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Diamonds are a woman’s best friend! Be it your engagement or a wedding anniversary, a diamond accented accessory is the fastest way to a woman’s heart. And you know what, we haven’t yet found a better accessory than a ravishing ring that features a beautiful diamond.

However, buying a diamond ring could be as tricky as hell. You might know all about the metal and stones used. But with a host of different ring settings available in the market, you are sure to be left confused around the most suitable one for the occasion. So, to help you resolve this dilemma, we have come up with details of a few common ring settings which are in style these days.

Go through these settings and make sure you choose the best ring for her, always!

1. Prong setting



In this setting, metal claws (or prongs) hold the diamond tightly, securing it on top of the ring. The number of prongs and the shape of the prongs can vary based on the style selected.


  1. The more the number of prongs, the better the security
  2. The diamond shines more because of minimum presence of metal


  1. High-set prongs could snag on clothing. Hence, they are not suitable for women with active lifestyles
  2. Prongs require inspection from time to time as defects can lead to loss of diamond

2. Bezel Setting

Bazel setting diamond ring


Modern, easy to use and secure, the bezel setting is only second to the prong setting when it comes to popularity. In this setting a metal rim surrounds and holds the diamond securely.


  1. Suitable for women with active lifestyle
  2. Ring won’t snag on clothing


  1. Does not allow as much light to fall on the diamond as the prong setting
  2. Might be costlier because of the extra metal around the diamond


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3. Tension setting

tension setting engagement rins


In this setting, the diamond is held by the tension between the bands. This is achieved by crafting grooves in the sides of the metal to hold the diamond in place. For added security, in some cases, prongs also hold the stone in place.


  1. Unique and visually appealing
  2. The diamond is securely placed


  1. Difficult to resize as the tension changes when resized

4. Channel setting

Channel setting engagement rings


Sparkling like a channel of water, this setting features smaller diamonds flush in a groove along the band. The diamonds are set closely for a seamless sparkle and the setting mostly does not have a central stone.


  1. No prongs, hence snag-free
  2. Secure design for active lifestyles


  1. Costlier because of the labor required and multiple stones

custome voice ring


music ring

5. Pave setting

Pave setting wedding diamond ring


Glamorous! Yes, that is what a pave-set ring is. Tiny beads of metal hold the small diamonds, giving a paved appearance to the ring. If numerous smaller diamonds are used, then the design is sometimes also referred to as micro-pave.


  1. The total weight of diamonds used is lower, resulting in a lowered cost
  2. This design can also offer a vintage look


  1. As diamonds are held on the surface, there are chances of them falling out

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6. Halo setting

Halo setting diamond gold ring


In this setting the ring’s center diamond is surrounded by a rim adorned with smaller diamonds. The rim is called the halo and could be square, round or of any other shape based on the central diamond’s shape.


  1. Enhanced glitter due to multiple diamonds
  2. Central diamond is prong set within the halo for added security
  3. Diamonds appear larger in this setting


  1. Diamonds in the halo can have the tendency to get loose

7. Cathedral setting

Cathedral setting wedding ring


This setting holds the central diamond high atop the shank with the help of metal arches. The stone itself can be held in a bezel, tension of prong setting, but the differentiating characteristic of the cathedral setting is the height.


  1. Arches can make the diamond appear larger
  2. Cheaper style addition than adding more diamonds for appeal


  1. High risk of snagging and damage because of height
  2. Not ideal for women with active lifestyles

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8. Split Shank

Dimaond wedding ring - Split settings


The shank is the part of the ring that encircles your finger. The split shank setting features a shank that is split into two.


  1. Unique design
  2. A wide look to balance the large central stone
  3. Can complement various diamond sizes and shapes


  1. Dirt can be caught in the split and should be cleaned regularly
  2. There is a chance of breakage near the split area

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9. Three stone setting

Three stone setting wedding ring


This setting features three central stones with the one in the middle being larger than those on the sides.


  1. Central diamond can appear larger if the side stones are small
  2. Select inexpensive side stones for added glamour at cheaper price


  1. The size of the side stones has to be carefully selected as large sizes can dilute the appeal of the central diamond

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