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Jewellery in India has always played a significant role in society since ancient times. Especially for an Indian woman, her life is judged by the number of jewellery pieces she receives on any auspicious occasion. Even the poorest women make sure they buy jewellery that they can afford. Every piece of jewellery worn by a woman has an important value attached to it.

Indian jewellery is made with intricate designs and unique patterns, which makes it a very sort after and highly valued commodity in the international market. In Indian traditional customs, every piece of jewellery worn on any occasion has a significant meaning behind it.

Why Indian women place importance on jewellery

Apart from the obvious to increase a woman’s beauty, jewellery is also a source of security in case of a financial crisis. Women jewellery is mostly made of gold, diamond, and silver. Traditionally, having a big collection of jewellery symbolized immense wealth, good status, and power. The connection shared between Indian women and jewellery is not only the traditional value it holds but also deeply rooted in science.

Here are some of the most common jewellery worn by Indian women and the significance behind every piece.

Maang tikka

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Maang tikka is a pendant that hangs on the front half of an Indian woman’s forehead with a hook at the back. Scientifically, the woman’s central part of the forehead is believed to hold the chakra responsible for preservation. Traditionally, the chakra has two petals carrying the half-male and half-female deity called Ardhanarishvara. It signifies the final union that cannot be broken. While in science it’s the meeting of both the physical and mental natural elements of a male and female.

Nose ring

Nose piercing has always been a craze among young girls. Indian women call the nose ring nath. It’s also the most seductive jewellery that every married woman should have. It’s considered the most important jewellery worn by a bride on her wedding day. It’s believed that the nose ring holds some connection with sexual, emotional, and romantic propositions of an Indian woman.
Some also say it improves the health of the woman’s reproductive organs. Scientifically, a woman with pierced nose feels less pain during childbirth. It’s an important fashion accessory that comes in different colours, sizes, and shapes that can be matched with various garments found at Stylecaret.


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Mangalsutra is a sacred thread that depicts marital chastity and dignity in Indian society. Its legend originated from South India. Traditionally, the bridegroom gives it to the bride on their wedding day. Married women wear it to symbolize their commitment and love between the couple. It’s also believed to control the body pressure levels and regulate blood circulation.
Women all over the world wear earrings to make them look beautiful. The ears nerve endings are connected to the kidney, brain, and cervix. If the right amount of pressure is applied to the right ear, the kidney and bladder will remain healthy. Scientifically, ears have a hunger point that help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Traditionally, wearing earrings is considered to be a sacred act.


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Bangles are easily affordable ornaments that the rich and poor women can adorn. Traditionally, Indians wear gold bangles. Scientifically, they are said to improve blood circulation and channel back the energy passing through the outer skin. This is possible because of the bangles circular shape. Red bangles signify ritualistic relevance, green bangles from South India symbolize prosperity and fertility and they are presented to the bride by her mother before marriage.


Chains and necklaces are worn close to the heart which is believed to strengthen one’s love and control emotions. It’s also believed that a necklace with precious stones will ward off the evil eye. It’s also believed that it protects against being hypnotized. Scientifically, it helps in controlling the blood circulation and pressure levels of the body.

Toe ring

Toe rings are mostly made of silver that absorbs energy from the earth and passes it through the entire body to refresh it. Unmarried Indian women wear plain toe rings while the married Indian women wear heavy toe rings on their second toe. Silver is believed to pass energy that strengthens the uterus and improves blood circulation. It also helps in regularizing the menstrual cycle.


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Women who wear rings on the fourth finger from the thumb are believed to have good health and confidence to handle life with ease. This is because of the metallic friction of the nerves that pass through the finger to the brain cells. The wedding ring that is worn on the middle finger is believed to be connected directly to the heart to help in controlling emotions.


Traditional Indian anklets are made of silver and they had small bells that made noise every time a woman was walking. The silver absorbs energy from the earth and passes it through the entire body to improve the body’s energy levels. During the old days, women wore anklets that made noise to let people know she was coming home so that they welcome her with respect. Also that a woman was passing and people should be well mannered in her presence.

Hip or belly belt

In the olden days, belly belts were made of gold or silver. Nowadays, hip or belly belts aren’t usually worn unless to a wedding or a festive occasion. Today, women wear them with modern designs to add glamour to their look. Scientifically, it’s believed belts prevent saturation of fat around the waist and help in maintaining a woman’s figure.


Indian women place a great value on their jewellery not only because of the traditional significance they hold by also scientific beliefs. Although modern jewellery has been modernized to suit the current fashion trends, the traditional jewellery is the most loved and worn by Indian women on special occasions. The Indian contemporary market has a blend of traditional and modern jewellery made from gold and silver decorated with precious stones.

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