100+ Fantastic Inspiration and Ideas for 3D Printed Gold Ring Designs November 21, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Looking to get a gold ring designed? Want a customized, rare and unique piece of jewellery that will make you stand out in the crowd? Then why not try 3D printed rings? With the advancement in jewellery designs, 3D printed rings are hugely popular everywhere in the world. They add an instant flair to your personality. And nothing better than a perfect 3D printed gold ring, for added sophistication, elegance, and style!

Now, that we’ve told you that 3D printing is one of the latest jewellery trends that’s going nowhere in the future, let’s show you how to go about designing and customizing your own 3D jewellery. Just imagine, something conceptualized and designed by you and just for you.

These are some of the fabulous ideas and suggestions to inspire you to come up with your own unique 3D design

1. Letters: Simple, classic idea that will look wonderful in 3D. Use initials or even symbols for added charm and style in the ring design.

2. Words: Could be names, nicknames, or any special word that mean something to the one who is going to wear it. Try different fonts to make the design look even more alluring.

3. Faces: Your own face or your loved one’s face would be a great idea for a ring. You could also make rings with either of your parent’s or a deity’s face. You can also add some fine facial features and details for a striking look.

4. Prints: Any type of printed design or pattern you want to create could take the shape of your #D ring. We know this sounds a little hard-to-believe, but it is possible. Parallel lines, barcode, thumbprint, or even your own footprint. Experiment with twists, swirls and more to find the exact design that suits your taste and personality.

5. Structures: Cityscapes, skylines and more. Try Mumbai, Hong Kong, Paris and other cityscape designs which you can easily find online and transfer the grandeur of these man-made structures into your own little finger.

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6. Shapes: Do you want to ditch designs and go for shapes instead? Or perhaps you could go for both. Give your ring any shape you want. Yes, you heard it right. Right from geometrical shapes to cellular structures, flowers and more.

7. Embossed: This is a splendid idea to give your 3D ring an eye-catching look. It gives you the textured effect to the ring and makes it look fascinating. You could emboss letters, words, prints, designs, or anything that you want.

8. Engraved: Opposite of embossing. Letters or prints in a deep engraved effect on the ring look charming as well as subtle. Perfect for a minimalist look.

9. Embellishments: Add flowers, animal shapes or any other embellishments to the design. A great suggestion that we’d like to you give you is to try embellishments with lots of fine details to add interest to the design.

10. Portrait: A portrait is an extension of the face design. You can convert a portrait into a 3D structure and add that to the ring. Use family portraits to make lovely rings that will be heirlooms in your family.








11. Geometric: Perfect idea for those who like funky rings that look like no other. Prism, triangulated, faceted, star, pentagram and a lot of other geometric shapes will look classy yet elegant on any type of personality.

12. Gemstones: Gemstones never go out of fashion. Get that perfect royalty look and feel with some breath-taking gemstone based designs. Add diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other precious or semi-precious stones for added spark and flair.

13. Mesh: Mesh ring is a pretty design that’ll be simple yet manage to grab people’s attention. The best part is it’ll suit any gender equally well. Fine or thick mesh designs for the ring are sure to look very unique and unlike any other design you’ll have seen before.

14. Interlocking: Rings with interlocking circles or other shapes that form the band. They’ll look exquisite and beautiful eliminating any need of adornment with embellishments or gemstones.

15. Layered: Not satisfied with just one band layer? Try layering the band design twice or three times for a unique look. Twists or stacks will also look pretty in layered ring designs.

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These are some of the best 3D ideas that you could use as inspiration for designing the perfect ring for you or your loved one. If you’re filled with creative juices, feel free to combine two or more of the above-listed ideas to make a ring that’s going to be truly unique and exclusive. Let the people keep guessing where you got it from!

3D printed rings, in precious metals such as gold and silver, make fantastic engagement and wedding rings, as well as great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. You can also just get one made to add to your own unique jewellery collection. Augrav brings many such jewellery ideas that you can customize with your creativity and interests. At Augrav, we offer wonderful jewellery designs that you will enjoy customizing, wearing and gifting.

Want some more inspiration? Here are a few more ideas that we handpicked from Pinterest to help you out with your ring design:













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