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Finding the perfect wedding gift can be a big challenge! If you are looking for a wedding gift that is special, thoughtful and unique, skip the wedding registry and get creative with a heartfelt gift that is both meaningful and personal. Try choosing a piece of jewellery that will show your loved ones just how excited you are about their big day and their new journey. 

Wedding and Bridal Jewelry gifts are timeless and these special gift ideas take meaningful to the next level! Here are our top picks for the most meaningful wedding gifts to make sure that your gift will be remembered, treasured and loved forever!

Sapphires Rings


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Sapphire engagement rings are a celebrity favourite, but a sublime sapphire stone also makes a meaningful wedding present. This precious jewel is reminiscent of old-world romance, as it was once treasured by ancient Kings and Queens across the world. Sapphires have remained popular and are still celebrated today, making them a unique and timeless gift. Imbued with meaning, the sapphire symbolises commitment, fidelity, good fortune and everlasting love. These characteristics are essential for a long and happy marriage, making a sapphire jewellery piece the perfect gift for a new bride. 

Gift your loved one a pair of simple sapphire earrings before the wedding as their ‘something blue’ or treat them to an elegant sapphire pendant to give their dress a pop of colour. This beautiful blue stone will also be cherished long after the wedding is over. It will elevate any casual outfit like jeans and a t-shirt or add a touch of elegance to eveningwear or their favourite party dress!

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Delicate Rings 

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The engagement ring and Wedding Bands are one of the most important elements of any marriage or wedding ceremony, but that doesn’t mean that rings are off limits as gifts. To balance things out, try gifting the bride a meaningful right-hand-ring. For this purpose, dainty and delicate rings work best and make the perfect meaningful gift for the newlywed bride.

Other guests will be gifting necklaces, pendants and bracelets but a meaningful ring will not only make a thoughtful message but can be worn every day. For an extra special touch try engraving the inside of the ring with the wedding date or bride and groom’s initials. This way, the bride gets to rock a big rock on her left hand as well as a heartfelt message on her right!


Infinity Jewelry 


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The infinity symbol is the perfect message to not only wish your loved one happy marriage but to represent your unbreakable bond with them. Infinity symbol jewellery has been on trend for years and will surely continue to rise in popularity due to its simple design and deep meaning. The infinity sign represents continuity, connection and eternal love. It is also known to symbolise vitality and prosperity, which is the perfect sentiment for wishing the happy couple a strong and successful life together.  

The jewellery options are endless, so choose from infinity pendants, bracelets and earrings in a variety of colours and finishes. Muru’s unique jewellery collections offer infinity coin necklaces for a more bohemian take on the special symbol. The infinity symbol will also represent your strong relationship with the new bride, making infinity jewellery even more meaningful. Your loved one is bound to cherish and treasure this piece for years to come, reminding them of their big day and their special connection with you. 

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Heart Bracelets

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The ultimate symbol of love is the heart. Keep it classic and simple with a delicate heart bracelet for the new bride. Heart jewellery is a perfect piece for everyday wear. A unique heart bracelet worn on the wrist will bring back memories of her special day and will ensure that she is always reminded that she is loved. Make it even more personal and have the heart engraved with the happy couple’s initials, the wedding date or both!   



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