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Wedding invitations are one of the most important things to take care of for your big day because it’s basically the first detail your guests will see. Gladly, modern stationery designers offer lots of interesting and impressive ways to invite your darling ones to the most memorable event of your couple’s life.

When it comes to wedding invitations there’s a phenomenal amount of choice and often choosing your wedding invitation style can be a much harder decision than you might have thought.




Whether you’re having a barn wedding, beachside wedding or a destination wedding an invitation style will capture the essence of the wedding you want to have.

Essentially, the style of your invitations sets the tone for the entire event – from saving the date cards, to escort cards, invitation suites, your wedding ceremony program and even table place names and menus. Usually, the invitation style you chose will become the template for your other important wedding materials too. A consistent look to your stationery certainly helps add a more consistent and luxurious feel to the celebrations.

It’s much more than simply picking a font and a pretty picture. Your invitations can make your guests feel special and give them a hint about what kind of style or theme you’ll be having on the big day.

Your invitations don’t have to be square or rectangular, they can be any shape you like! Thinking outside the traditional format of wedding invitations is going to be a huge trend.  From circular to triangular to heart-shaped, the options are limitless.   Get inspired with some of our faves.



Img Ref: Swellpress


The celebrations begin with the invitation.   Not only do they set the tone for your big day,  as the first thing your guests are privy to, but the wedding invite also offers a sneak peek of all the wonderful things you’ve spent so much time and effort planning.

You can choose the form – interesting paper or other materials, elaborate craft and architecture, physical adornments etc.   You can create the visual aesthetic – custom illustrations, motifs, monograms and creative colour palettes. You can conjure up emotion – traditional religious quotes, gorgeous poetry or cheeky, funny lines.   All of this comes together to inform your guests about how wonderful your one-of-a-kind celebration is going to be. Here’s a roundup of our favourite wedding invitations.


Handkerchiefs As Wedding Invitations

These were popular maybe a few years ago, but now this trend is making a huge comeback.  If you love everything about the old era, you can either recreate those yourself by block or printing your details on top or order them from a designer.



Img Ref: artfulbeginnings


Similar to intricate embroidery invitations wedding trend handkerchief wedding invitations are a unique and creative way to invite your nearest and dearest to your wedding day.  These beautiful wedding invitations are made to keep – often from one of a kind vintage fabrics, adding an extra special touch to each one.  Just like regular invites handkerchief wedding invitations can be customised to your own personal taste – and are sure to surprise and delight each one of your guests when they drop through their letterbox.


Mapped Out Wedding Cards

Destination weddings can make more of their unique location by using a map design as part of the invitation. This approach is really effective. Choose from ordnance survey style maps or hand-illustrated ones that can add a personal touch.



Img Ref: jollyedition.com


Transparent Wedding Invitations

Transparent wedding invitations (Clear Wedding Invitations) are still an up and coming style that your guests are not likely to have seen before. They’ll be impressed by the elegant white text standing out against the clear invite background. 

These are the new, fun ways to dress up your invitations in a modern yet classy way.  The biggest trend for wedding invitations in 2020  must be crystal clear. Modern, minimal and trendy and adds a modern twist to a classic design.



Img Ref: elegantweddinginvites.com


Origami Wedding Invitations

Give a nod to the beautiful ancient art of origami with the intricate wedding invitation.  A wedding invitation is your chance to make a first impression, and in this case, a bold statement.  Take your wedding invites to the next level with these edgy origami envelopes. Your guests won’t see it coming.




Img Ref : Pinterest


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Pop Up Wedding Invites

Looking for an extra-special option for your wedding invites?  Pop up wedding cards are the perfect way to say congratulations to the happy couple.  It’s someone’s special day and these wedding card designs will definitely take the cake.  Pop-up cards are fun for everyone and adding this element to your wedding invite makes it playful and unique!  If you are having a fun-filled wedding with a twist of whimsical vibes, you would definitely need to check out this trend of wedding stationery.  The beautifully crafted pop-up details give a whole new dimension to your invitation and will capture the hearts of your guests.



Img Ref:againsthllary


Boxed Wedding Invitations

The long-established envelope invites can take a back seat now, with the emergence of boxed wedding invitations.  It is a beautiful accessory that boasts of opulence and luxury and hints the guest of how lavish the wedding affair is going to be and leave your guests awestruck with the dimensional design, intricate details, and ethereal design of wedding invitations and wedding favour boxes along with the gifts.



Img Ref:Weddingsutra


Flap Card Wedding  Invitations

A usual wedding invitation card format includes at least 3 pamphlets for different functions inside the casing, which makes it an elaborate and even bulky affair. If that’s not your style, you can go for a sleeker version and surprise the recipients with a flap style format, covered with a flap, which guests can lift to see the details of a particular event.

Go creative with it, use drawings and sketches to make it more visually appealing, if that suits you.


customizing creativity

Img Ref: customizing creativity


Puzzle Pun Wedding Invitations

When the couple is so cute, why not ink it on your cards?  The caricatures of the bride and groom + a jigsaw puzzle is too adorable and a cute way to invite all your guests for your wedding.  Everybody likes to go fancy and different when it comes to their invites. Include some puzzle paper pieces to your wedding invite wrapping, which is also a cool way to include jigsaw puzzle to your card.  Gone are the days when people used to send the invites in a paper envelope. Rather, pick a simple polti or jute bag with jigsaw puzzle pieces so that when your guests fix that puzzle completely you leave all of them by surprise with your cute and unique invite.  


Flying Elephant Designs

Img Ref: Flying Elephant Designs


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His & Her Binary Wedding Cards

It is the norm that the bride and bridegroom’s family send out the invitations separately to their respective relations. Mostly, they go for either two completely different designs or two copies of the same design. This is a better option for your wedding invitation card format.  Go for his and her version of both of the parties can pick a colour they want to use and two same designs of the same card can be used with minor alterations wherever required. It will give a cleaner and more harmonious image of your wedding prep too and is just easier to manage in general.


Pretty Gilded Designs

Img Ref: Pretty Gilded Designs


Plant The Page Wedding Invites

Eco-friendly weddings are another trend that we’re happy seeing Indian couples adopt. While e-vites are the easiest way to go eco-friendly, sometimes you just need to do printed wedding invitations. If that’s the case, you can opt for a paper that’s embedded with seeds. These can be planted by the guests after your wedding.


Artistically Wired

  Img Ref: Artistically Wired


Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding celebrations. They not only set the right kind of vibe for your wedding day but also speak volumes of all the amazing things & wedding activities one can look forward to! So make them as innovative as you can! Instead of vouching for those same old palki wedding invites in hues of red & golden, give your guests something that is one-of-a-kind & can further be reused as a decorative element for them.


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