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Where to give you ideas for your eye makeup, lip color, and hairstyle. The same can’t be said when it comes to your eyebrows.  Though the hairs above your eyes are trending in the beauty world as of late, it can still be hard to track down the guidance you need. And whilile it’s rarely easy to settle on your beauty look, there’s a great deal of inspiration out the grooming your brows isn’t as exciting or as glamorous as applying lip gloss or eyeliner, it’s just as important in achieving your ideal wedding look.

We’re sure that many of you are worried about the state of your brows and what will become of them by the end of all this. Your brows have probably reached their full potential and it’s giving you horrible flashbacks to your pre-waxing/threading days.  But here’s the thing, perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows are easy to achieve even from the comfort of your own home.   If you have bushy brows you don’t need to make them thinner, just shape it a bit and fully embrace the eyebrow trend.   All you need to do is just learn the correct methods and techniques to clean up your brows.

Makeup artists agree that eyebrows anchor your bridal beauty look, but they can be last on your list of wedding prep in the run-up.

However, with beauty salons closed and the whole country staying home our brow maintenance regimes have been put on hold until further notice.   If you have been desperately searching for tutorials on how to shape eyebrows for beginners you’re in luck cause AuGrav helps you through this process so that you’ll end up with eyebrows that will surely have you wondering why you ever went to the salon.


The first step to achieving perfect brows is finding the right shape but if you’re a beginner, it’s ideal to work with the natural shape of your brows and focus on only cleaning.

If you are feeling a bit confident, you can take into consideration your face shape and the shape of your brows.  If you have an oval face, then consider yourself lucky since most eyebrow shapes suit this face type.  If you have a square face, try to ensure that your brows have a smooth and strong arch.  If your face is round, make sure that your eyebrows have a sharp arch and aren’t too thin and finally, those with a long face, fuller elongated brows without an arch is what you should be going for.

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To get the best results when shaping your eyebrows, you need to have the right tools for the job.  Firstly, a high-quality pair of slanted tweezers will be invaluable when you need to target small and stubborn strands.  A spoolie or eyebrow comb will also help you groom your brows to precisely see what needs to be removed.  Eyebrow scissors will allow you to trim any long strands while an eyebrow razor will quickly remove excess fuzz.  For those who aren’t yet confident in their shaping abilities, eyebrow stencils can help ensure that you get things right. Don’t forget about makeup, either.  Filling in your brows when shaping them will leave you with a beautiful and full appearance.


Photo Credits : thetrendspotter.net


Whether you’re just cleaning out excess hair or shaping your brows to suit your face, it’s important to identify the three key parts of your brow and mark them with your brow pencil. This will make the process so much easier.

Start: Begin by placing your brow pencil vertically at the middle of each nostril and then mark the starting spot of your eyebrows.

Middle: Pivot the pencil from the side of your nose, to find the midpoint or arch of your eyebrow.

End: Finally angle the pencil from the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to find the tail of your eyebrows.


Photo Credits: Madokeki.blogspot.sg



Those with thick messy eyebrows might have a lot of grooming and tweezing to do to keep them looking neat.  Begin by removing the hair from the start of your eyebrow, once you’re done carefully move to the top of your brow keeping in mind the arch and once you’re done with the top, move under the arch and finally remove the stray strands at the end of your eyebrow. Repeat this process on the other side as well making sure that both eyebrows are even.  This will help give your brows a more defined shape.



For those with thin eyebrows, this might be a quick but tricky process.  You need to be sure to only remove the excess strands of hair in order to not make your eyebrows thinner than they already are.  All you have to do is apply some brow gel to lay the hair flat and then remove any stray strands on the bottom and at the edge of your eyebrows.

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While most of us have had experience with tweezers, we can still find it challenging to pluck your eyebrows into the perfect shape.  After all, tweezing your brows into a beautifully curved arch is so much more difficult than just pulling out stray hairs.  To master the skill of shaping your eyebrows with a pair of tweezers, you need to follow a process.  First, you need to find your ideal shape and fill in your brows for a clear outline. Then, tweeze any hairs outside of your desired shape from the root to avoid breakage.  But, be sure to go slowly and be careful not to over-pluck.  As this method can be time-consuming and uncomfortable, it is ideal for ladies who only need to remove minimal hair and value an exact finish.


Photo Credits : karmahouse.co.uk




Whichever method you choose, once you’re done, make sure to use an aloe gel or an ice pack to soothe the skin and avoid any irritation.


Eyebrow piercings are a trending piercing in the male and female population. This trend is not brand new, it has been around for years. But it is not an ancient culture type of piercing.

Eyebrow piercings are great ways to show off your adventurous side. It is a great option for expressing yourself in a unique manner. 



A standard barbell piercing is the most common, but there are different options available. Twister rings are spiral rings that usually have colorful bead ends. This piercing gives a unique style and a little “twist.”


Photo Credits: Etsy


Circular barbells are also great options because there is a slight curve to most people’s eyebrows. The banana barbell can also have arrows on the ends to make it look a bit more dangerous.  Captive bead rings are also an option for this area as well.


Photo Credits : Pinterest


The piercing can be vertical or horizontal and it just depends on the style you are looking for.  Some people even go with a diagonal piercing to show that they are a little off center and straying from the norm in the piercing world. There are also T-Eyebrow piercings that have a vertical and horizontal piercing together that forms a “T.”  There is also an anti-eyebrow piercing that is found on the lower side of the usual eyebrow position.  It is advisable to do the piercing in the corner area of your eye and not directly above the eye, which can be annoying when blinking and wearing sunglasses.  Even more important is that orbital nerves are found above the eye and you do not want to damage these.


Photo Credits : bodyjewelery


This piercing has its advantages.  It is not very painful, it is not gender specific, it heals fairly quickly, and it is awesome because it draws attention to your eyes.  It also has some disadvantages that you must be aware of, like jewelry getting trapped and skin infection.  So keep the area clean and ensure you have a large enough gauge that there is not a chance for migration.  Large end beads and barbells can be the best option to prevent this from occurring.


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