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Your wedding day is your special day. So it is natural to want everything to be extra on point. Whether it’s the caterer’s menu, the flowers at the venue or even how you look and smell. So you must make the necessary preparations to ensure the day goes as planned.

To ensure you smell good all day on your wedding day, you must also learn tips and tricks on how to do so. Listed below for you are some of the common tips on how to smell great on your wedding day. Following them gets you closer to ensure your day remains special and memorable.


Fragrance Your Attire

Your wedding dress will have arrived from the tailor or shop a couple of days before your wedding. In addition to the dress, you also have accessories such as shoes, stockings, and undergarments. Designate an area in your closet, to store them before the big day. And to keep them well fragrance, spritz your favorite perfume in the closet at least once a week.

 Doing so provides a long lasting scent to your items on the big day without being too overpowering. You can even use fragrance sachets especially in your undergarment drawers for items such as bras and panties. If you are wearing closed shoes, apply shoe spray to leave your feet fresh and smelling good all day.


Fragrance Your Bare Torso

This is, in fact, a very effective way to retain your fragrance for prolonged periods if done right. As soon as you are done showering, dry your body and moisturize it. Then spray perfume directly on your torso so your skin moisturizer can effectively absorb it. And as it sits below your nose, you will keep experiencing a pleasant smell throughout as it slowly travels up to your nose.


Fragrance The Rest Of The Body

Your perfume application should not be limited to just the torso area of your body. Spritz the perfume on areas such as your ankle as well. And the best part about this application is that as the day goes, you will begin to smell the fragrance as it rises. You can also apply your favorite fragrance to your hair. Never do it directly, however.

 Whether you are doing your hair or having a professional hairdresser do it for you, make it a point to fragrance your hair. If you are on a budget, use your perfume to do so. Spray your perfume on your hairbrush towards the end of the styling. Let it dry for a few seconds and run it through your hair. If you can afford it, then go for the best hair fragrance.

 It’s your wedding day after all! Try to blend in your favorite scents and maximize their usage. Before you embark on doing so, ensure that the fragrances match well and don’t overpower or counter each other. If you are not sure about the mixing, then, maintain the same scent type. Maximize the scent usage by incorporate it through several grooming processes. Use a scented shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and even lotions. You can opt for a high end package that comes with products with the same scents.

Perfume Spray For Wedding India

Perfume Spray For Wedding India


Use body Oil

Whether you choose to use a non-fragranced or fragrance body oil, they all work in their own way. Fragranced oils add a layer of a natural and pleasant smell. Think of natural oils such as lavender or rose oil. Adding a drop or two will make all the difference.

 Plus, in their natural state, before being processed, they are stronger and guarantee to last longer. Unscented body oils on the other end are also great moisturizers. They do a better job than lotions. This means that if you wear body oils and apply perfume, your fragrance is more likely to last longer.


Don’t Forget To Deodorize

You will be amazed at how using a deodorant can significantly improve your smell. Go for antiperspirant deodorant. This type of deodorant is exceptional at countering and preventing sweat. You can choose to go for non-scented ones so they don’t affect your overall fragrance.


Watch What You Eat

Yes, it’s your special day and you can pretty much do try it all. However, if you want to maintain your pleasant smell, you must also avoid certain foods on the buffet and cocktail menu. Avoid food items such as garlic, onions, and chives unless you want to end up with bad breath. In addition, food such as broccoli and Brussel sprouts can also be embarrassing during the digestion period, as they put you at risk of unflattering flatulence.


Keep Fresh

When you go to the bathroom always keep fresh. You can even use wet wipes to help you freshen up with every bathroom visit. Remember to also wash your hands with good fragrant and moisturizing soap when you are in there.


Watch The Environment You Are In

Understandably, you may sometimes be under pressure to ensure the wedding affair is perfect. But keep calm and relax. There’s a reason why you have a wedding planner, family, and friends to help, you during this day. So, remember that you are the occasion and simply enjoy the day.

 Avoid going to unnecessary areas, you don’t need to go to the kitchen to check on the waiting staff or linger about the parking area. Going to excessively warm places or dusty places will affect your look and even how you smell. You may end up sweating or even smelling bad from the dirty areas you have been exposed to.


Carry an Emergency Grooming Bag

This is the job of your bridesmaids. When you are preparing the big day, have your bridesmaid carry an emergency bag. This bag should include everything from an emergency sewing kit to bubble gum, wet wipes and extra fragrances so you can easily freshen up in case you need to. And let the rest go naturally, the last thing you need is stressing and losing that look on your special day.


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