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Marriage is a unique moment and it requires a lot of skill to realize the dreams of the bride and groom. A wedding planner is there to optimize the time needed for preparations and help in conducting the event. This person needs to be not just a pure professional, but open and calm too. The wedding planner needs to get along not just with the bride and groom, but with their families and wedding party too. Dedicating yourself to organizing weddings is a professional business that attracts many people. But have you ever thought about what is needed to be the best?




Know the profile of a wedding planner

Many people believe that because they have organized their own weddings without advice, they can become wedding planners. However, this personal experience is not enough for those who wish to venture into this profession. You need to know everything not just about weddings, but also about other connected services. For example, do you know where your clients can find quality and unique wedding rings for an affordable price?

To become a wedding planner, a person needs to be well organized, know how to handle planning, meet deadlines, have good ideas, communicate and listen well. A true professional should know the wedding market and have contact with the best vendors (such as florists, hotels, etc.).

Follow the trends and learn how to make them unique

Always pay attention to innovations and new services available to your customers. Understand the needs of your potential customers. Invest in what you believe may be an attraction for them to hire your services.

Keep up with all the news and happenings in the field of wedding organization by reading magazines, blogs, and websites on the subject. Also, it is very important that you attend wedding fairs where you can make acquaintances with people in your industry, as well as make various business arrangements.


Provide valid certificates

Find one of those courses where you will receive a certificate upon completion, which will be significant in presenting to clients. More often they show confidence in someone who has some education in the field than someone who does not.

Take professional courses because learning never stops. A good wedding planner knows that the market is always shifting and those changes require constant updates.


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Qualified employees

This job requires so much dedication so doing it alone is going to be very complicated. It is important that you invest in hiring people with whom you can share your roles.




Remember to choose people who have a profile compatible with your business. Also, invest in training so that your team works well together. A trained and qualified team will differentiate you from your competitors.


How to set up a good base

The basics of the structure is an office with a telephone, computer, tables, and chairs. You also need a portfolio with photos and material from other weddings organized by your company. The important thing is to offer quality service and an event with refinement.

Your starting capital is also low since it is just a service that you are doing. A return on the initial invested capital is expected in less than a year. It is necessary to decide whether to provide catering services for your clients or hire third parties. This will have an impact on your investment.


Having experienced staff is the key

You don’t need to have experience in this industry, but you should know how a wedding works in every way. A good solution is to find an experienced staff that has been in the market for some time. With their organizing skills, experience and connections, things should run smoothly.

The ideal is to determine the target audience. Specialize in providing service to only one social class. In order to choose a large niche, you need to do something called market research that must be done before opening the doors to your new business.


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Publicize your company

Always have business cards and a website. Partnerships with people who provide services for your company’s events, such as makeup artists, florists, bridal shops and decorators can also be a way to spread the word.






A well-designed site in this business is very important because it is like a window in a boutique. The only way to inform customers about your offer is through your website. At least until future customers start getting recommendations from your previous clients.

Research the competition

Find all the agencies or individuals involved in this business in your city, look at their sites and see what they offer. Also, pay attention to their prices. Based on all the information obtained, decide how you can make your services different and better. Tailor your services to your clients’ needs and wishes.


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