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Engagement or a wedding ring is not a one-day affair, it’s the one ring which will be traveling with you through out your life.  So, are you looking for a very unique wedding ring? If yes, you have come to the right place – we help you figure out different options to personalize your wedding ring and stand out amongst your peers!

10) Bride and Groom Voice Waveform Engraved Rings

I Do - Voice Waveform wedding ring

I Do – Voice Waveform wedding ring

Ref: http://laughingsquid.com/

This is, quite honestly, one of the more unique and inventive designs on this list. Engraving/embossing you and your spouse’s voice wave forms on your respective wedding bands is not something that you find happening regularly for weddings. Apart from the whole unique factor, it also serves as a personal and intimate reminder of each other because well, having each other’s sound waveforms is probably as personal a wedding band can get. We have listed steps involved in making of voice wave form rings.

9) Quote Engraved Rings

Inscribe a quotation that you or your spouse holds dear in this option for precious wedding rings. Serving as a reminder of your big day for many more years to come, this is but a subtle but effective way of personalization.

8) 3D Portrait sculpted rings

Ring for husband and wife - Personalized anniversary ring

Wedding ring for husband and wife

A bit on the flashy side but unique nevertheless, having a 3D sculpture of you and your spouse atop the wedding band makes the ring more than just a mere piece of jewelry, it elevates it to a symbol of intimacy and love. You can find more designs here.

7) Finger Print Engraved Rings

Bored with existing designs?. Customized your engagement ring with name or fingerprint.

Finger Prints are but one of those few things that is said to be unique to each individual, So in order to make your ring as personal/intimate as possible, it makes sense to engrave each other’s Fingerprints upon the rings. This is both unique and symbolic in the way that each of your rings has engraved upon it, a unique attribute of the other. Price range starts from Rs. 13,100 at augrav.com

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6) Gold Ring With Name Engraved

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 Perhaps a bit less unique than fingerprints but unique nonetheless, Name engraved rings is something that’s actually been around for a while. Why? Well, because it works, that’s why. Having each other’s name engraved upon their corresponding rings gives a sense of personality into the wedding bands and the names lends an intimate flavor to the proceedings.


lord Of The Ring



5) Geeky Wedding Rings


Ref: https://s0.smlycdn.com

In this current Pop-Culture/Superhero driven landscape, It’s not uncommon to find fans of a particular Comic-Book/Superhero/Cinematic Saga tie the knot with each other and when that happens, what better ring to choose than ones that are engraved with each other’s favorite geekdom pleasures. You like Superman? Well then, you can engrave the S-shield symbol onto the rings and the same applies if you’re a fan of any other Geeky property as well! It serves the purpose of being extremely intimate but at the same time whimsical.

4) Gemstone Encrusted Rings    

Gem Stone Ring

Gem Stone Ring

Although this option is one of the more pricier ones on the list, there is no denying the sheer majesty of a Sapphire encrusted ring or the sheer radiance of a ruby encrusted one. Gemstone encrusted rings are here to stay and really though, does that come as a surprise?

3) The Classic Ring

As they say, “Nothing beats the classics”. Not that none of the other personalized items on this list are inferior by any means but sometimes the best kind of personalization is to go simple and what better way to go simple than to wear the classic, plain wedding ring. Common? yes, but it still can say a lot about a person and that’s the reason why I put this option in a list of personalization.

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2) Portrait Engraved Rings


Ref: http://www.masterengraver.com/

Having a portrait engraved upon the face of your wedding band is definitely a unique and expressive way to go about personalizing your wedding band. The portrait is up to to you to choose. It could be a miniature representation of a painting, your spouse’s face or anything else of the sort. Like they say, “A picture (or in this case, a portrait) is worth a thousand words”.

1) Wedding Date Engraved/Embossed Rings


Wedding date engraved ring

Wedding date engraved ring

Ref: http://jewelry.weddingmost.com/

What better way to make your big day memorable for the foreseeable future than to engrave or emboss the wedding date on your wedding ring? Apart from serving as a reminder or memento of the occasion, it’s also terribly inventive and unique. Also, it has the added benefit of you not forgetting your wedding anniversary! Combining name engraving with this ring will make it as perfect matching rings.

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