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So, did you screw up in your relationship? Said or did something that hurt your girlfriend real bad? And now you want to say you’re sorry! Well, let’s tell you it happens to everyone. Plus, these hiccups give you a chance to prove to each other how strong your relationship is to surpass such obstacles.

Sure, you might have hurt her and it must make you feel miserable, but there’s nothing that a heartfelt “I’m Sorry” can’t fix. Simple words, but when combined with true feelings of love, become extremely powerful. And remember, deep down your girl wants to forgive you too!

Just muster up some courage and let the most special person in your life know how much she means to you and how sorry you are to have hurt her. But, not without something special to go with the apology. Don’t they deserve that much? Don’t panic, if you can’t think of any ideas – we’ve got your back. Here are the most effective, romantic and creative ways of saying Sorry to your woman, to not only win her apology but to also make your bond stronger than before.


1. Create a LoveBook!

LoveBook lets you create your own book of love. They assist you to come up with the best words to describe how important your partner is for you, and how it’d mean the world if they accepted your apology. Write your Apology, write about what makes this person so special, the story about how you met and about the special memories you shared with each other. Just about anything that you’d want your Love Book to include. Go for a lovely picture of you two with “I’m Sorry…” on the cover!





2. Try your luck with a Fortune Cookie

How about baking them a giant fortune cookie or get a custom-made one at a fine-dine Chinese restaurant? You can add your apology message and have it brought to them after your dinner.

Chocolate cookies having the letters S, O, R, R, Y on them or customized muffins would also do the trick for you!




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3. Delicious way to apologize!

If cookies are not your thing, cakes will be! No one can keep their heart from melting over a delicious looking cake that says “I’m Sorry”. Either you bake one yourself (which would be really cool, by the way) or get one ordered, the choice is yours. If you know which cake they like, great. But if you don’t, a chocolate cake works just as well!

Or as an extension to this idea, you could also cook their favorite dish or an entire meal for them. We all know how much efforts cooking a meal requires and looking at your willingness to go this far might just make them forgive you for what you did.







 4. An Invite that they can’t refuse

Invite them for a favorite sports event that you two enjoy watching together, or to a music event/concert from a musician they like, or a movie starring their favorite stars. The tickets could be combined with an apology letter to let them know that you do care for them and would want to fix whatever it is that you messed up. There are great chances that the invite and your apology would be accepted in a heartbeat…




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5. Create a Video or record your Voice!

Finding it difficult to say sorry in person? No problem! Video tape yourself while you apologize and have the video delivered to them or share it with them via a messaging app at an appropriate time when you know they’d be less busy or e-mail it to them. Alternatively, you could also record your message in a CD, and add their favorite love songs to it or the songs that you two listened to, together. The CD cover could have a picture of you two with the words, “I’m Sorry”.




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6. Get down to business, make that List!

What is the best way to make your apology sound more genuine? When they see and understand how much they mean to you and that you are truly sorry. And how do you tell them that? Make a list of the things that you like about them, things that make you fell in love with them, and why you want them to forgive you so bad. Make the list as specific and detailed as possible. Instead of saying you like their eyes, say something like you love to see their eyes glitter when they laugh.





7. They love M&Ms? Personalize them!

M&Ms could be personalized. Did you know that? If you didn’t, you’re welcome! Yes, M&Ms give you the option of selecting the color, picture and the text message you want to be imprinted on them and have the pack delivered to you at home. However, people living outside of the US and Canada, might want to check with their customer service team to find out how many days the shipping would take to reach your place.




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8. Some fine Jewellery to make them feel special…

Well, jewellery is one of the best apology gifts. Why? Jewellery shows your woman how important and precious she is and also the thought you put behind to pick something you believed they’d like. Shall we give you a bonus tip? Instead of going for the standard patterns and designs, why not go a step further and buy jewellery from our own customized jewellery collection to apologize to your girlfriend. You can get your jewellery custom-made based on the metal of your choice, design, and other personalization options such as adding names, engraving fingerprints, text messages, 3D designs, etc. Know more about this here!



9. Relive the beautiful memories through a Photo Album

This one’s simple! Pick some of the best pictures of you two and some of hers alone and get them printed. Make an album and don’t forget to add a lovely caption to each of those pictures. Bonus points if your captions are funny and adorable!





10. Buy them something they’d wanted!

Buy a gift that your girlfriend had planned on buying for her for a long time. This shows two things – you are thoughtful and considerate of their wants and needs, and that they matter to you a lot. This should really make them see through your emotions





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11. Plan a Special Date Night

Request them to accompany you for a date; book a nice place where you two would get some lone time with fantastic ambience. Right at the beginning or towards the end, tell her how much you feel bad for what you’ve done and that you wouldn’t repeat it in a million years!




12. Woo them with a Song or a Poetry

Use all your creative skills and write a personal song or a poetry or a Haiku for them. You suck at creativity? Even better! She would find it funnier and isn’t that the whole point? To make her laugh! If required, rope in your friends to help you…you might also end up having some fun in the process.




13. A single flower with a note

Finally, we decided to end this list with the most clichéd way of apologizing to a girl. Yet, something that carries great meaning and works every single time. A flower – a rose or her favorite one, and tell her sincerely and honestly that you’re really very sorry. Make sure to pick a quiet place!




Well, aren’t these some of the best apology gifts and ideas out there! Use them either individually or as a combination of two or more ideas and don’t forget to share your experience with us. Also, if you liked our romantic and unique ideas to apologize to your girlfriend, it would mean a great deal to us if you could share it with others who might need them too.

All the best!

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