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The wedding is THE dream day for almost all of us. You want everything to be perfect on that special day; be it venue decoration to food menu, and definitely want to make your guest leave with a wow-ness quotient.

In case you are one of the kind who thinks wedding is a very special day for you, you should start collecting ideas for your wedding to shop your wedding rings, jewellery, decoration, cakes, invitations, sarees and returns gifts etc.

You have lots of opportunities to be unique and reflect your personalities in your wedding arrangements.

If I were you I would start with Google to search for the best of the best. But you know this new kid in the block, called Pinterest? They have a curated list of collections from the like minded people. The beauty being, it’s not local, it’s curated from all over the world.

Pinterest is the best place to collect all your ideas and to collaborate with other people. There are already a tons of ideas available. But, the problem is who and where do you follow or start ?

We have done extensive research and picked up the best Pinterest boards that help you to get unique ideas. Here they are, take a look.

Wedding Invitations

You will love to have all the important person’s presence on your special day to share your happiness and to bless you for the beginning of your new life.

This board will give you lots of creative ideas to choose from for your invitation.

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Wedding Rings

Wedding ring is the symbol of your eternal love for your partner. Being unique is the new trend. If you don’t want plain gold rings or expensive diamond rings that everyone wears as wedding ring then surely this board is for you.

We have collected many unique ring designs that spell your love for your fiance in a unique way. That boards description itself defines it. “Get Unique Wedding Ring As Unique As Your Love Story”.

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Wedding Menu

Planning your wedding menu is not an easy task. You need to consider lots of things like budget, varieties and all age group people attend your marriage. Your guest may get disappointed very easily if you don’t choose menu properly.

If you want to serve something unique and interesting food for your guests, then this board gives you a lot of Indian food ideas you might consider to include in the wedding menu. Surprise your guest by choosing any of the items from this board.

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Bridal Saree

Saree is the most traditional Indian wear on their wedding and it enhances the look of the bride in the manifold.

Explore this board to get lot of ideas about wearing saree. You can also get to know the designs you can choose for your wedding. There are more than 80 recorded ways to wear a saree. Depending on your taste and preference you can choose the best design and look that suits you.

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Honeymoon Places

When you announce your wedding, the next question from your friends will be about your honeymoon. Take a look at world’s hottest honeymoon places curated in this Pinterest board and choose the best place to spend your most romantic days of your life.

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Wedding Jewellery

No woman is happy with the amount of jewellery she wears. You might want to choose the perfect gold jewellery that you want to wear on your special event of your life. No women will get tired of exploring jewellery designs especially when they want to choose for their marriage.

Explore this unique and special Indian wedding jewellery collections in this board and look like a princess on your wedding.

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personalized rings-augrav-india


Wedding Decoration

It is said that “Weddings are fixed in heaven and celebrated in earth”. You can turn your wedding venue as heaven by choosing right wedding decoration.

Explore this Pinterest board and steal the ideas for your wedding venue decoration. It has plenty of different venues and decoration that you can consider and choose based on the budget you have.

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All In One Wedding Ideas

This is All-in-One Indian wedding board in Pinterest. You can get innumerable creative ideas for your wedding. It has covered all the sections of a wedding including wedding photography, venue decoration, groom’s attire, food, jewellery etc.

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Bridal Mehandi Designs

Mehandi has turned as a fashion statement and ladies love to apply to leg and hand on all possible occasions. Mehandi enhances the beauty of the bride. Though it is an old tradition, you can keep looking for updated designs.

In this Mehandi board, you can find creative bridal Mehandi designs and patterns you will like to adorn for your wedding. Peacock designs, feather designs, soulmate designs are the highlights of this board.

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Wedding Cakes

Most of the Indian wedding never happen without the wedding cake.You will spend a lot of time to choose the right flavour and design of the wedding cake to add the memories on the big day.

Explore this board and you will find tons of wedding cake ideas to start with. Choose the one you like and approach your near cake shop with that cake’s photo and make the one like that yet uniquely yours by adding your ideas.

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Wedding Photography

Wedding is the most expected day from your childhood and you might want to capture every possible moment on your big day. These wedding photos for sure will bring in a big curve on your face.

Though you hire wedding photographers, this board will give you inspiration for your wedding photos. Browse the extraordinary wedding photos in this and save your favorites for your wedding.

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Bridal Makeup

Every bride wants to look their best on the W-day. Makeup helps in enhancing your beauty, and make you look better than the best on the most important day in your life. You might wondering to choose the kind of makeup to choose for your wedding.

Click through and check out this board. Take make up inspiration from many brides for your wedding, pre and post wedding functions.

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Wedding Return Gifts

Return gifts are the perfect way to honor your guests those who made time to attend your wedding and being part of the happiest moment in your life. Make sure you choose the best gift to make your wedding memorable not only for you, but also to the people attending the event.

This board will give you variety of choices and interesting wedding return gift ideas. Choose the best return gift based on your budget and number of guests.

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