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Let’s Begin The Fun! Wedding is a time that gives everyone a chance to be together. Why not make the most of the moments you share with a few fun games for couples?

Gone are the days when weddings used to be nothing more than the fulfilling of traditions, dancing to folk numbers and performing the necessary rituals. The weddings today have transformed into something that makes memories worth cherishing for the rest of your life! One of the ways the youngsters are doing that is by indulging in fun games for couples to play at various pre-wedding events.



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Although most of us are well aware of many of the wedding customs, there are some wedding rituals, which are unusual and even strange.  Let’s have a look at a few of them.


Who’s Got Your Nose?  (Gujarati)

There is an amazing ritual in Gujarati weddings where the groom is welcomed by his mother in law by performing an aarti which is known as ponkvu or ponkhana.  She then playfully pulls the groom’s nose. This ritual or tradition is to perform, to remind the groom to take care of the bride or else. 


Gujarati weddings

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Kaasi Yatra (Tamil Brahmin)

In Tamil Brahmin Wedding, on the wedding day morning, the bride and the groom takes a holi bath and get ready for the day. The tradition says that the groom has to pretend like he is leaving to Kashi to become a sanyasi. But, the bride’s father and the family holds his hand and tries to convince him not to go for sanyas and do the marriage.  After this, the groom heads to the marriage hall where the bride’s family welcomes him.


Tamil Brahmin Wedding

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Fishing The Ring

One such awesome and fun-filled post-wedding activity is “find the ring” or “Fishing the ring”. Hindus follow their wedding rituals with full of enthusiasm and fun.

In Many South Indian Cultures after tying the knot, this fun-filled ritual is performed by the bride and bridegroom. In this ritual, a ring will be hidden deep inside a thaal or bowl filled with milk, water, Kangnas, flowers, vermilion, and other objects are placed in front of the bride and groom.  Both the bride and groom are meant to put their hands into the bowl together and search for the rings by using one hand only and whosoever finds the ring four times is announced as the winner of the game. At times audience also starts prompting cheer whosoever they wish to favour.


Fishing the ring

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Match Making (Christian)

Matchmaking is one of the most common Vital things in the Christian wedding.  Marriages are generally performed in the specific denominations. Once a Match is settled, then the family members will meet.  Once they Satisfied the talks proceed. When the bride and groom know each other. If they find each other Compatible then the formal proposals happen,  most probably from the Groom’s Side. In South India, they use to exchange the Betel Leaves and Betel Nut. This Ceremony is known as ‘Badalchen’ Like Tambulam in South Indian Hindu Marriages.


Christian wedding

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Talambralu (Telugu)

This is the fun part of the wedding where not only the couple but the entire family enjoys. In this ritual, the bride and groom pour ‘Talambralu’ (rice mixed with turmeric) on each other’s head like a shower.  The first 3 times, the couple shower ‘Talambralu’ on each other properly, after that it becomes a competition on who pours more. Now, other things like rose petals, pearls, colourful thermocol balls are also mixed in the rice. The friends and relatives gather on respective sides of the couple and they pull them back while the other is trying to pour. This event brings out a lot of laughter and enjoyment all around and the event signifies the happiness and prosperity of the marriage.



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Haldi (Sindhi)

The bride and groom are applied oil and turmeric paste on their bodies. It acts as an antiseptic and makes skin fairer. After this ceremony, they can’t leave their own houses. A  red thread which is considered holy is tied on the wrists of both the bride and groom.



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Ghada Gharoli (Punjabi)

This is one of the most popular Punjabi wedding rituals. The bride’s family is supposed to get a pot full of holy water from a nearby temple. Once they get it, the bride is taking a bath with the holy water for the overall prosperity of her married life.


punjabi wedding rituals

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Griha Pravesh (Kerala)

This is one of the most auspicious rituals of Kerala wedding ceremonies.  The main event after the wedding is not a tearful Vidaai ceremony.  It’s the happy Griha Pravesh. No tears are shed and the bride enters her new home along with her husband in pomp and style. It usually takes place during an auspicious time known as Mahuratam. With a traditional lamp in her hand, she provides light. This act is known as Kudivep. This is one of the most auspicious rituals of Kerala wedding ceremonies.


