How To Propose Your Love Without A DIAMOND Ring? November 10, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

All set to propose to the love of your life? Ditch the diamond ring and do this instead!

Thinking of popping the question to the love of your life? The first thought that might pop in your mind would be to go the conventional way and buy a diamond ring to sweep her off her feet! But, hold on!

Have you thought about various other options available to you that are even better than the precious diamonds? Yes, that’s right. There are far better options that a traditional ring with a big sparkly rock on it. Imagining a proposal without a diamond ring may seem like a terrible faux pas.


However, the way to your woman’s heart will be easier when you give her something more personalized, and that’s designed just for her. Confused? Don’t be! Just take a look at the different fabulous alternatives to the highly stereotyped diamond ring. We’re sure you’d want to thank us later!

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Music ring for the perfect musical proposal

Everyone loves music. Some form or the other. Music is rightly said to be the food for the soul and we enjoy listening to music during good as well as our sad, melancholic moments. Sometimes, a special line from a song or a melody sung by someone close to our heart becomes very special to us. We’d love to listen to it at all times. If your loved one is a huge fan of your voice, then how about engraving a special melody on a band of your voice wave just for her?


Imagine the happiness and warmth you can give her every day by gifting her a ring, which has your engraved voice note or special melody that is unlike any other. The ring would not only remind her of the special melody but also of the love that you share. It’d show her how much she means to you, and how you want to be with her at every step of her life. She is sure to love this ring and return you the favour with a big YES!


Fingerprint ring to remind her of your presence

When you propose to the most special lady in your life, you’re set to start a new chapter of your life with her. In marriage, the woman and man both offer a part of themselves to their partners forever. So, why not propose to her with a ring that has a part or a reflection of you? A fingerprint ring would be the perfect choice for this.


Girls are not always impressed by big diamonds on showy gold rings. Instead a ring that has a bit of you in it, is sure to take her breath away. Customize a plain gold or silver band with an engraving of your fingerprint, and be rest assured; you have the perfect proposal ring, like no other.

Name ring to bring a smile on her face

She has a beautiful name that always brings a smile to your face whenever you say it, or even when you think of it, right? Her name is written on your heart and your name on hers. Hence a name ring is just an extension of the beautiful names we call our loved ones by. It’s a physical manifestation of the special word you use to refer to her; be it her name, nickname, or initials.


If you want to propose with a simple yet heart-warming personalized ring, then consider giving your woman a name ring. It’s perfect for any woman who likes simplicity and believes in minimalist elegance. Engrave her name in a fancy font on a gold band, and she’d love all the more!

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Barcode ring for uniqueness and style

Sometimes simplicity just isn’t enough to make a statement. You need something unique and interesting to show her how much you love her. If she loves quirky things, then the ring you propose to her with should also reflect that quirkiness. Go for the barcode ring, which is truly unique and will stand out from every other piece of jewellery she wears.

The barcode ring is indeed eye-catching and fun. Barcodes are essential to the way we shop. So engraving the iconic barcode pattern on your ring will surely dazzle onlookers due to its unique barcode pattern. The pattern will be etched on the outside of the ring, and the inside will be smooth and comfortable to wear.


As you take a step forward to make each other truly your own, the ring that you give her will be with her forever. It will remind her of the moment you decided to spend the rest of your lives together. So, it calls for something special and personal.



So ditch the traditional diamond rings, and go the extra mile to make that engagement ring the most special piece of jewellery she’ll own in her life.

Put thought and interest in the ring, and personalize it to engrave her name, or your own fingerprint, voice note, or even the barcode. These designs will truly let your deep love and affection show. Explore these and many more personalized jewellery designs at Augrav so you seal the special moments in your life with the perfect gifts and jewellery!

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