Platinum jewellery is the greatest accoutrement in your style realm when ‘classy and fabulous’ is on your mind. Associated with aristocracy, highly coveted due to its exclusivity, Platinum Jewellery deserves to become the shining star of your fashion repertoire.

Decades ago, fashion empress, Coco Chanel had famously remarked that ‘a girl should be two things, classy and fabulous’.

If we were to elaborate on her iconic statement using jewellery diction, we’d say:

  • Glitter in Gold when you want to show Cleopatra-esque drama
  • Wear Silver when you want to embody a gipsy diva
  • But choose Platinum when you want to go full-metal elegant

The world’s hottest designers are creating Platinum Jewellery that is continuously trending in high fashion circles and among the wealthiest of the wealthy, but due to mass demand, platinum jewellery is also appearing on the girl next door’s ‘must-have’ jewellery list and thus becoming more affordable.

Owing to its timeless appeal, platinum is a bridal essential.

Platinum is more durable than any other metal on earth, analogous to the stuff that marriages are expected to be made of.

Branding and symbolism aside, platinum is good to wear and buy for the sake of fashion as well as posterity.

Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold (certainly rarer than silver), thus more expensive and more desirable.

Although gold has its own ageless appeal, Platinum Wedding Rings are quickly gaining a prominent place in even the most traditionally-bound households and women with a more urbane outlook have already incorporated platinum jewellery as a piece de resistance in their style statements.




Photo Credit – Bollywood-Shaadis

All hell broke loose when Kareena Kapoor decided to tie the knot with Nawab of Pataudi, Saif Ali Khan. Her male fans were heartbroken, but she left her female fans with some serious style goals post her wedding. From the unignorable vermillion on the middle parting of her hair to a classy ring on her finger – Kareena had it all! But it was Kareena’s engagement ring that got her the maximum eyeballs! Rumour has it that her solitaire diamond ring cost a bomb. That’s not all, she sports a diamond-encrusted Platinum Band along with the solitaire! Well, we are not even guessing the price of the two rings.




Photo Credit – Fashion101

Actor Irfan Khan was spotted endorsing jewellery brand. The actor tells us that he is particularly fond of platinum as he does not have to restrict his activities while wearing a Platinum Ring or bracelet. “Its unchanging quality ensures that it will last a lifetime, which is why I love it so much,” he says.

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Photo Credit – instagram

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas wedding was still the talk-of-the-town even after months. Except for her fascinating dresses, did you notice something more invaluable on her finger? Yes, her Platinum Engagement Ring. Nick gave her a beautiful solaitre worth whopping Rs 2.1 crore. The actress ring features a cushion-cut diamond set in platinum with small baguette diamonds on the sides.





Photo Credit – Hindustan-Times

The Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh wedding was held at Lake Como in Italy amid much pomp and show. Deepika’s huge solitaire which could be seen standing out of the many rings the actor wore for her nuptials. Looking gorgeous on her henna-laden hands, the rectangle solitaire set in Platinum has got the town talking for its mere size.




Photo Credit – shopzters

Samantha Akkineni and Naga Chaitanya’s destination wedding grabbed eyeballs. Not just family or near and dear ones, but even the fans were happy to see them taking their relationship to the next level. The engagement ring is a round-cut diamond with a three-stone setting. While the base of the ring is platinum. Above the rock that Chay proposed to her with, is the wedding ring which nothing but a basic platinum ring with very minimal line carvings.




Photo Credit – pinterest

Some Actress are fond of bags and some clothes but Nayanthara is extremely fond of rings, especially rings made out of platinum. Apparently, Nayanthara has quite a few Platinum Rings and keeps adding to her collection whenever she gets a chance. The actress has also revealed that she does not like traditional gold ornaments too much.


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