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Father’s Day – the one day dedicated to dads. For the things they’ve done for you, for being your guide, your mentor, your caretaker, your friend and sometimes your partner-in-crime when you want to eat ice-cream in the middle of the night or when you want to party and your mother refuses to let you. Well, dads are cool, right? But, it’s not fair sometimes for them. Despite all that they do for us – the hard work they put in to take care of their family, to educate you, to give you all the happiness in the world and being there for you at all times, dads don’t get the credit they deserve. Most of us are vocal about our love for our moms. And we think dads don’t need to be told just how much they mean to us. Wrong!

Even though your dad might never show the need to be loved, or openly share his emotions, he does enjoy your attention. He’s as interested in your life as your mother is. He is as eager to speak to you and he gets equally tensed when you reach home late from work. So, Father’s Day is that special time to let him know how much you love him. That you acknowledge and are grateful for every sacrifice he made to put a smile on your face. And now that you are capable, you want to do your bit to bring smiles and happiness in his life. Although, we know that no matter what you do, you will never be able to pay back what your dad has done for you, you can at least show him your gratitude. How? That’s where we come into the picture.

Celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year, this year Father’s Day falls on 18 June. This is just the right time for you to start planning the special day, the things you’d do for him, the things you’d do with him and lots more! We hope by the end of this post, you’ll have some wonderful ideas to make this Father’s Day truly a special and awesome one for your dad as well as your entire family.


10) Take him for a session of his favourite sport

Remember, how your dad would play Cricket with you when you were little? How he taught you to hit the ball the right way or how he encouraged you to learn Football and Hockey and also offered his tips when required? Now, it’s your turn to have some fun while playing the games he taught you to play. With him. Perhaps, your dad is not the outdoor sports type. No worries. You could plan an indoor game session of Chess, Carrom or anything that your dad liked playing but hasn’t played in a long time. To add to the fun, ask the whole family to join in.



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9) Throw a party for him and his friends

Is your dad someone who likes to socialize and spend time with his friends? Why not, throw an exclusive party for him and his friends? It’s even better to throw a surprise party. Of course, if he is the kind of person, who’d be up for one. The venue could be your house, resort, your backyard, roof top, open lawn, or any place where your dad would be most comfortable and relaxed. Ohh and don’t forget to have his favorite food and drinks on the menu!






8) Binge watch movie with him featuring his favourite stars

Our dads loved the time when they were young. When they’d bunk schools and colleges to catch a movie of Amitabh Bachchan or Rajesh Khanna. Let him relive those memories by finding out his favorite movies or pick the ones that star his favorite actors. And arrange for a binge watching movie session with him. Get some popcorn, cold drinks and snacks too! Who knows, he might let you in on a couple of secrets from the good old days of his life. All we can say is that it’s going to be super fun!



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7) Enroll him to a class to pursue his hobby/talent

Amidst the stress of raising kids and supporting a family, most fathers don’t pursue their talents or passions. Because, there was never enough time and they’d rather save the money for you than spend on them. But, you can make this possible for him now. Did your dad want to be a singer? Or perhaps wanted to learn to play a musical instrument. Or maybe he has a keen interest in art. Enroll him for anything that he’d like to learn. There are also hundreds of courses available online!




6) Write a poem or a letter for him

Now, this one’s truly special. And when we say write a poem or a letter, we don’t expect you to write like a poet or an author. Just write from your heart, the things you’ve always wanted to tell your father but were too embarrassed to say or perhaps, scared even. In your handwriting, on a piece of paper. Nothing fancy. Trust us, he’d cherish that piece of paper for the rest of his life…



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5) Arrange for a family trip or a pilgrimage

Yes, we know your life is hectic with work and other responsibilities. But, Father’s Day could just be the time to escape the mad rush of life and connect with your family. Ask your dad if he’d like to see any place or go for a pilgrimage. And arrange for a family trip to that place. This gesture would be more than enough for your dad to know that you care for him and his needs.




4) Invest in a retirement plan for him

Your father has been running the show in the house all his life. And now, that he is retired or is about to retire. But, that doesn’t mean he should be dependent on you for his needs. Dads like to be independent. So, this is the best way to make sure he can manage his own finances even when he’s not earning.



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3) Cook his favourite meal for him

Well, sure your dad loves what your mother cooks. But, why don’t you take charge of the kitchen for a day and cook a delicious meal for your dad and mom? Something that your father loves and perhaps not usually allowed? It’s okay to be treated once in a while to his favourite food. That way, your parents could take the time off to relax and unwind and later you can all enjoy the family meal together. Sounds like a plan?


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2) Redo the deco in his room

Staying in the same environment could become boring. If it’s been a while since your father’s room has been decorated, maybe it’s time to do it now. Get some nice show pieces for his room, shop for furniture, fabrics, lampshades and cushions, and also perhaps redo the painting too. It would be a nice and pleasant change for your father. And a different kind of present for him on Father’s Day.



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1) Go for a long drive and do the things he loves!

Take your old man for a long drive and plan the activities he likes, for the whole day. Maybe you could begin with a brunch in a nice restaurant, followed by a long drive and lunch, some relaxed time by the nature and heart-to-heart talks and be home just in time for dinner. Or even better, ask your dad how he’d like to spend his special day. He might have better plans such as visiting an old age home, orphanage, donating food items and clothes to people who need them, among many others.



After all, it’s his day. Nothing better than him spending it the way he’d want. With you and his family by his side!

Have a fantastic Father’s Day and do not forget to let us know how it went!!!


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