Kerala wedding

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No wedding ceremony is complete without a scrumptious spread for the ceremony called Sadhya. This traditional feast also followed during the festival of Onam has some delicious food complete with rituals of eating the thali. A typical Nair wedding meal that is served during Kerala wedding ceremonies is known as Sadhya which consists of 25 dishes served on a banana leaf. The elaborate meal consists of a variety of rice, pickles, curry and sweets.


Saat Paak (Bengali)

This is a beautiful sight to be witnessed only at a Bengali wedding where the bride sits on a wooden stool called a pidi/piri, and is carried to the mandap by her brothers or uncles. The bride is not supposed to see her groom when she enters the mandap, so she has to keep her eyes covered with sacred beetle leaves.  Keeping her lifted up on the stool, her brothers’ then walk around the groom seven times.


Bengali wedding

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Lift Kara De (Rajasthani)

In Rajasthani Wedding, the bride has to try to pick up everyone in her new family including her husband, one by one. This is a game to test her strength physically and mentally.


Rajasthani Wedding

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Chooda and Kaleerey (Punjabi)

This is a significant ceremony at a Punjabi wedding.  The chooda is possibly the most important accessory that a bride wears during her wedding. It is worn for a period of 40 days to 1.5 years, as per the choice of the bride. These are a set of 21 red and white bangles – which are believed to bring good luck to the newlyweds. The chooda is bought by the bride’s maternal family. Traditionally, it is believed to be inauspicious if the bride sees her chooda before the wedding. Therefore, she closes her eyes when the chooda is being put and then it is covered with a cloth until the wedding.

It is accompanied by the beautiful kaleerey which are essentially umbrella-shaped metal hangings tied to the chooda. These are tied by the brides’ sisters and friends to wish her luck and remind her of them when she leaves them post bidaai.


Punjabi wedding

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Go the old school way and play that super fun game of tic-tac-toe. Ditch the paper this time and have either small boxes of the game on the tables or better yet have a giant one installed in the lawns and get set playing. You can also replace naughts and crosses with the couple’s initials to add a personalized touch. Playing with huge blocks is going to get so engrossing.



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The objective of this game is to get three marks in a row. You play on a three by three game board. Three bridesmaids against three of the groomsmen. The first player is known as X and the second is O. Players alternate placing X’s and O’s on the game board until either opponent has three in a row or all nine squares are filled.



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Freeze Frame Game

This is the best game for sangeet evening where it is all about song and dance. Play the music and let everyone to dance for the song. In the midway pause the music, as the music is paused everyone needs to freeze in the exact position. The person who stands for the longest time in the same position is the winner of the game. This will definitely bring out funny memories at your wedding photography.


Freeze Frame Game

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The Shoe Game

Place the bride and groom back to back on the dance floor for a classic game of trivia about their new spouse. Two chairs are placed back to back during the reception. The bride and groom sit facing away from one another and exchange one of their shoes to hold in each hand.  As playful facts or questions about the relationship are read aloud on a microphone, the couple holds up the shoe for who matches the statement most truthfully.  Hilarity ensues as differing opinions emerge.


The Shoe Game

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Dress Up A Photo Booth

This is the most recent appreciation from a large number of people.  There will be a photo booth in which we can have mustache sticks, over-sized glasses etc.., The people can choose their items based on their interests. The best selfies or group selfies will be awarded at the end.


Dress Up A Photo Booth

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So, here we are. There are many other amusing customs similar to this observed in different parts of India, each having a great legacy behind making it an unforgettable event for a lively and happy spirited extravaganza that your wedding is going to be.




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