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Bridal mehndi designs are the beauty of marriage.  It embraces bridal hands. Elegance and beauty are the pride of marriage and engagement ceremonies.  A wedding day is without a doubt the most exciting day, especially for the bride and the groom and what else a bride expects on her wedding day other than to look beautiful and stunning with each and every detailed worth admiring from her nail art to her jewelry, from her dress to her makeup and from her Mehandi to her accessories, all these things are considered to be an integral part of our Indian culture. 

No matter what the occasion, drawing mehndi designs on hands and feet is considered a good omen.  Especially for a girl who is going to get married soon.  There are many different and elegant Mehandi designs that you can try on your hands but when it comes to your wedding Mehandi, it needs to be special as you. 



Image via Ashima Gambhir


Mehndi designs have changed a lot from decades and decades from simple application to beautiful floral designs.  The cultural diversity of mehndi designs are showing the versatility of Indian culture & Mehendi Artist Too.

Showing simplicity to beautifully crafted designs.  Earlier Mehndi is just like very simple without any creativity but now the trend is changing and you can see the level of creativity in the mehndi designs.

And Mehandi is not just for a future bride, even the groom applies Mehandi on his hands to show his love towards his soulmate, also there is a ritual to find the initials of names within the Mehandi design so why not make it a tough job to find the initials by applying some complex yet beautiful Mehandi.

We are here to help you with the best ever bridal Mehandi designs of 2020 for you to shortlist the best ones among them and use them to enhance the beauty of yours as a bride!!




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The color of the Mehandi signifies how much love the -bride will get in her in-law’s house from her mother-in-law and husband, therefore it needs to be very special and beautifully embraced in the hands of the bride.  Designs differentiate from themes, events, occasions, festivals, culture, and religion too.  Mehndi shows the versatility of the culture of India. And the emotions connected with the Mehndi. Henna attracts happiness.  Therefore women get happy and enlightened when they hear mehndi words. We have compiled a list of the most popular Mehndi designs of 2020.

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The Raja & Rani / Bride And The Groom Mehendi

The classic and timeless Dulha – Dulhan theme mehndi is the one which most brides prefer on their wedding day.  This design showcases an artwork of a king and queen from the Mughal era. Intricate patterns are drawn around the two faces to make the focal point of the design stand. The bride and the bridegroom along with some really bold floral motifs.  This is the most popular bridal mehndi design of this year. This bridal mehndi design is surely a stunner!



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Mehendi With Hashtag

Hashtags are now a trend everywhere on social media and when it comes to bridal mehndi, they are super in here too!  Curating personal hashtags are using in the mehndi seems like a brilliant idea to us!



Photo Credits : rishabhagarwal

Mehendi With Initials

 The wedding personalization makes space in the mehendi design too.  It is a good idea to get your initials turned into a beautiful monogram. Well, it is a great idea to add that monogram to your mehendi design. Just like these brides did it in style!



Photo Credits : Pinterest

Bride And Groom Portrait Mehendi

With brides becoming more and more creative in the Mehendi designs and choosing different themes like displaying their wedding ceremony getting the bride and groom portraits or the proposal story as their Mehendi design, we have come a long way.

There’s something about a mehendi with portraits!  It’s not always necessary it has to be your portrait, but even something simple looks really nice, when done right.  This mehndi design shows a couple’s journey from ‘Dinner Dates’ to their ‘Happily Married!’ 



Photo Credits : blacktieproject

Mehendi For Pet Lovers

For these brides, their pets are as important as their partners.  So, while they got the names of their partners written on their hands, they also got the adorable faces of their ‘fluffs’ drawn along with them.  Clearly, one of the most unique mehendi designs, right?




Image via @hennabydivya

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Mandala Mehendi Designs 

 The mandala is a very common design-a large circle that usually serves as a base around which several patterns are drawn. It looks like rays of the sun. The petals are often arranged to create a multi-dimensional look. 



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Symmetrical Floral Mehendi

Who doesn’t love flowers? Floral mehendi designs stand out without losing any glamour.  Then why not go for a beautiful floral design? The packed flowers look cute and you can style them with a big one or a small one in multiple compositions.



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If you are not a big Mehndi fan or want something stylish choose from our contemporary and glamorous mehndi designs for hands that are also not clumsy.  These days clutter-free and less complicated designs are setting the trend and go with modern as well as contemporary outfits.

The Mehendi Celebration is more of a tradition that has been with us for centuries and who are we to break a tradition that has been going on for this long? 

The Brides are always excited to have Mehendi on their hands and why shouldn’t they? This tradition has been passed on all these years for all the right reasons.  The Ceremony usually happens the night before the wedding . And the ceremony is not just for the bride, it is also for all the female family members of both the families.  The Bride wants her Mehendi to be the most unique and special out of all and this is the reason we are here to show you some Mehendi designs that you should definitely consider before getting the Mehendi for your wedding.

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