairs of studs designed with a skull, the peace symbol, cannabis, etc. These designs when worn look ragged in style. It gives a different character to anyone who wears it. Its style is very modern and sets you up with a cool fashion look if that is what you aim for.

Accessories are meant to highlight and add some spice to what you’re wearing. So think about what he wears and choose earrings based on that. Does he wear a ton of colourful clothing? Maybe choose white diamonds with white gold or platinum so they will match all his bright outfits. Does he only wear black? Spice up his look with a more colourful gem, like a sapphire.

Diamond earrings for men can be a really great and thoughtful gift. Whether it’s traditional solitaire or Diamond Hoops, he will appreciate that you took the time to think about the best earring set for him!

Accessories, in general, can still be a bit of a mystery for some men, but we think jewellery is the way to set yourself apart from the crowd. It’s important to ease into it, if you’re not comfortable wearing it then it won’t look right. Whilst you’re getting used to wearing jewellery it’s a good idea to stick to the same staple pieces every day.


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