4 Mistakes To Avoid When Preparing For Your Wedding March 3, 2020 – Posted in: Blog

Your wedding is one of the most memorable and exciting times of your life. This is when you get to take your relationship to another level while being in front of your closest friends and family. But although your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, preparing for it can be stressful and time-consuming. This is especially true if you’re moving from NYC to LA.

When moving from one location to another, you can easily hire a moving company Manhattan and let the pros handle all the work for you. However, the same doesn’t work when you’re preparing for your wedding. This event is huge, which means that you’ll have a lot of responsibilities on your plate.

If you want your upcoming wedding to be as stress-free as possible, make sure to avoid the following when you’re preparing for your big day:

1. Blowing Off Your Wedding Budget

Regardless of how significant your wedding day is, you should never go beyond your budget to celebrate the event. On the contrary, you and your soon-to-be spouse should come up with a realistic budget for the wedding and have the discipline to stick to it.

Borrowing money from other people and businesses might help you throw off the grandest wedding of the year, but doing this will actually lead to financial issues. Having a wedding that’s way beyond your budget can usually result in debts and bankruptcy. Once these happen, it’ll be challenging for you and your partner to afford a house or start a family.

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2.Wanting One Type Of Flower For Your Wedding

If you have been preparing for your wedding for months, you’ll usually find inspirations for your decorations and bouquets online. These resources can give you an idea of how a specific flower type will look when used as decors or bouquets. However, regardless of how tempting it can be, avoid focusing on one flower type for your wedding, as this can lead to disappointment.

Keep in mind that different flowers bloom in different types of the year. If you’re looking forward to using white roses for your wedding and later on find out that this variety isn’t available on your wedding month, you will experience stress and even pay more than what you’ve expected.

To steer away from this direction, narrow down your options to three flower types and inquire from your florist what flowers are available during your wedding month. This information can help you plan for a backup in case your first and second options aren’t available.


3. Skipping The Videographer

Photographers are a staple in every wedding, but their outputs have limitations. And while photos can capture special moments during your wedding, these don’t capture the voices and emotions of your partner and your guests during your big day. Photos are great, but these don’t let you hear your partner’s voices during your vows or your guests’ moves on the dance floor.

Make sure that you can reminisce about all of the important happenings during your wedding by hiring a professional videographer. These individuals will document all of the special highlights of your wedding that you’ll definitely want to reminisce about in the future.

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4. Inviting Too Many Guests

Your wedding day is a special day, but this doesn’t mean that you should invite every single person you know to witness the event. As much as possible, only invite individuals who witnessed your love story with your partner. Aside from cutting down expenses, keeping your wedding intimate can also make the event more special.

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