Why Did Prathyusha Ditch Local Jewellery Stores To Buy Her Engagement Rings Online At AuGrav.Com? – To #GetPersonalized June 16, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Customer Stories, Wedding Inspirations

At AuGrav, it is our mission to help our customers to receive the immense pleasure of owning jewellery which is as unique as they themselves are.

And we really get high on spirits when our happy customers like to share their stories with us. Prathyuusha Kosanam approached us a few months back with the vision of her perfect engagement ring in her mind. Today, she is happily engaged and we are proud to say that her engagement rings were made by us.

Prathyuusha Kosanam

Through a questionnaire, this blog post attempts to cover the story of her jewellery buying experience with us and how we were able to be a small but vital part of her dream engagement.

What was your vision of the engagement rings? Were you anxious around buying them?

Yes, we were both excited and anxious. We were sure that we did not want those traditional solitaire style or couple rings. We were looking for something unique. This was going to be a one-time event in our lives. Even after years of being together, we would have liked to be reminded about the special moment just with a glance of the rings.

Tell us something about your initial research around finding your dream rings.

Just like many other couples do, at first, even we tried the traditional brick and mortar stores. But we weren’t happy with the service that was being provided. The process was too time-consuming and these stores lacked the skilled workmen needed to come up with the design and customizations that we had in mind.

How did you discover AuGrav?

So, after the initial setback with physical stores, I began searching for online stores capable of providing the customizations that I was looking at. I found two such sites that I felt could do a good job. One of them was a US-based site and the other one was AuGrav. And that is when I called the team at AuGrav.

How was your experience in designing the ring with AuGrav?

Frankly speaking, it was an awesome experience! It just took us 3-4 days to finalize on the design. As I said previously, I had the design in mind and also had few image references. I whatsapped them to the AuGrav team and they got started with the manufacturing process. It was that simple!

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What according to you was the highlight during your interaction with AuGrav?

That definitely will be the 3D design of the rings that the team showed us before beginning the manufacturing process. The 3D model gave us a clear picture of how the rings will look and that was a real confidence booster.

What was your reaction when the rings were delivered to you? Did they meet your expectations?

At first, we were relieved. The courier packaging was very secure and seeing that our precious rings were carried safely was a big relief. But the real surprise was when we opened the packaging.

The box, the ribbons and the purple colour were just amazing. We were left speechless when we saw the rings. We were like wow!

Soon we were busy clicking pictures of the rings and sharing them with our friends. I would say that the rings exceeded my expectations. I was really very happy.

Customized engagement with fingerprint

How did your friends react to the unique rings?

Everyone liked it and many of my friends inquired about the place where I got the ring from.

You never know, my friends might be next on the list to enjoy the customizations available at AuGrav.

How was your entire shopping experience with AuGrav? 

Yes, all in all it was an amazing shopping experience. I am glad that I made the decision of going with AuGrav for my engagement ring shopping. In fact, we were so pleased with the service that soon after buying the rings, I got a pendant made for my brother from AuGrav.

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Would you like to share something interesting that happened during your engagement?

It is very difficult to extract praises from my mother. But after seeing the rings, even she was very pleased. She said that the rings were good. A good rating from her means that the rings were excellent.

Any suggestions for people buying engagement rings or wedding jewels in general?

If you are looking to get a different jewellery made for yourself, then it is very important that you work with people who are authentic and understand your vision. I was lucky that I found team AuGrav to help me through the process.

Also, I would like to add that one should not hesitate to seek online channels like AuGrav for their purchases. The waiting period that I experienced there was considerably less and more importantly, the prices were also very competitive.

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