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Wedding planning is supposed to be one of the most exciting experiences in your life, but with everything that’s going on, you might get overwhelmed and forget about the small details. Wedding ring box is one of the details you should not forget about!.

Even though mostly recollected at the last minute, an Engagement Ring tray or a ring platter is one such wedding accessory you can’t do without at your wedding. It is as important as your Wedding Rings and adds oodles of charm to their presentation. Hence, you’ve gotta make sure that it is every bit unique and stands out, and most-importantly looks pretty.

Despite the fact that a proposal without a ring box is more cautious and classic, it can also be risky. An engagement ring box is not just an ordinary box with an appealing design. But rather, it is a box that will protect the ring from breakage, diamond chipping or worse, from lost.

The right engagement ring box can be the icing on the cake; providing an ideal backdrop for your ring and keeping it safe and secure until the big moment arrives.

After spending hours, looking at various ring designs and deciding on the perfect engagement ring for your partner, you’ll need a box to put it in. That’s why we’ve taken a look into the most unique ring boxes we could find and how you can incorporate them into your proposal.

Rustic Log Style Ring Box



             Image Ref:www.engagenandready.com


Although these rustic log style ring boxes have been around for a while, we don’t think they will EVER go out of fashion. So rustic and charming and such a nice touch if you’re having a ceremony in a field or woodland setting.

Wood is becoming increasingly popular for, well, just about anything in this age of eco-conservation and this is shown in the huge number of Wooden Ring Boxes available. It, therefore, takes something a little different to stand out from the crowd, and this is it.


Personalized Acrylic Ring Box


               Image Ref: www.theknotshop.com


This sleek, modern, and personalized acrylic ring box is a fantastic alternative to a traditional ring box. This sophisticatedly simple ring box features a woodland-inspired monogram, a separate compartment, and room for two wedding rings. Add rustic moss, leaves or twigs to the bottom compartment to compliment the fairy tale woodland theme.


Book Ring Box

If your partner is an avid reader and loves books then this could be the ideal proposal for them! Instead of using a traditional ring box why not hollow out a section of a book to place the ring in, or create a personalised fairy tale for them instead?


                                     Image Ref:www.theproposers.com


Having a special someone that is bookish can also be challenging. You might think that she may not appreciate it. But, what if you put in some effort? Try customizing a ring box for her that is made of a book not just to impress her but rather to make her heart melt.

When your partner opens up the book they’ll be shocked to see that there’s actually a ring inside the book instead of the usual pages! So romantic!

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Food Ring Box

Who doesn’t love food? Not only is it delicious but it is also a unique way to propose. You just have to make sure that your partner doesn’t eat the ring by accident!


                                                     Image Ref:www.theproposers.com


Another benefit is that you can tailor the food to the country you are proposing in. For example, macarons if you are proposing in Paris.


Packed Engagement Ring

It is a  unique engagement ring case that can be easily slipped into the pocket or the wallet. The discreet design allows the case to be easily hidden without showing much profile.


                                      Image Ref:www.clifton.com


The Puzzle Ring Box

Puzzle boxes have been made by craftsmen since the 14th century and have been used to carry secrets, provide amusement and to store jewellery.


              Image Ref:www.Kodamaspirit.com


If you’re an adventurous, treasure-hunting couple, you’re sure to enjoy solving a puzzle ring box. Made famous by the novel and film The Da Vinci Code, a “Cryptex” is a style of a combination lock that requires the correct series of letters or numbers to align before being opened. Imagine the satisfaction of completing a puzzle combined with the thrill of finding what’s inside!


Timeless Ring Boxes


                           Image Ref:www.kickstarter.com

Grave is not just a word. Its a feeling of Joy, thankfulness, and one of the ultimate prayer that brings a good future. Bring a pleasant feel to both who present and receive the gift.


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Seashell Ring Box


              Image Ref:www.Pinterest.com

Someone who admires the magnificent sunset, the cool breeze, and the beautiful beach waves would really love this. A seashell engagement ring box is one of the most ideal customizable storage for your ring. You can use it as is, the shell’s natural beauty is more than enough to make her heart flutter.

Hide your proposal in this lightweight beautiful shell. It is complete with a foam satin pad to protect your ring and keep it safe. 

Secret Ring Box Holder


                      Image Ref:www.pinterest.com


The secret engagement ring box was born out of anxiety and many ruined surprises.


Exclusive Carrie Underwood Wedding Ring Box


Image Ref:www.Pinterest.com


On your wedding day, tuck your Rings inside this pretty wood ring box that’s carved with your wedding date and the initials of you and your future spouse.


Flower Arrangement Ring Box


                              Image Ref:www.Pinterest.com


Propose to the love of your life with Bloom.  If you have the ring all you need is the perfect box for it! It’s exquisite and very pretty to look and also serves a purpose.

On your next ring sale, try to personalize the box with special messages, wedding dates, and names. And remember, a creative ring box also serves as ring bearer vehicles during the wedding ceremony. Don’t be afraid to poke around to see what’s trending. These days, there are plenty of advances in ring box technology too— from 360-degree spinning to ones with LED lights and video recording capabilities to super slim designs that slip right into one’s back pocket.

Keep in mind that the box itself is not the most important gift, but the ring is. The ring box should showcase the ring beautiful and proud without overshadowing it.

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