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We live in a time where we have hundreds of Snapchat and Instagram filters to choose from, to suit every mood, every personality, every occasion, and even that doesn’t seem enough. Then, how do people expect us to make do with plain, simple gold wedding rings when it comes to commemorating one of the most important decisions of our lives?

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see young couples moving away from the traditional gold rings and opting for unique, personalized rings that are more special and valuable in every sense of the term. The beautifully customized couple rings can fit anybody’s taste and budget just as comfortably as they fit their fingers.

Is marriage on your cards? Don’t worry though; in this post, we’ll explore different personalized couple ring options, for you and your partner to choose from. Here’s a compilation of the top 10 wedding ring trends of 2018 that may just be the perfect fit for you and your partner.


1. Name Rings

Have you been searching for the classic ring, one that simply calls out yours and your partner’s name? Well, with name rings, that’s exactly what you get. Wedding rings bind two people together for life, and what better way to celebrate this bond than to see your partner’s name every time you look at your ring?


2. Fingerprint ring

Your partner is unique, no doubt. But, there’s something more unique than that. Their fingerprints! How about a wedding ring with your partner’s fingerprint? Using the latest engraving technology, you can now engrave your partner’s fingerprint on your wedding/engagement ring and select from a wide range of styles, designs, and metals available to create the perfect love bands.


3. Sound wave ring

There’s something about your partner’s voice that makes it so special to you, it makes you feel right at home. Which is why, a ring that captures their sound waves makes for an apt wedding ring. Sound wave rings are becoming increasingly popular all over the world among couples, and you too can engrave your partner’s voice on to your wedding or engagement ring. Even better, engrave the sound wave of the three magical words that started this beautiful love affair.



4. Matching heart ring

The two of you complete each other, and so should your wedding rings, right? We know every time you’re away from your partner, you feel just a bit incomplete, which makes being together all the more important and fun. That’s exactly the concept behind the matching heart rings, a pair of love bands that perfectly complement each other. Each ring of the pair has one part of heart and when joined, they make a complete heart. Can it get more romantic than that?


5. ECG Heartwave Rings

Your loved one’s heartbeat can now always be close to you through your wedding rings. Express your love in a unique and intimate manner, bringing together the hearts that only beat for each other, the bond that is only yours and your partner’s to feel. This is one love band that touches your heart and is also affordable.


6. Braille rings

Trying to find a different way of expressing your affection? Why not change the language of love altogether! Engrave your partner’s name in Braille on your ring, and every time you run your fingers across it, feel your partner’s name calling out to you. Romantic and original, isn’t it?



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7. Diamond rings

Add some glitter to your wedding rings, and say it with diamonds. With several unique diamond ring designs available, nothing really says “I love you” quite like those sparkling, precious stones. If you decide to go for diamond wedding rings for couples, you have a plethora of designs to choose from.


8. Platinum Fusion rings

With an increasing number of couples opting for something rare and unique wedding rings, fusion rings have been rapidly growing in popularity. Combining platinum with other metals, such as rose gold or yellow gold, or mixing any two compatible and contrasting metals, is a great way to create a unique love band for couples.


9. Infinity rings

Love lasts forever, till eternity, and what you need is a way to express this infinite love. Infinity rings are the perfect expression of this never-ending love, and add just the right touch to your ‘happily ever after’ love story.


10. Lord of the Rings

Perhaps you aren’t just looking for the ‘one’ ring, you’re looking for The One Ring. A great way to commemorate your love for Lord of The Rings (LOTR) and all things nerdy, this engagement ring is truly one to treasure. Quirky, unique, and beautiful, this LOTR-inspired love band is truly the one ring that rules them all.


11. Life Story Rings:

Your Love Story in Unique so should be your rings. Take some memorable things or moments from your life, and now express your life story with these Life Story Rings. These set of 3 single rings can be stacked together to tell your own  life story. 

12. Ambigram Rings:

Express your love in a unique way with Ambigram Rings. The concept of Ambigram ring design is that two names can be read in a single pattern. It combines word-art and optical illusions – a word is drawn so that it will appear the exact same when flipped upside-down.This is a wonderful way to pair the names of couples on your wedding rings.

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13. Pattern Rings:

Pattern rings are the latest design and they look quite attractive and elegant. In this model a pattern of design will be filled with all the sides of the ring and adds beauty to your style.

14. Stackable Rings:

Choosing a wedding ring is not very easy now. Stackable rings are rings which stack up on top of each other. You can wear two or more rings like a pile of pancakes and stack one another and wear them all on the same finger.

15. Joinable Rings:

The idea of Joinable rings is when these two rings are bought together, it gives the shape of a beautiful design. The two rings can be joined together to form a perfect whole and gives a perfect couple ring combination.

16. Morse Code Rings:

Morse Code Rings is truly unique, a throwback to one of the earliest forms of electronic communication expressed in dots & dashes. These rings are perfect for your favourite guy or gal and personalize them your way, this shows your love in morse code. 


17. King and Queen Rings:

A wedding is an important moment in the life of any person. Make your event a prince and princess wedding with the King and Queen Rings. When a couple gets married they are king and queen of their world, ready to reign over their new life. 

18. Letter Rings:

Start a new trend and be known as the trendsetter. Understand the importance of your partner name and why you love it so much. Letter Rings shows the world how much you love your partner by wearing his name.


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