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When you want to look stylish, do you reach out for your jewellery box, but are not sure what to choose? Do you find it difficult to find the pair of earrings that go well with the hairstyles you love the most? We know, you love to wear statement jewellery, especially earrings, but sometimes it gets confusing to pick the right one that matches your hairstyle. And with so many pairs to choose from, it gets difficult to decide which earrings to wear!

Believe us, be it long straight hair, a short pixie cut, or a formal top bun, there’s always a pair of earrings that are just right for your style. And we’re here to help you pick that perfect pair, no matter what style you choose to flaunt! Here’s our handy guide to help you get started.

Pixie/Bob/Blunt Cut

If your hair is super short, then you might think that studs are the way to go every time. But this is not necessarily true in every case. So what earrings suit short hair? A cute set of dangling earrings or tassels are the perfect earrings for short natural hair. Go with these if you have a round face. They will frame your face in style, and also draw attention to it. If you have a longer, thinner face, hoops will be a great choice.


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Long/Medium Hair

For the ladies that have hair that reaches the shoulder or extends beyond it, small cluster earrings work best, when the hair is left open. You can part your hair to one side or opt for middle part hairstyles that show off those earrings—to flaunt your diamond studs, pearl earrings, or beaded gold ones too. The right earrings for shoulder length hair stay out of your tresses without tangling in them while also giving you an elegant look.




Curly Hair

Curly hair is not the same as wavy or straight hair, so the above designs may not be as flattering for your hair if it’s curly, especially when you leave it open. Since the hair is bigger with more volume, you need bigger earrings that won’t get lost in your locks. Curly hair left loose is an ideal hoop earrings hairstyle. Choose large hoops, or drop earrings that end a little lower, so they’ll be noticeable!


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Pulled Back Ponytail

Every day casual looks equal high or low ponytails for most girls, whether it’s for work, parties or outings. This hairstyle puts the face on full display; which means you can show off your delicate, long stranded earrings without your hair blocking them. Although, this also means you got to be extra cautious with your earrings. It’s a great idea to choose earrings that are big and eye-catching, decorated with colourful stones and jewels, but most importantly, pick the designs that accentuate your face.

long ponytail

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Braided Styles

The braided hairstyle is another common one for those of us with longer hair. This hairstyle is also very versatile when it comes to earrings, and long earrings complement it well. For an ethnic look, wear jhumkis or chandeliers with your back or side braid. This hairstyle also pulls the hair back from the face, so you can opt for statement danglers and drop earrings too. Team these with hair chains, juda pins, and other Indian hair accessories for braids for added visual impact.


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Half Updo

This is a casual style, where the top half of the hair is pulled back and tied with a hair tie or clip. The rest of the hair hangs loosely around the neck and shoulders for a very flattering look. Decorative studs will look great on this hairstyle, and will definitely balance the casual look that you want to achieve. You can get away with less attention-grabbing and contemporary earring designs for this one.


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High or Low Buns

Formal event and special occasions sometimes call for our hair to be gathered into a bun. This is the right hairstyle for ear cuffs. It can be perfectly matched with a pair of edgy cuff earrings, which cover the ear or just line the border. Since the hair is again pulled back from the head in this one, your earrings will be in the spotlight. So sparkly ear cuffs are the best earrings for a high bun hairstyle.


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Matching earrings with hairstyles add the perfect finishing touch to your look. Hopefully, with this list, we have given you enough earring options for all the different hairstyles that you may want to try. So next time, don’t hesitate to experiment with different hairdos on different days and occasions. Because you now know how to rock that look with the perfect earrings!

Let those crazy diamonds shine on, ladies!!!

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