White Gold Vs. Platinum: Which Engagement Ring Should You Pick? July 5, 2019 – Posted in: Blog

Engagement rings made from white gold and platinum can look good in any finger. Because of their classic and timeless beauty, engagement rings made from these precious metals will surely sweep anyone off their feet. But if you’re planning to propose to your partner anytime soon, you should carefully choose between the two. After all, you want your proposal to be memorable for you and your future spouse.

Both white gold and platinum engagement rings can make a statement. However, white gold vs platinum engagement rings are also distinct from each other. To drive the point home, here are some pros you can enjoy once you pick a white gold engagement ring:

1. It’s Less Expensive Than Platinum

The price will always be an important deciding factor when buying. As much as possible, you want to showcase the love you have for your partner without breaking the bank. The solution? Pick white gold engagement rings. Because 27,000 tons of white gold are mined every year (compared to the 80 tons of platinum), this metal isn’t scarce, enabling jewellers to sell them at an affordable price.

2. It’s A Beautiful-Looking Precious Metal

White gold is one of the most popular metals used for engagement rings, and even for wedding rings. This metal is gorgeous and can suit any skin tone, style preference, and wedding theme. This metal comes in white, which makes the stones and other embellishments in the ring stand out.

3. It’s Actually Very Durable

An engagement ring will be worn by your future spouse for the rest of their life. If you want to pick an engagement ring that will stand the test of time, buy one that’s made from white gold. This metal is stronger and more durable than yellow gold. It’s also scratch-resistant, which means that it can maintain its flawless appearance over the years.

4. It Comes In A Wide Variety Of Styles And Designs

Different people will want different things in their engagement rings. While some want a simple band with one stone, others want their engagement rings to be filled with stones. Regardless of the kind of engagement ring you think your partner will want, you’ll likely find a suitable white gold engagement ring for it. As mentioned, this metal isn’t scarce, which means that several companies in the market play around with it. They can basically create white gold engagement rings that have thick or thin bands, few or many stones, and even mix it with other metals as well.

White gold engagement rings might be considered a beauty, but rings made from platinum can surely compete with the former. You can enjoy the following things once you decide to buy a platinum engagement ring:

1. It Enhances The Diamond’s Sparkle

Naturally, platinum engagement rings come in silvery-white and have a soft sheen texture. These properties prevent any reflection, allowing the diamond and any other stone to shine brighter in the wearer’s finger. With a platinum engagement ring, natural light can easily radiate from the diamond and other stones that are embellished in the band.

2. It Doesn’t Cause Any Nickel Allergies

Some people are allergic to nickel. When they wear or use anything with nickel in it, they will usually suffer from rashes. If you think your partner has the same allergy, pick a platinum engagement ring. Unlike white gold, which is actually alloyed with nickel, platinum engagement rings are free from any nickel content.

3. It Will Not Tarnish Or Discolor

White gold engagement rings are made from gold. Over time, its colour will change from white to gold. This is something that won’t happen when you choose to buy platinum engagement rings. Because this metal is naturally white, it won’t change to another colour no matter how long your partner wears it. Platinum engagement rings will retain its shiny finish throughout time.

4. It’s Symbolic

Gone are the days when gold is the only metal considered as valuable. Today, more and more people are considering platinum as a symbol of prestige and wealth. No wonder people are now choosing to sign up for platinum credit cards instead of gold credit cards.

Consider Other Factors

Both white gold and platinum engagement rings are beautiful in their own rights. However, when picking, the aesthetics shouldn’t be your only consideration. You should also think about the price and maintenance required by these rings. This information, along with the details presented in this article, can surely help you decide which engagement ring to pick.

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