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The jewellery we wear is a reflection of our personality. Be it minimalist and elegant, or vibrant and eye-catching, it speaks about our innate character and disposition. Keeping this in mind, we should pick and choose the jewellery items that best complement our style and attitude. This will enhance our look, and at the same time, allow us to add a bit of our own personality to what we wear.

Pendants are a fine way of adding a touch of class to any outfit. And personalized pendants are an even better choice of accessory for any special occasion, or even everyday wear. There are a variety of personalized pendant styles to choose from at jewellery stores. Perhaps the most interesting and unique of them is the constellation pendant. If you want to know more about this contemporary, fun and charming pendant style then read on.

What is a constellation pendant?

Constellation is a set of stars that forms a distinct pattern in the sky. Each zodiac sign has its own unique constellation pattern. We at AuGrav, are continuously on the lookout for new jewellery ideas for our customers. Engraving on precious metals is a new and fun trend, and we are known for making the best custom engraved jewellery in India. So in that endeavour, we have come up with an idea for a one of a kind personalized accessory, i.e. the constellation pendant. These pendants are made up of the pattern crafted in silver or gold, or a silver or gold disc with the pattern engraved on its surface.

These personalized pendants are engraved with the constellation patterns that correspond with your zodiac sign. They use the scientific knowledge based on the time of your birth and the pattern of your stars to offer you a very special accessory that is based on your zodiac. For example, the Pisces constellation looks like two fish joined by their tails with the help of a cord. Fish is the animal symbol of the zodiac Pisces, and twin fish in opposite directions express the duality of Pisces, which means that person is a mediator between two realities.

Why choose constellation pendants?

There are several reasons why these distinctive pendants will appeal to you:

  • If you are hunting for the most unique piece of jewellery for yourself or for your loved ones, then constellation pendants are perfect for you, as they symbolize your zodiac sign and reflect your personality.
  • This is a wonderful gift for astrology buffs who believe a lot in sun signs and their meanings. Such people will not find a more unconventional accessory to show off their zodiac 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
  • Constellation pendants are perfect for those who want to add something offbeat and unusual to their jewellery collection. They are fairly uncommon, will add interest to your outfit, and are sure to catch the eye of family and friends at all special occasions.
  • A gold pendant engraved with your unique astrological constellation also works as a conversation starter. At a party or event, this can be a fun ice breaker. It’s a subtle way to answer the “What’s your sun sign” question.


Where to shop for a constellation pendant?

At AuGrav, you will find a wide range of constellation pendants to choose from. We have these pendants in silver and gold, with the option of selecting the preferred purity of the metal, and the weight and style of the pendant. You can go for pendants which are designed directly in the shape of the constellation, or opt for circular silver or gold discs which will have the pattern and zodiac name engraved on them.

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Select your desired options and then sit back and relax in the comfort of your home, as our skilled designers do all the work. Within a few days, you will have your own special zodiac sign constellation pendant delivered at your doorstep. Hung from a simple chain, it will add beauty to your outfit, and lend a unique touch of your personality to your look.

You can also gift this pendant to a friend, colleague or family member at any special occasion, such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, housewarming, farewell, Diwali, and more. Jewellery crafted from precious metals is said to be very auspicious and bring good luck to the wearer. So if you want to present a jewellery gift to a loved one, then try these constellation pendants. It will definitely be a thoughtful and a very special gift that the recipient won’t forget for years to come.


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