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If you want to create your own unique fashion statement, consider wearing personalized jewellery. In this age of copycat fashion, a customized piece of jewellery makes you stand out among your peers and gives you a distinct style statement. We say – Be original by wearing unique personalized jewellery!

However, searching for customised jewellery can be a complex task since there are very few websites online that stock unique and diverse collection of personalized jewellery.

AuGrav is at the forefront when this comes to customized jewellery and selling in online in India. We provide you with a wide range of stunning designs for every occasion. At AuGrav, you can customize each and every piece of jewellery according to your style and requirements. We take pride in our panel of expert jewellers that design each piece of custom jewellery with utmost skill and craftsmanship.

From fingerprint rings, initial pendants, name pendants to glow in the dark pendants, name rings – You Name It, We Have It. To help you with your selection, we have listed down 15 unique customized jewelleries that you can wear at the next wedding or party.

Enjoy the below list and let us your know favourite personalized jewellery. We would love to hear from you!

1. Name Etched Rings

A perfect blend of subtle and chic, this customized rings with name will fetch you a lot of attention from the onlookers. While the dazzling round diamonds perfectly complement the elegant design of the gold band, the ability to engrave your sweetheart’s name adds a personal touch and further enhances the brilliance of the ring. A visual delight, this personalised name ring will be your ticket to popularity!


 2. Voice Wave Ring

This personalized voice wave ring is one piece of jewellery that every woman should own! Record your baby’s first word, your wedding vows or your partners special message and engrave on this custom made voice wave ring. Wear this unique ring and see how the audience goes gaga over you!



 3. Finger Print Ring

Your fingerprints are unique. They are eternal and never change with time. No other person in the world has the same set of fingerprints as you! Why not make it all the more special by engraving your better’s half fingerprint on the ring?

A beautiful way to express your love, this personalized fingerprint ring will be treasured by your partner for a lifetime. You can also add your loved one’s name on the ring to make it even more memorable.

You can print your fingerprint on your wedding band. Both for men and women.

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4. Barcode Printed Ring

Sometimes a plain ring just isn’t enough. You need something bold and unusual. One-of-a-kind, this barcode ring will make you stand out from the crowd.

Sporting a stunning barcode pattern artistically engraved on a rich gold band, this ring can also be customized with your name or any special text. The only downside – Be ready to get stalked! Don’t say we did not warn you.



 5. The One Ring (Lord Of The Ring)

Inspired by the ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movie, this one ring replica should be a part of everyone’s jewellery collection. Beautiful and elegant, this personalized ring is a must have for all the die-hard Lord of the Rings fans.

Whether you want to engrave your name on the ring or add a special text, this customized LOTR ring replica will add a touch of vintage charm to your outfit and make you the focal point of interest wherever you go!

lord of the rings ring india sale

6. Name Pendants/Necklaces

Flaunt your name in style with this personalised name pendant. Engrave your name or your loved one’s name, the choice is yours; but we are certain of one thing – this gorgeous name pendant will make your friends and colleagues extremely jealous!

Stylish Name Pendant (1)

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7. Face Pendant

You are the star of your own life! Wear your own identity in the form of a gorgeous 3D face pendant and make heads turn at your next party.

Beware, this 3D face pendant will make you a crowd puller. Wear at your own risk!

face gold pendant for brother - uniquegift for brother



8. Gold Coin as Pendant

A wonderful gift to mark a special occasion, this customized gold coin pendant will fetch you loads of compliments from your friends, family and relatives. The gold coin can be personalized by adding your partner’s photo on one side and a beautiful message or name on the other.

Engrave parents photo on gold coin and present this on on their anniversary


9. Voicewave Pendant

Every sound generates its own unique pattern. At Augrav, you can convert those pattern into a unique piece of jewellery. Record your special message or a love note and engrave on this personalized voice wave pendant.

Another highlight of this pendant is that you can also engrave your loved one’s name on it to make it even more personal!

Your Voice Wave Pendant (2)

10. Initial Pendant

Personalized initial pendants are this season’s hottest jewellery trends!

Beautifully designed, this customised initial pendant sports a dazzling diamond in the centre that perfectly complements the letter “S”. Whether you add your initial or your sweetheart’s nickname, this personalized initial pendant is your instant ticket to stardom!

Personalized Diamond Initial S Pendant with solitare stone in yellow gold in 22k and 18K


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11. Cartoon Pendant

Why should kids be left behind? Kids can look cool and stylish too with this  Name Pendant.

Featuring a cute little pendant holding up a gold nameplate, this name pendant can be personalized according to your style and requirements. Don’t be surprised when your kid gets more attention than you at the next wedding party!


12. Glow in the Dark Pendant

Imagine you are attending a night party and suddenly your pendant glows in the dark. Brilliant, isn’t it?

From A to Z, this glow in the dark pendant can be customized with the initial of your choice. You can also get the initial created in different colours!


13. Initial Stud

Wear your identity on your sleeve with these customized initial stud earrings from AuGrav. Simple enough for everyday wear yet bold enough to add a sparkle to any outfit, these personalized stud earrings will be unlike any other piece of jewellery you own.

Letter A initial stud earring is made in white and yellow gold in india

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14. Fingerprint Stud

No two individuals have the same fingerprints. Yes, even identical twins have different fingerprints. Fingerprint stud earrings can enhance even the dullest outfit and make it look spectacular.

Studded with striking diamonds in the centre of the earring and unique fingerprint pattern surrounding it, these personalized fingerprint stud earrings will become one of your most cherished pieces.


15. Name Bracelet

A classic mix of contemporary and traditional, this name bracelet is the perfect accessory to grace any casual or special occasion. A lovely heart-shaped charm in the centre perfectly complements the 47 sparkling diamonds adorned on both the sides of the ring.

A wonderful gift for your special someone, this heart bracelet can also be customized with the name of your choice.

Gold Diamond bracelets for women in heart shape can be customized with white and yellow gold with name.

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