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Wedding rings and engagement rings are very special, not only because of the vows passed on but also it’s gonna travel with you for life!  So wedding couple spends  enough time and cares to choose a right design for that special ring.

Wedding rings are the symbol of the bond that exist between him and her, and choosing ring design that suits their personal style would be a great idea. Most of the bride and groom opt to buy rings that look similar(Matching rings) or couple rings that conveys some message to both of them.

Rather than spending huge amount of money on a traditional diamond ring, you can prefer personalized couple rings and bands made in gold which would be unique.

And, personalization is different from customization.  You can customize any design based on your taste or your friends design idea.  But, personalization is a deeper level of customization, wherein you can customize a ring with your personal elements. And, personalization cannot be replicated.   Making it THE most unique products in the world.   Examples of couple ring personalization include your names, your voice, your fingerprints, your faces, your bar code etc.,

In fact, people keep saying Personalization is the new diamond.  You could literally personalize any design that you like.

We’ve curated a set of couple ring and band designs made in gold, silver and tungsten, from all around the world, for your inspiration.  These are some of the most populous wedding rings among the couple, that are in fad.

PS: These products are not owned by AuGrav, but by their respective brands.


1. Heart Beat Couple Finger Ring

Heart Beat Couple Finger Ring

2. His Beauty and Her Beast Ring Set


His Beauty and The Beast - Him and Her Ring set


3. Location Engraved Rings For Long Distance Couples

Long Distance Couple Rings - Location Engraved

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4. Buck and Deo Ring Set For Bride And Groom


Buck and Deo Ring set for bride and groom

5. Sun and Moon Finger Rings For Couple


Sun and Moon Engraved Ring sets for couple

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6. Lock and Key Couple Wedding Ring


Lock and Key Couple wedding band

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7. Puzzle Matching Rings For Him and Her


Puzzle matching rings for him and her

8. Mickey and Minnie Couple Band


Mickey and Minnie Couple Band in gold

 9. Love Birds Matching Couple Band


Love Birds Matching Couple Band For Engagement and Wedding

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10. His and Her Heart Matching Ring


His and Her Heart Matching Rings- Unique Desings

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 11. Kissing Couple Wedding Bands



Kissing Mickey and Minnie Couple Wedding Bands

12. My Heart is Your’s – Proposal Couple bandsMy Heart Is Yours -Proposal couple engagement rings

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13. Love Rings With Heart Design For Men and Women

Love Rings With Heart Design For Men and Women

14. One Inside Other Lock Gold Couple Ring

One Inside Other Lock Matching Couple Ring

15. Forever Love Matching Ring For Him and Her

Forever Love Matching Ring For Him and Her

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 16. Penguin and Heart Couple Bands


Penguin With Heart Gold Couple Bands

17. Joint Heart Couple Promise Ring Set

Joint Heart Couple Ring Set - Promise Ring

18. Love On Boat Matching Couple Engagement Ring

Love On Boat Matching Couple Engagement Ring

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19. My Heart and Key Matching Rings For Couples

My Heat Key Matching Rings For Couples

20. Couple’s Fingerprint Engraved Ring Set

Couple's Fingerprint Engraved Ring Set

21. Heart Beat Engraved Couple Bands


Heart Beart Engraved Couple Bands


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