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A saree is often considered as the ultimate choice for any Indian ceremony that calls for traditional wear. Especially during wedding ceremonies, it is the first preference for an Indian bride. Graceful, elegant and flattering, it transforms your personality giving any bride the perfectly ethic (yet glamorous!) look.

If you are wondering how to wear a wedding silk saree or a trendy chiffon saree for your wedding reception, and yet want to look distinctive, we have some good news for you. A saree that’s draped in the ordinary style looks beautiful, but that’s not the only way to make a saree look good on you.

Did you know there are various other interesting ways in which you can drape your sarees? And right here, right now, we are going to help you with 10 amazing and beautiful ways of draping your wedding saree.

So, read on to find out the chic, in-trend and unusual saree draping ideas, which let you take a break from the conventional style.


10. Mermaid / Fish Style

This contemporary style of draping a regular six-yard saree is innovative and glamorous. The lower pleats are spread out, and the pallu is also brought from back to front and tucked in to complete the look. This gives the lower half the appearance of a mermaid’s tail; hence the name. You can try this drape with a chiffon or georgette saree.

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9. South Indian

Soon-to-be-married girls who want to achieve a typical South Indian bride look often wonder how to drape a pattu saree or a Kanjivaram silk saree. Pick one in a mix of a light/dark and gold shades, and drape it like regular Nivi style saree wearing. You have to make rather broad pleats for the shoulder, and add a golden waist belt or layered chain to finish the traditional wedding attire.

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8. Mumtaz / Retro

An iconic style popularized by Mumtaz in the song ‘Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche’, this alluring drape is famous among Indian women since the late 60s. It involves tucking and draping the length of the saree multiple times in a layered fashion. Perfect for chiffon sarees with broad borders or shimmery, sequined edges, this is a great saree draping style for a wedding reception.


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7. Dhoti / Nauvari Saree

This is a fun way of draping your silk saree. While the pallu remains over the shoulder in the usual way, the lower half resembles a man’s dhoti. So you wear leggings or shorts underneath instead of the skirt/petticoat. Maharastrian women have been wearing their sarees in this style since ages, and have always looked stunning. This is a very comfortable style to wear too.

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6. Butterfly Drape

If you want to appear slender and more sensuous on your wedding day, then this is the saree wearing styles to look slim. You start by draping it the regular way, but make the pallu pleats quite thin and sleek. This shows off your toned waist, and also gives you a subtly sultry look. It’s often seen on Bollywood celebs and is a great saree draping style for a party too.

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5. The Lehenga

Yes, you can give the expensive lehenga a miss, and instead drape a beautiful saree in the lehenga saree style for the wedding. If you are wondering how to wear simple saree in lehenga style, you simply create little pleats all around, leaving some of the saree’s length to form the pallu. Bring one end of the pallu to the front and tuck it at the waist. You can also let the pallu rest in the front like the Gujarati drape.


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4. Pre-stitched Gown

Nowadays you will find a lot of pre-stitched sarees available both in stores and online. You simply have to step into these; the pleats are already stitched in place. A pre-stitched gown-style saree is the latest style of wearing saree and is perfect for a modern reception. It’s mostly netted or made from fabrics such as georgette fabric and has a sleek silhouette, with brooch or belt details and thin pallu for a stylish look.


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3. Seedha Pallu

For heavy border sarees or those with decorated pallus, this style is a wonderful choice. You can skip the monotonous back pallu, and take the pallu from behind your right shoulder onto the front of your body. Keep it open, or make broad or thin pleats, based on the work you want to show on the saree, or blouse design that you have chosen.



2. Bengali Touch

Another style that shows off a rich border or zari work on a saree, the Bengali style saree draping is graceful and charming. You have to rest the pallu on your left shoulder and bring it in the front, then bring it towards your right shoulder. Add a decorative tassel or key ring for fun, then pull it under your arm and tuck it safely on the right side of your hip.



1. Accentuated with Accessories

Want to try some modern saree draping styles but look ethnic too? Try accessorizing your wedding saree with unusual jewellery or wearable designs to create a different look. Cinch it at the waist with a show stopper belt, or wear a sheer cape over your blouse for a unique twist. You can also don an embroidered jacket over your blouse for a one-of-a-kind appearance.


Now that we’ve shown you how to wrap a saree in different styles, we are sure you want to try some of these styles yourself to find out which one is the closest to your personality. How do you find that? Go for the style that reflects your own tastes and suits your comfort level. Have fun!

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